The information below contains the list of all the needed details for you to be able to get a CENOMAR or certificate of no marriage in PSA (formerly NSO) via online processing.

According to this site, a CENOMAR is not a marriage requirement but simply a document that you really needed to be able to prove whether the man or woman that you will going to marry is still single or hindi pa kinasal before.

List: Required information online application of CENOMAR PSA/NSO

In all the documents that PSA(NSO) is releasing via online processing, CENOMAR is the most expensive. A copy of this certificate costs 430 pesos, and if you are requesting from abroad it costs 25.30 USD or 1,320.20 pesos (as of April 3, 2018).

Now here are the details that you will be asked and will fill up on the online application form to be able to get one.

List: Required information online application of CENOMAR PSA/NSO

You will be asked to enter the following information online:

Your name

Your delivery address (with zip code)

Your telephone number

Your valid email address

Required information for CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record) requests:

* Number of copies you are requesting

* Name (maiden name if married female)

* Sex

* Place of birth

* Date of birth

* Mother’s maiden name

* Father’s name

* Purpose of your request


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