The information below contains the list of the FSO or Foreign Service Officer Examination on January 28, 2018 five (5) parts as stated on the official website of DFA or the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Please refer to the list below for more details.

List of FSO Examination 2018 Five Parts DFA

The FSO Examination is composed of five (5) parts: 

(1) Qualifying Test;
(2) Preliminary Interview; 
(3) Written Test;
(4) Psychological Test; and
(5) Oral Test

I.   Qualifying Test – 28 January 2018

The Qualifying Test covers (1) Verbal Ability; (2) Analytical Ability; (3) Numerical Ability;
and (4) Managerial Ability.

The testing centers are in Bacolod City, Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu City, Davao City, Iloilo City, General Santos City, Legazpi City, Lucena City, Metro Manila, San Fernando City (La Union), City of San Fernando (Pampanga), Tacloban City, Tuguegarao City, and Zamboanga City. The BFSE reserves the right to modify the list of testing centers depending on the number of applicants at any testing center.

Candidates must obtain a passing grade of at least 80% in the Qualifying Test in order to qualify for the Preliminary Interview.

II.  Preliminary Interview – To be announced

The Preliminary Interview shall be held after the results of the Qualifying Test have been determined.  Candidates shall be interviewed by a panel of Foreign Service Officers to evaluate their overall potential for becoming Foreign Service Officers and future Ambassadors.

The Preliminary Interview shall be held in Metro Manila.

Candidates must obtain an overall rating of “PASS” from the panel in order to qualify for
the Written Test.

III.  Written Test – To be announced

The Written Test covers the following six subjects with the corresponding weights:

1.  English - 20%
2.  Filipino - 5%
3.  Philippine Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Conditions – Philippine history, culture, foreign policy, geography, government, development issues and goals  - 30%
4.  International Affairs - Theory and practice of international economics and trade, international politics, international law and treaties - 30%
5.  World History - 10%
6.  Foreign Language - Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish - 5%

The testing center for the Written Test is the Department of Foreign Affairs, Pasay City.

Candidates must obtain a passing grade of at least 75% in the Written Test in order to qualify for the Psychological Test.

IV. Psychological Test – To be Announced

The Psychological Test shall be held in Metro Manila after the results of the Written Test have been determined.

Candidates must pass the Psychological Test to qualify to take the Oral Test.

V. Oral Test – To be Announced

The Oral Test shall be held in Metro Manila after the results of the Psychological Test have been determined. The Oral Test shall include an assessment of the candidate’s oral skills, logical thinking, values and attitude. Previous records, experiences and conduct of examinees shall also be considered in determining the candidate's fitness and aptitude for foreign service work.

Candidates who obtain a transmuted score of at least 80% shall be deemed to have passed the Oral Test.

A candidate must garner a composite rating of 80% or higher in the Written Test and Oral Test in order to pass the FSO examination.

Applicants are required to pass the five (5) sequential parts of the FSO Examination within the prescribed time frame in order to be considered eligible for appointment to the position of Foreign Service Officer, Class IV.  Any applicant who passes the Qualifying Test will not be allowed to defer any of the succeeding portions of the FSO Examination. Moreover, an applicant  who  fails  to  show  up  for  or  does  not  take  the  succeeding  phase  of the FSO Examination as scheduled shall be deemed to have failed the entire examination.


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