The information below contains the list of all the traffic signs that you will find and see here in the Philippines. For this particular list we have 64 signs categorized into danger warning signs, priority signs, prohibitory or regulatory signs, mandatory signs, and the information, facilities or services signs. Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of 64 Traffic Signs in the Philippines

Bus Only Sign
Combined Curve Signs
Congestion Sign
Crossroad Sign
Electric Shock Sign
Excessive Noise Prohibited Sign
Falling Rocks Sign
Farm Animal Sign
Flagman Ahead Sign
Gentle Curve Sign
Go Sign
Hairpin Curve Sign
Height Restriction Sign
Hospital Sign
Keep Left Sign
Keep Right Sign
Lane Ends Sign
Left Turn Ahead Prohibited Sign
Length Restriction Sign
Mass Limit Sign
Maximum Gross Weight Sign
Men at Work Sign
Narrow Bridge Sign
No Bicycle Sign
No Bus Allowed
No Entry Sign
No Left Turn Sign
No Parking Sign
No Pedestrian Allowed
No Right Turn Sign
No Stopping Sign
No Taxi Allowed
No U Turn
One Way Roadway Sign
Overtaking Prohibited Sign
Parking Area Sign
Pay Toll Sign
Pedestrian Crossing Sign
Pedestrian Sign
Pedestrians only sign
Reduced Visibility Sign
Right Turn ahead sign
Roundabout sign
Sharp curve Chevron signs
Sharp curve signs
Slippery Road sign
Speed Humps sign
Speed Limit 60 kph
Speed limit sign
Stop sign
Switch headlamps on sign
Taxi only sign
Traffic circle sign
Traffic control stop ahead sign
Traffic signal ahead sign
Two-way traffic sign
Unauthorized vehicles prohibited
Warning sign
Winding road signs
Y junction sign
Yield sign
Yield to oncoming traffic sign
Yield to pedestrian sign
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