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13 February 2017

List of Threatened (Critically Endangered) Species of Animals in the Philippines

The table below contains the list of all the threatened (under the "critically endangered" category) species of animals in the Philippines. Also included on the list is the scientific name, common & local names, and the distribution of the said animal. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Threatened (Critically Endangered) Species of Animals in the Philippines

List of Threatened (Critically Endangered) Species of Animals in the Philippines

Scientific name
Common name(s)
Local name(s)
Aceros waldeni Rufous-headed hornbill, Visayan wrinkled hornbill, Walden's hornbill, writhed-billed hornbill Kalaw Endemic to Panay, small concentrations on the southwestern end of the province of Zamboanga del Norte in Mindanao, may already be extinct on Negros, extinct on Guimaras
Anoxypristis cuspidata Knifetooth sawfish, narrow sawfish, pointed sawfish
Native to the western Pacific and eastern Indian Ocean
Brachymeles cebuensis Cebu small worm skink Endemic to Cebu
Bubalus mindorensis Tamaraw, Mindoro dwarf buffalo, Tamarou Tamaraw 263 individuals in 2008. Being captive bred. Endemic to Mindoro
Cacatua haematuropygia Red-vented cockatoo, Philippine cockatoo Katala, Kalangay Around 180 individuals left in the wild in Palawan. Being captive bred. Formerly widespread in the Philippines
Centropus steerii Black-hooded coucal Endemic to Mindoro
Cephalakompsus pachycheilus xxxxx Possibly extinct. Endemic to Lake Lanao
Crateromys australis Dinagat bushy-tailed cloud rat, Dinagat Crateromys
Endemic to the Dinagat Islands, populations might also exist in Siargao and Bucas Grande
Crateromys paulus Ilin Island cloudrunner No sightings since 1953. Possibly extinct. Endemic to Ilin Island.
Crocodylus mindorensis Philippine crocodile, Mindoro crocodile, Philippine freshwater crocodile
Less than 100 adults believed to survive in 1992. Endemic to the Philippines
Dobsonia chapmani Philippine bare-backed fruit bat, Philippine naked-backed fruit bat
Rediscovered in 2000 after presumed extinct in the 1970s. Survives in very small numbers in Cebu and Negros Island
Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill sea turtle Pawikan Global
Gallicolumba keayi Negros bleeding-heart Endemic to Panay and Negros Island
Gallicolumba luzonica Luzon bleeding heart Kalapating gubat,punalada,kalapating dugong puso Luzon Island,Polillo Island
Gallicolumba luzonica rubiventris Catanduanes bleeding heart Agbaan Catanduanes Island, Possibly extinct
Gallicolumba menagei Sulu bleeding-heart
Sighting reports in 1995. Endemic to the Sulu Archipelago
Gallicolumba platenae Mindoro bleeding-heart Kulo-kulo Largest remaining population in Mount Siburan, Mindoro
Hampala lopezi Endemic to the Philippines
Helicostyla smargadina Endemic to the Philippines
Lycodon chrysoprateros Ross' wolf snake Endemic to Dalupiri Island, Cagayan Province. Possible specimens collected from Calayan and Camiguin Norte
Mandibularca resinus Bagangan Bagangan Endemic to Lake Lanao
Orcaella brevirostris Irrawaddy dolphin Native to Southeast Asia and Northern Australia
Oriolus isabellae Isabela oriole, Isabella oriole Estimated at less than 250 individuals remaining. Endemic to Luzon
Ospatulus truncatus Bitungu Bitungu Endemic to Lake Lanao
Pandaka pygmaea Dwarf pygmy goby Bia, Tabios Possibly extinct in the Philippines after land reclamation projects of the Malabon River habitat. Populations reported in Indonesia and Singapore
Parantica davidi David's tiger Endemic to the Philippines
Phloeomys cumingi Southern Luzon giant tailed cloud rat
Endemic to Catanduanes Island and Southern Luzon
Pithecophaga jefferyi Philippine eagle Haribon 180 to 500 birds are believed to survive. Currently being captive bred. Endemic to the Philippines
Platymantis insulatus Endemic to the South Gigante Island, Iloilo Province
Pristis microdon Largetooth sawfish, freshwater sawfish, Leichhardt's sawfish, smalltooth sawfish
Endemic to the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean
Protosticta plicata Endemic to Kawasan Falls in Cebu
Ptilinopus arcanus Negros fruit dove No sightings since 1953. Possibly extinct. Endemic to Negros Island
Puntius amarus Pait Pait Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius baoulan Baolan Baolan Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius clemensi Bagangan Bagangan Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius disa Disa Disa Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius flavifuscus Katapa-tapa Katapa-tapa Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius herrei Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius katalo Katolo Katolo Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius lanaoensis Kandar Kandar Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius manalak Manalak Manalak Endemic to Lake Lanao
Puntius tras Tras Tras Endemic to Lake Lanao
Risiocnemis seidenschwarzi Palata Palata Endemic to Cebu
Siebenrockiella leytensis Philippine forest turtle, Philippine pond turtle, Palawan turtle, Leyte pond turtle
Recently rediscovered. Endemic to Palawan
Spratellicypris palata Palata Palata Endemic to Lake Lanao
Sus cebifrons Visayan warty pig One subspecies believed to be extinct. Surviving subspecies endemic to Panay and Negros Island. Being captive bred in the Netherlands and California

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