Here is the tutorial for you to be able to download certificate of any website in your local computer or pc. And after downloading the Trusted Certificate, you can then install it manually. The steps are very simple and easy. But this tutorial is only focused on downloading the certificate and save it in your computer.


1. First, type the URL address of the website that you wanted to download the certificate. For this tutorial I used Just press the lock symbol > then press Certificate (valid).

 2. When the certificate appears, click the Details tab > then click the "Copy to File..." button.

3. Now, in the Certificate Export Wizard, click NEXT.

4. In the "Select the format you want to use:" just leave it as it is and press NEXT.

5. Now, click BROWSE. Type any filename that you wanted to name your certificate. Do not forget to give a .cer extension. (Example: google.cer). Then click SAVE.

6. Click NEXT.

7. Click FINISH.

8. Just click OK for the message that will appear.

9. Done...