IF you are an owner of a Facebook page, then the warning message below from Facebook might be familiar to you.

Your post goes against our community standards so only you can see it Facebook

When you click the message it will lead you to your Inbox and will specify the exact violation that you have done which is:

This post goes against our Community Standards on spam

Facebook will specify what you can do. First, you can request a review and they will take another look at your post. Second, you need to secure your account because Facebook think that you are not the one who posted such post.

fb warning spam post

If you request a review, don't expect someone from Facebook will give you an answer. The truth is, no one will really give you a clarification about the violation at all. What you need to do is avoid repeating the same violation to avoid getting blocked by Facebook.

What happened to me was my website that I was sharing on my Facebook page got blocked by Facebook after multiple times I got the same warning before.

Right now, I got a new website designated for that particular Facebook page and so far so good. I already knew what to do to avoid getting blocked again, or being in the radar of Facebook. As owner of the a page we need to avoid getting our post seems like on a hot seat wherein everytime we post something Facebook will automatically detects the post as spam or something else.

Now, to avoid getting notifications like "your post goes against our community standards so only you can see it" here's the personal tips that I wanted to share to you.

1. Be sure that in your Facebook account, your complete and real name was there. Not some special characters, fake name, or even just your nickname. A complete and valid name of yours will make Facebook think that you are also a real person and not just a robot.

2. When posting links on Facebook make sure to shorten your link first using URL shorteners like bitly.com, tinyurl.com, etc.

3. When posting an update, you need to wait at least 5 minutes before posting another update. Do not blast your page of posts with less than a minute interval because the time will come Facebook will warn you. I personally use the 5-minute interval of posting on my page.

4. When posting an image, I personally use combination of numbers as its name or label, and I personally edit the image to make Facebook think that I did not just copy and paste the image from somewhere.

If you have something to share or ask regarding this post, please leave a comment below. Thank you!