If you are an OFW that needs to question someone and wanting an immediate answer then the list of OFW Contact Service unit or OFW-CSU listed below will be very helpful to you.

List of SSS Contact numbers for OFW's abroad

You can email SSS or you can also call them via landline or mobile phone. Included OFW places are Middle East, Asia, Europe, and USA.

Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of SSS Contact numbers for OFW's abroad

OFW-CSU email address: ofw.relations@sss.gov.ph

International toll-free call services:
Middle East
Qatar : 00800-100-260
UAE : 800-0630-0038
Saudi Arabia : 800-863-0022
Bahrain : 8000-6094

Hong Kong : 001-800-0225-5777
Singapore: 001-800-0225-5777
Malaysia : 00-800-0225-5777
Taiwan : 00-800-0225-5777
Brunei : 801-4275

Italy : 00-800-0225-5777
UK : 00-800-0225-5777

International direct landline number
San Francisco : 760-7972187

Philippine Landline numbers
(632) 364-7796
(632) 364-7798

You can also use instant messaging using Line, Viber and WeChat.

You can also visit their official Facebook page @ facebook.com/SSSPh or their website @ sss.gov.ph


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