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Globe GoBOOST15: 1GB data addon for GoSurf50, GoSakto70 and up

Globe GoBOOST15 offers additional 1GB data for GoSurf50, GoSakto70 and up, for only 15 Pesos valid for 1 day, available to Globe Prepaid subscribers only. This affordable data addon can be registered on top of your existing GoSurf50 or GoSakto subscription. With Globe GoBoost 15 data add-on, you can enjoy more of your daily internet activities from the comfort of your home. Promo starts from April 16, 2020.

Enjoy extended online activities with additional 1GB data for 1 day provided by Globe GoBOOST15 promo. Upload photos or videos in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. Communicate with your friends or family using Skype, Zoom Cloud Meetings, Messenger, or Snapchat. Play your favorite mobile games like Mobile Legends, AOV, ROS, PUBG, Call of Duty, or Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Watch your favorite videos or series on YouTube, Netflix or iflix. Listen to your favorite songs through Spotify or Apple Music. To get started, reload your Globe Prepaid with required load amount plus 15 Pesos for the data add-on, and follow the instructions below to register.

How to register Globe GoBOOST15 data add-on

1. Register to any of the following eligible promos:
GOSURF50 - 2GB data (until April 25, originally 1GB), 1GB/day freebie, unli allnet texts, PHP 50 for 3 days
To register: text GOSURF50 to 8080

GOSAKTO70 - 1GB data, 1GB/day freebie, unli allnet texts, PHP 70 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO70 to 8080

GOSAKTO90 - 2GB data, 1GB/day freebie, unli allnet texts, PHP 90 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO90 to 8080

GOSAKTO120 - 3GB data, 1GB/day freebie, unli calls to Globe/TM, unli allnet texts, PHP 120 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO120 to 8080

GOSAKTO140 - 4GB data, 1GB/day freebie, unli calls to Globe/TM, unli allnet texts, PHP 140 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO140 to 8080

2. After you've successfully registered your desired promo, text GoBOOST15 to 8080. You may also register via GlobeOne app, available to download in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

3. Wait for the successful confirmation message stating that you have additional 1GB data.

More information about Globe GOBOOST15 usage

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Globe Prepaid is offering GOBOOST15, an affordable internet promo that you can add to the qualified prepaid promo to ensure your connectivity.

To check your remaining data, you can text the following keywords. If you registered GOSURF50, text GOSURF STATUS to 8080. For GoSakto, text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080. If you want to see the detailed breakdown of your data, text DATA BAL to 8080.

source: pinoytechsaga

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