Globe Pocket Wifi is very useful, convenient and portable, as you can bring the device everywhere and can be served as a WiFi hotspot to share your internet connection to others. Globe pocket wifi has varieties including Globe LTE Pocket Wifi (LTE Mobile Wifi), Globe 4G Pocket Wifi and Tattoo Pocket Wifi. It can be used with Globe Prepaid, Globe Postpaid, or TM SIM. To fully enjoy Globe pocket wifi, you must know how to load Globe pocket wifi and register load promos according to your needs and budget.

Enjoy different online activities when you register to mobile data promos from GoSurf, SuperSurf and GoSakto. Stay connected in social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. Experience bufferless video streaming in YouTube, Netflix, iflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion and iWant. Listen to your favorite songs in Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music. Chat all day to your friends with FB Messenger, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk and Zoom Cloud Meetings. Download files, music or videos with fast speeds. And enjoy smooth gaming in Mobile Legends, Rules of Survival, PUBG, COC, Arena of Valor, Call of Duty and many more. To get started, see below the list of available promos for Globe pocket wifi, and how to load and register them.

Globe Pocket Wifi Load Promos (2020)

Globe GoSurf Promos - these are consumable bulk data (MB/GB) with 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and 30 days/1 month validity with freebie for app bundle (GoWATCH & PLAY, GoSHARE & SHOP, or GoLISTEN & DISCOVER) and 1GB Free GoWiFi. It is the counterpart of TM EasySurf Promos. GoSurf data is stackable, meaning, if you have still remaining data, before your load expires, register another GoSurf promo to add up their data MB, and all will follow the longest validity. To check your remaining data, just text GOSURF STATUS to 8080, or DATA BAL to 8080. Don't forget to turn on Surf Alert feature to avoid internet charges and automatic deduction from your prepaid load. To activate Surf Alert, just text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free. To turn it off, just text SURFALERT OFF to 8080. Below is the list of keywords of GoSurf promo that you can register.

GOSURF10 - 40MB data, PHP 10 for 1 day
To register: text GOSURF10 to 8080

GOSURF15 - 100MB data, 30MB freebie, PHP 15 for 2 days
To register: text GOSURF15 to 8080

GOSURF30 - 300MB data, 50MB freebie, PHP 30 for 2 days
To register: text GOSURF30 to 8080

GOSURF50 - 1GB data, 1GB/day freebie, PHP 50 for 3 days
To register: text GOSURF50 to 8080

GOSURF299 - 2GB data, 10GB freebie, PHP 299 for 30 days
To register: text GOSURF299 to 8080

GOSURF599 - 5GB data, 10GB freebie, PHP 599 for 30 days
To register: text GOSURF599 to 8080

GOSURF999 - 10GB data, 10GB freebie, PHP 999 for 30 days
To register: text GOSURF999 to 8080

GOSURF1299 - 15GB data, 10GB freebie, PHP 1299 for 30 days
To register: text GOSURF1299 to 8080

GOSURF1999 - 30GB data, 10GB freebie, PHP 1999 for 30 days
To register: text GOSURF1999 to 8080

GOSURF2499 - 50GB data, 10GB freebie, PHP 2499 for 30 days
To register: text GOSURF2499 to 8080

Globe SuperSurf Promos - these are unlimited internet promos with 1 day, 3 days, 5 days and 30 days/1 month validity. These promos are subject to Globe FUP (Fair Use Policy) bandwidth throttling. Customers on Globe unlisurf promo or plan who exceed 800MB a day, will experience browsing at slower speeds. The slow internet connection is still good for light usage like browsing Google, social media apps and mobile sites. The normal speed will reset on next day. To check your remaining data, just text SUPERSURF STATUS to 8080, or DATA BAL to 8080. Below is the list of keywords of SuperSurf promo that you can register.

