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05 March 2017

List of CocoLife Asset Managers Lineup 2017 PSL Invitational

The information below contains the list of the official lineup of the CocoLife Asset Managers for the 2017 (PSL) Philippine SuperLiga Invitational. Also included on the list is the team manager, head coach, assistant coach(es), the team doctor, and team's therapist/trainer. Please refer to the list below for more details.
Michelle Gumabao

List of CocoLife Asset Managers Lineup 2017 PSL Invitational

#1 Rhea Ramirez
#2 Kaye Martinez Daly
#4 Mary Anne Esguerra
#5 Rosemarie Vargas
#6 Iris Ortega Patrona
#7 Michelle Gumabao
#8 Regine Arocha
#9 Eunice Shayne Galang
#11 Therese Gaston
#12 Erika Alkuino
#13 Dennise Lazaro
#14 Andrea Marzan
#17 Wensh Tiu
#18 Jovielyn Prado

Team Manager: Chris Ponce
Head Coach: Obet Javier
Assistant Coach(es): Tina Salak
Doctor: Charlie Poblete
Therapist/Trainer: Mike Santos


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