Today is the day (March 9, 2018) the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel and the San Miguel Beermen will face up for the game 1 of their Best-of-7 series in the SEMI-Final round of the 2017-2018 PBA Philippine Cup.

Last season these two teams also met in the Finals and SMB almost swept Ginebra with the score of 4 to 1.

List of Stats Comparison Brgy. Ginebra vs SMB elimination round only

But according to LA Tenorio of Ginebra, they are just there last conference and they can compete against SMB. For today's series against the Beermen, Tenorio said that they will have a blueprint against the Beermen and they can compete against them even without Greg Slaughter.

I just tallied all the stats for the first eleven games of these two teams and get their averages when it comes to total points, 3-points made, given free throws, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and received fouls per game. (See the table below).

List of Stats Comparison Brgy. Ginebra vs SMB elimination round only

TEAM Ginebra SMB
Total Points per game 90.09090909 97.90909091
3-points made per game  6.090909091 9.181818182
Given free throws per game 20.72727273 23.36363636
Rebounds per game  54.90909091 56.63636364
Assists per game  24.54545455 21.54545455
Steals per game  6.272727273 8.636363636
Blocks per game  3.909090909 6.363636364
Received fouls per game  24.18181818 23.18181818
Analyzing the table above, you will see that the Beermen is dominant in all the average statistics except the received fouls, and assists per game.

Again, these are just stats and players and coaches can adjust into beast mode as the round is getting higher and higher and games are at stake.

Though most of the non-Ginebra fans will state that the game will be 5 vs 8 (+3 referees inside the court) and a "cooking show" (lutuan), if San Miguel Beermen is really a strong and composed team then they will not be affected by the non-calls and whatever happened inside the court which are not in their favor.

But what if, the referees are very pressured also because Ginebra has so many fans? Will they commit the same mistakes that they did the last time SMB and Ginebra fought? One instance is when Chris Ross was given two technical fouls and yet he continued to play inside the court until the game ended. This led to suspension of three refs, and even the announcer, and more people associated with the mistakes that happened that game.

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