The information below contain the list of all the important keywords or codes for you to be able to update your retailer sim card  either Smart, TNT, or Smartbro sim.

You will be needing at least 1 peso load to be able to send any of code listed below.

List of Update codes for Smart TNT Smartbro retailer sim card

CIGNAL Load Menu
Text CIGNAL to 343

Cignal Load Menu (64K)
Text CIGNAL 3443

Entertainment Menu
Text ENT 343

Smart Bro Menu (Old) (64K)
Text GET BRO to 2200

Customer Support Menu
Text GET MENU to 9888

Smart Bro Menu  
Text GETBRO to 343

Ka-Partner Rewards Menu

Kuryente Load - Meralco Menu
Text GETMERALCO to 343

Text GETPLDT to 343

Smart Prepaid Menu
Text GETPREPAID to 343

Smart Regular Load Menu
Text GETREG to 343

Talk N Text Menu
Text GETTNT to 343

Buy Smartload via Smart Money
Text NEW SLOAD  to 343

Important notes: 
Do not turn off your phone while updating. Update process lasts for about a minute. Just wait until a confirmation message was received by your phone saying that your menu has been updated successfully.

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