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13 February 2017

List of Threatened (Vulnerable) Species of Plants in the Philippines

The table below contains the list of all the threatened (under the "vulnerable" category) species of plants in the Philippines. Also included on the list is the scientific name, common & local names, and the distribution of the said animal. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of Threatened (Vulnerable) Species of Plants in the Philippines

List of Threatened (Vulnerable) Species of Plants in the Philippines

Scientific name
Common name(s)
Local name(s)
Aerides leeanum Endemic to Luzon and Samar
Agathis philippinensis Almaciga, Dayungon Almaciga, Dayungon Endemic to the Philippines, Sulawesi and Halmahera
Aglaia aherniana Endemic to the Philippines
Aglaia angustifolia Native to the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, and Malaysia
Aglaia costata Endemic to the Philippines
Aglaia cumingiana Native to the Philippines and northern Borneo
Aglaia pyriformis Endemic to Luzon
Aglaia smithii Endemic to Indonesia and the Philippines
Alangium longiflorum Endemic to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines
Areca parens Takobtob Endemic to the Philippines
Adenanthera intermedia Endemic to the Philippines
Antidesma obliquinervium Endemic to Palawan
Antidesma subolivaceum Endemic to Palawan
Aphanamixis cumingiana Endemic to the Philippines
Aporusa elliptifolia Endemic to Palawan
Aquilaria cumingiana Endemic to East Kalimantan, the Moluccas and the Philippines
Aquilaria malaccensis Agarwood, Aloewood, Eaglewood, Lign-aloes
Native to South Asia and Southeast Asia
Ardisia squamulosa Endemic to the Philippines
Areca ipot Ipot palm Endemic to southern Luzon
Areca whitfardii Endemic to Luzon and Mindoro
Arthrophyllum pulgarense Endemic to Palawan
Artocarpus blancoi Endemic to the Philippines
Artocarpus rubrovenus Endemic to the Philippines
Artocarpus treculianus Endemic to the Philippines
Avicennia rumphiana Native to Southeast Asia
Mangifera altissima Pahutan/Paho mango Native to Southeast Asia

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