It looks like the TNT Katropa will not send their core players anymore in the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

LIST: New PBA Pool for 2018 Asian Games

According to report Rain or Shine co-owner Raymond Yu confirmed there are talks about Rain or Shine possibly representing the country in the upcoming Asian Games, but insisted nothing is cast in stone. Yu also insisted that not all players will be coming from ROS because they also wanted to get some other weapons from other PBA teams.

To cut the story short, the Rain or Shine core players will mainly composed the Asiad team + remaining players can be from other PBA teams or Gilas cadets. See the possible pool below from the Rain or Shine team.

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LIST: New PBA Pool for 2018 Asian Games

The current roster of ROS has 1 active Gilas member, 1 former Gilas cadet, 1 former national team member, and 5 former Gilas players.

Gabe Norwood (current Gilas player)
Norbert Torres (former Gilas cadet)
James Yap (former national team member)
Ed Daquioag (former Gilas player)
Raymond Almazan (former Gilas player)
Jay Washington (former Gilas player)
Chris Tiu (original Gilas player)
Beau Belga (former Gilas player)

Other member of the current ROS team are:
Sidney Onwubere
Dexter Maiquez
Maverick Ahanmisi
Jewel Ponferada
Mark Borboran
Rey Nambatac
Ronnie Matias
John Casino

Naturalized import (if officials of the Asian games will allow him to play, and also the management of the Cleveland Cavaliers)
Jordan Clarkson

So how many of the players from ROS will be joining the team that will be sent to the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia.

If this scenario pushes through, who are the other players that will make it to the lineup? Or what if they send the SMB team, they are the 4-peat All-Filipino champions. These will also test whether SMB is really good even in international competition or just in PBA.

The 15 participating countries/federations are South Korea, Mongolia, Indonesia, Thailand, Iran, Philippines, Syria, UAE, Japan, Qatar, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, China, Kazakhstan, and Palestine.

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