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26 January 2017

List of Ways to Register and Have a Globe Account

The information below contains the list of ways for you to be able to have a Globe Account. There are four (4) ways to sign up or register for an account. And we will show all the steps below for your convenience.

List of Ways to Register and Have a Globe Account

First way is to register and have a Globe account using Facebook. Just click the FB icon located on {this} link and the following steps are just easy to follow.

Second way is register via Gmail account (assumes that you have one). Just click the "G" icon also located on {this} link and then click "Allow". The succeeding steps are also easy to follow.

The third way is using YahooMail (also assumes that you have a Yahoo mail account). Just click the "Y" icon and then the following steps are all common sense.

The last and easy way is by just manual sign up.

List of Ways to Register and Have a Globe Account

Just enter your email address (example: Gmail or Yahoo Mail), then your desired password (confirm it). And press "Sign Me Up".

A message saying: "We have sent you an email to Click on the link found in the email to verify your email" will appear.

Now open your email account. And see "Globe Account verification" email and open it. Find the link and click it to verify your Globe account.

After successful verification process, login on your account. Inside your Globe account click the "Add account" button.

Just fillup the Account type (mobile, landline, broadband, tattoo-on-the-go). Also fillup the Mobile Number and then press "Send Code". Wait for the code on your number. After receiving it type the code in the "Verification Code" and then press "Add Account".

WHY make a Globe Account? What are the advantages of having one?
  • Manage your Globe account and view your bills
  • Organize and claim your rewards
  • Subscribe online to call and text promos
  • Personalize your downloading experience
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