Using the old style of sending load to your customer is limited to some values like 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 150. And I think 150 the most that you can load using the Globe Retailer Sim Card Menu. If you try the other Denomination, and input 200 or 300, that will be an invalid load amount to send.

If you wanted to load any amount that you wanted even 1000, 900, 850, 500, then follow the simple list of steps below.

1. Using your mobile, go to Phone and dial *100#.
2. In the menu that will appear, you have there

1 Regular Load
2 CallTxt Promos
3 Surf Promos
4 Call and Text Abroad
5 Surf Abroad
6 Cherry Promos

3. Just type 1 for Regular Load, and press Send
4. In the Enter 11-digit Mobile Number 09xxxxxxxxx, type the number of your customer and press Send.
5. In Type denomination (example: 15 for P15), input the load amount (example: P800) that your customer wants. Now, press Send again.
6. A message will notify you whether you successfully loaded or not the load amount to your customer.
7. Done!

a. If you are going to load by 150 load amount until you get to 800 total load, you will have so many net load. For example if you are loading an amount of 50 pesos, you will have a net load of over 2 pesos. But if you are going to use the steps above, you wont get any net load.
b. The same thing for the load receiver, if the load is exactly the amount that he or she wants, using the steps above, he or she will not get the so called Globe Points that can be use to redeem some freebies.