Going to the 2019 FIBA World Cup basketball that will be held in China is not easy at all. For the Asian qualifiers only 7 out of 16 teams will be selected.

List of possible power house teams Gilas might face in the 2nd round 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers Asia

List of possible power house teams Gilas might face in the 2nd round 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers Asia

As of now there are 12 teams competing, and these teams were divided into four groups. After the 2nd window of the 1st round, the standings are:

Group A (Code, Team, Win-Loss)
A1 - New Zealand 3-1
A2 - China 3-1
A3 - South Korea 2-2
A4 - Hong Kong 0-4

Group B (Code, Team, Win-Loss)
B1 - Australia 4-0
B2 - Philippines 3-1
B3 - Chinese Taipei 1-3
B4 - Japan 0-4

Group C (Code, Team, Win-Loss)
C1 - Jordan 4-0
C2 - Lebanon 3-1
C3 - Syria 1-3
C4 - India 0-4

Group D (Code, Team, Win-Loss)
D1 - Iran 3-1
D2 - Kazakhstan 3-1
D3 - Qatar 1-3
D4 - Iraq 1-3

IF the current team standings continue and remain the same after the 3rd window.

The groupings will be:

Group E
A1 - New Zealand
C1 - Jordan
A2 - China
C2 - Lebanon
A3 - South Korea
C3 - Syria

Group F
B1 - Australia
D1 - Iran
B2 - Philippines
D2 - Kazakhstan
B3 - Chinese Taipei
D3 - Qatar

Australia and Iran are the only teams that Gilas Pilipinas will be grouped during the 3rd window. But since Gilas and Australia already met in  the 1st round they will not battle anymore in the 2nd round.

Gilas will only face Iran, Kazakhstan, and Qatar twice also. That will be a total of 6 games each in the 2nd round.

After the 2nd round the 3 top teams from Group E and F will be selected plus the best 4th team (that's seven teams). If China (host) makes it to the top 4 teams of their group then both 4th-placed teams from Group E and F will qualify to the FIBA World Cup Basketball.

For more info watch the video below courtesy of fiba.com


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