Here is the complete game schedules, scores, and standing for the 2018 Asia League Summer Super 8 in Macau.

2018 Asia League Standings, Schedules, Results List

The eight participating teams are NLEX Road Warriors and Blackwater Elite (from PBA), Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers and Guangzhou Long Lions(from CBA), ETLAND Elephants and Seoul Samsung Thunders(from KBL), Formosa Dreamers (from ABL - Chinese Taipei), and the Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka (from B.League - Japan).

2018 Asia League Standings, Schedules, Results List

ETLAND Elephants [3-0]
NLEX Road Warriors [2-1]
Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers [1-2] (eliminated)
Formosa Dreamers [0-3] (eliminated)

Guangzhou Long Lions [2-1] +14
 Seoul Samsung Thunders [2-1] -6
Blackwater Elite [2-1] -8 (eliminated)
Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka [0-3] (eliminated)

Complete Tournament Game schedules and Scores (results)
July 17: NLEX Road Warriors vs Formosa Dreamers, 3:00 PM, 94-68 NLEX
July 17: Blackwater Elite vs Samsung Thunders, 5:00 PM, 78-67 Blackwater
July 17: Etland Elephants vs Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers, 7:00 PM, 81-67 Etland
July 17: Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka vs Guangzhou Long Lions, 9:00 PM, 68-62 Guangzhou

July 18: Etland Elephants vs NLEX Road Warriors, 3:00 PM, 75-60 Etland
July 18: Samsung Thunders vs Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka, 5:00 PM, 68-63 Samsung
July 18: Guangzhou Long Lions vs Blackwater Elite, 7:00 PM, 88-69 Guangzhou
July 18: Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers vs Formosa Dreamers, 9:00 PM, 94-57

July 19: Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka vs Blackwater Elite, 3:00 PM, 90-66 Blackwater
July 19: Formosa Dreamers vs Etland Elephants, 5:00 PM, 87-52
July 19: NLEX Road Warriors vs Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers, 7:00 PM, 88-78 NLEX
July 19: Samsung Thunders vs Guangzhou Long Lions, 9:00 PM, 78-73 Samsung

July 21: S1: Etland Elephants vs Seoul Samsung Thunders, 5:00 PM, 84-74 Samsung
July 21: S2: Guangzhou Long Lions vs NLEX Road Warriors, 7:00 PM 75-63 Guangzhou

July 22: Etland Elephants vs NLEX Road Warriors (3rd place match) 5:00 PM, 67-62 Etland
July 22:Seoul Samsung Thunders vs Guangzhou Long Lions (Championship match), 7:00 PM, 78-72 Guangzhou

4th NLEX Road Warriors (PBA)
3rd Etland Elephants (KBL)
2nd Seoul Samsung Thunders (KBL)
1st Guangzhou Long Lions (CBA)

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