SUPERSURF50 - 1 day unlimited internet access for PHP 50
To register: text SUPERSURF50 to 8080

SUPERSURF120 - 3 days unlimited internet access for PHP 120
To register: text SUPERSURF120 to 8080

SUPERSURF200 - 5 days unlimited internet access for PHP 200
To register: text SUPERSURF200 to 8080

SUPERSURF999 - 30 days unlimited internet access for PHP 999
To register: text SUPERSURF999 to 8080

Globe GoSakto promos - these are promos with customizable inclusions of text, call or data for Globe subscribers only. The GoSakto Combo Promos consist of combinations of promos like text-calls, text-calls-data, text-data and text, with 7 days to 30 days validity. To check your remaining data, just text GOSAKTO STATUS to 8080, or DATA BAL to 8080.

GOSAKTO70 - 1GB data, 1GB/day freebie, PHP 70 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO70 to 8080

GOSAKTO90 - 2GB data, 1GB/day freebie, PHP 90 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO90 to 8080

GOSAKTO120 - 3GB data, 1GB/day freebie, PHP 120 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO120 to 8080

GOSAKTO140 - 4GB data, 1GB/day freebie, PHP 140 for 7 days
To register: text GOSAKTO140 to 8080

Globe GoSakto Combo Promos - cheap data promos with 7 days to 30 days validity. Look for TEXT-DATA combos. These promos are done by combining GoSakto promos to make the validity of promo longer. This is recommended for heavy data usage.

Globe GoSakto Unli Data Internet Promos - cheap unli internet promos which are subject to Globe Fair Use Policy, 800MB/day.

How to load and register promos for Globe Pocket Wifi

There are three options or procedures on how to load and register promos for Globe pocket wifi.

Option 1 - via Globe pocket wifi admin dashboard

To get started, load your mobile number first with the required amount of load according to your desired promo.
Step 1. Connect your Globe pocket wifi to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Step 2. Open your preferred Internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.) then type and enter or in the URL (address bar).
Step 3. You will be then prompted for authentication. Type in "admin" for both username and password fields.
Step 4. Go to 'SMS' tab then 'New'
Step 5. Enter 8080 in the recipient field and the promo keyword for the wider box next to the recipient field.
Step 6. Click 'Send' button and wait for the confirmation text message.
Step 7. To view the text message, go to 'SMS' then 'Inbox'.

Option 2 - via Globe Share-A-Load/Promo

With Globe Share-A-Load/Promo service, you can share a promo using your phone by texting a keyword format or by dialing *143#. Be sure you have the required amount of load before doing this.

To Share-A-Promo, text PROMO KEYWORD and send to 2+10 digit prepaid number of the recipient (replace the prefix 0 to 2). Sample text format: GOSURF50 send to 29161234567.

To share a promo through USSD Browser menu, just dial *143# and navigate My Account > Share-A-Load/Promo > Share Promo w/o PIN > and choose Send to Globe Prepaid Number, Send to TM Number, Send to Tattoo Number, or Send to Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Number.

Option 3 - via Globe load retailer

Step 1. Know your mobile number first. Remove your SIM card from your pocket wifi device and check its back part. Usually, newer SIM cards have their card number embedded on the back of the card. Alternatively, you can insert the sim card into your smartphone to see your mobile number, go to Settings > About phone/device > Status. If none of these worked, call Globe hotline 211, follow the voice instruction to talk to a customer representative then ask your mobile number, they will gladly provide it.

Step 2. Go to the nearest Globe load retailer store. Ask for regular prepaid load depending on your budget to the data promo/s you want to register.

Step 3. After you received the load, check your load balance, text BAL to 222. After verifying, you may now send the keyword of your chosen Globe data promo using your phone, or insert the SIM back to the pocket wifi and register the promo via the admin dashboard.

These are all the Globe pocket wifi load promos available to Globe 4G LTE pocket wifi, Tattoo pocket wifi and Tattoo Broadband USB stick.

Know more about Globe latest promos thru Globe USSD code, just dial *143# for free. To get help on your Globe LTE pocket wifi device or load promo, you can call Globe customer service hotline by dialing 211 using your phone.

source: pinoytechsaga