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17 January 2017

List of Zambales Tourist Attractions and Destinations

The table below contains the list of all the beautiful and popular tourist attractions and destinations found in the whole province of Zambales. On the other hand please refer to the table below for more details.

List of Zambales Tourist Attractions and Destinations

List of Zambales Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Alwasan Lanum Cave - Sta. Cruz
Anawangin Cove - San Antonio
Apaan Cave - Sta. Cruz
Bacala Guesthouse - Masinloc
Bagsit River - Iba
Baloc-Baloc Cave - Sta. Cruz
Balon Falls - Subic
Binabayani Festival and Town Fiesta (Masinloc)
Bishop Deogracias Iniguez Museum - Iba
Botolan Resettlement Sites - Botolan
Botolan Wild Farm - Botolan
Bucao River - Botolan
Calanga Reef - Iba
Camara Ancestral House - Iba
Camara Island - Pundaquit
Capones Island - San Antonio
Capones Island Lighthouse - San Antonio
Casa San Miguel - San Antonio
Coto Mines Mountain Resort - Masinloc
Coto Waterfalls - Masinloc
Cubi Point Bats - Subic Bay Freeport
Domorokdok Festival (Botolan)
Fort Paynauen - Botolan
Friendship Park - Subic
Grande Island - Subic Bay Freeport
Hellships Memorial - Olongapo
Hermana Mayor Island - Sta. Cruz
Holy Land - Subic
Inang Laya Monument - Subic
Laruk Laruk Festival (Candelaria)
Looc Lake - Castillejos
Madongan Dam - San Marcelino
Magsaysay Ancestral House and Museum - Castillejos
Marikit Park - Olongapo City
Marunggay Festival and Town Fiesta (San Antonio)
Masinloc Boardwalk - Masinloc
Masinloc Economic Zone - Masinloc
Masinloc Ecotourism Wonders - Masinloc
Masinloc Marine Conservation Project - Masinloc
Masinloc Oyon Bay - Masinloc
Mount Pinatubo - Botolan
Mt. Cinco Picos - Subic
Mt. Mabanban - San Antonio
Mt. Nagasa
Mt. Tapulao - Palauig
Olongapo City Museum - Olongapo City
Pamulaklakin River - Palauig
Paynawen Festival (Iba)
Pinatubo Lake - Botolan
Potipot Island - Candelaria
Potipot Island - Candelaria
Pundakit Festival of the Arts (San Antonio)
Pundaquit Falls - Pundaquit
Ramon Magsaysay Ancestral House - Palauig
Ramon Magsaysay Marker - Iba
Sabic Bay Seaport - Subic Bay Freeport
Sagrada Familia Caves - Sta. Cruz
San Agustine Church - Iba
San Andres Parish Church - Masinloc
San Salvador Island and Marine Sanctuary - Masinloc
Silanguin Bay - San Antonio
Silanguin Cove
Singkamas Festival and Town Fiesta (San Marcelino)
Sta. Barbara Falls - Iba
Sto. Nino Cave - Candelaria
Subic Bay - Subic Bay
Subic Bay Freeport - Olongapo City
Subic Bay Industrial Park - Subic Bay Freeport
Subic Bay Lighthouse - Subic
Summit Park - Olongapo City
Talisayin Cove - Pundaquit
Tappan Park - Olongapo City
Tumutugol Cave - Masinloc
Uacon Lake - Candelaria
Ulo ng Apo Monument - Olongapo City
Zambales Mango Festival (Iba)

Did we miss one or two tourist destinations on the list? Just comment the name and location of the destination that you know below and we will update this list as soon as possible.

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