The table below contains the list of all the beautiful and popular tourist attractions and destinations found in the whole province of Oriental Mindoro. On the other hand please refer to the table below for more details.

List of Oriental Mindoro Tourist Attractions and Destinations
photo: (c) Jhayr Abuyo

List of Oriental Mindoro Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Aganhao Island (Calapan)
Alibatan Island - Baco
Aninuan Beach (Puerto Galera)
Aninuan Falls (Puerto Galera)
Baco-Chico Islets (Calapan)
Bahaghari Festival - Pinamalayan
Baluarte Watch Tower (Puerto Galera)
Banana Festival - Baco
Banilad Beach - Pinamalayan
Bongol Beach - Pinamalayan
Boquete Island (Sabang)
Buhid Mangyan Cultural Village - Roxas
Buktot White Beach (Mansalay)
Buyayao Island (Baco)
Calapan Plaza (Calapan)
Caluangan Lake (Calapan)
Cawa-Cawa Waterfalls (Pinamalayan)
Centurion Festival - Pinamalayan
City Museum (Calapan)
Dangay-Dalahican Beach - Roxas
Del Bae Beach Resort - Pinamalayan
Dolphinbay Beachfront & Dive Resort - Puerto Galera
El Galleon Dive Resort with Asia Divers - Puerto Galera
Haligi Beach (Puerto Galera)
Happy Valley Mountain - Roxas
Harka Piloto (Calapan)
Hidden Paradise - Baco
Ilocandia Beach Resort - Pinamalayan
Izakaya Palm Divers Tropicana Dive Center
La Laguna Beach (Puerto Galera)
Little Tanauan Farms & Plant Nurseries - Roxas
Maasin Island (Bulalacao)
Magdalena Beach Resort - Pinamalayan
Mangyan Tribes
Manuel Roxas Museum - Roxas
Marayos Falls (Pinamalayan)
Marble Quarry (Puerto Galera)
Marco Vincent Dive Resort - Puerto Galera
Melco Beach - Roxas
Mermaid Resort - Puerto Galera
Mount Halcon (Puerto Galera)
Mt. Malasimbo (Puerto Galera)
Muelle Cross (Puerto Galera)
Naujan Lake National Park
Pandan Grande Island
Paraiso Beach - Pinamalayan
Paraiso Falls - Roxas
Pebble Beach (Puerto Galera)
Pinamalayan Big Pot (Triangle) - Pinamalayan
Pinamalayan Park - Pinamalayan
Puerto Galera Zipline
Punta Guarda Beach (Puerto Galera)
Redsun Dive Resort - Puerto Galera
Sabang (Puerto Galera)
Sabang Fun Divers
Sabang Oasis Resort - Puerto Galera
San Rafael Cave - Roxas
Seariders (Sabang)
Silonay Island (Calapan)
Sipag Festival - Roxas
Small La Laguna Beach
St. John the Baptist Church
St. John the Baptist Parish (Pola)
Sto. Nino Cathedral (Calapan)
Sunrise Beach Resort - Pinamalayan
Sunset at Aninuan Beach Resort - Puerto Galera
Suqui Beach (Calapan)
Suqui Beach (Calapan)
Talipanan Beach - Puerto Galera
Talon Falls - Pola
Tamaraw Beach (Puerto Galera)
Tamaraw Waterfalls (Puerto Galera)
The Manor - Puerto Galera
Tukuran Hanging Bridge (Puerto Galera)
Underwater Cave (Puerto Galera)
Utopia Resort & Spa (Puerto Galera)
Waimea Luxury Houses - Puerto Galera
White Beach (Puerto Galera)

Did we miss one or two tourist destinations on the list? Just comment the name and location of the destination that you know below and we will update this list as soon as possible.

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