The table below contains the list of all the pelagic fishes that you can find in the Philippines according to the data gathered by the Also included on the table below is the family name, species, occurrence, and the english & tagalog (other local) names of the said freshwater fish. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Pelagic Fish in the Philippines

List of Pelagic Fish in the Philippines

Tagalog/English (other local) names
Notopteridae Chitala ornata
Zenarchopteridae Dermogenys palawanensis
Zenarchopteridae Dermogenys robertsi
Characidae Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Black tetra (English) 
Terapontidae Mesopristes iravi
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus bakeri
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus manifesta
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus pectoralis
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus philippinus
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus pinnimaculata
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus rossi
Zenarchopteridae Nomorhamphus vivipara
Characidae Paracheirodon innesi Neon tetra (English) 
Clupeidae Sardinella tawilis Freshwater sardinella (English), Tabagak (Cebuano), Tamban (Cebuano), Tamban (Davawenyo), Bombon sardine (English), Freshwater herring (English), Lao-lao (Tagalog), Manansing laot (Tagalog), Tamban (Tagalog), Tawilis (Tagalog), Tunsoy (Tagalog), Hawo hawo (Visayan), Mangsi (Visayan) 
Toxotidae Toxotes chatareus Ataba (Tagalog) 
Zenarchopteridae Zenarchopterus dunckeri
Zenarchopteridae Zenarchopterus kampeni
Zenarchopteridae Zenarchopterus philippinus

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