PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is PLDT's prepaid WiFi service that comes with free 10GB data for 7 days, priced at 995 Pesos which can be purchased at one-time payment or installment. This is a plug and play device that instantly connects you to the Internet, which can connect up to 5 devices, perfect for family or group sharing. PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi best suits subscribers who are not eager on having a commitment on regular internet broadband postpaid plans or lock-up plans, and are looking for a cheap prepaid internet connection with fast speeds. With PLDT Home WiFi, never worry on monthly bills, just reload and register to PLDT Fam Load Promos, and enjoy surfing the web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, listening to music, streaming videos on YouTube and playing Mobile Legends together with your friends.

Buy PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi at your nearest PLDT Sales and Service Centers and get your Home Wifi Prepaid instantly for only Php995 (originally Php1,995). It is also available in SM Malls and online via Lazada. You can also purchase it on Smart Online Store via, select Internet Devices then find PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi. Cash On Delivery payment method available and it is free shipping nationwide.

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi Package Details and Features

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is priced at 995 PHP, which includes PLDT Home WiFi Modem (Boost Even R051), pre-installed LTE sim, Ethernet/LAN Cable (RJ45), AC Power Adapter, and Home WiFi Device Quick Start Guide.

No Monthly Bills
No need to worry about monthly fees! Pay for the data that you want to consume, whenever you want.

Plug and Play
No Installation needed.

FREE 10GB Data for 7 Days
Your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi comes with free 10GB worth of data once you plug the device and change your username and password, so you can surf, and watch videos at home instantly.

Load anywhere
You may reload your PLDT Home WiFi at any PLDT Store or PLDT Smart loading stations nationwide. After reloading, you can register to the affordable PLDT Home Wifi load packages, the improved Fam Load promos.

How to Setup PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi (Connect and Change Password)

1. Attach the stands to the bottom of the router device to make it sturdy. (There are additional hooks on the other side of the back panel if you want to mount the device on a wall.)
2. Plug your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi and turn on the switch on the side. (Tip: Place near a window for a better signal reception. Signal color codes: Blue-Best, Green-Good, Red-Bad, Blinking Red-No SIM/Signal)
3. Turn On the WiFi of your device, may it be smartphone, tablet or laptop, and connect to your PLDT Home Wifi network (The default network name and password can be found at the back of your modem). If you are using desktop, use the LAN cable to directly connect to the modem without the need of password.
4. Change your PLDT Home WiFi name and password. (for security purposes)
- Open your favorite browser (Chrome or Firefox or any browser) then go to and log in using the default username and password: pldthome.
- It will open the PLDT Home WiFi Dashboard Homepage and show the device connection and network status.
- Under the SETTINGS tab, click on WIFI SETTINGS.
- Change your Network Name and Password then click on APPLY.

PLDT FamLoad Promos

PLDT FamLoad Promo is the improved version of Home Boost Promo. These are exclusive promos for PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers. PLDT FamLoad allows subscribers to enjoy all the online activities they want while boosting their internet speeds up to 42Mbps. These promos are stackable, meaning you can register to a Fam Load Promo while you're registered for another. Data allocations will be added together and the validity of the promo with the longest validity will apply. There's no limit in registration and no data cap. Surf, stream and download all you want, as long as your subscription is active. Experience unlimited internet with PLDT Home WiFi!

To register PLDT Fam Load Promos, reload your account first to any PLDT or Smart loading station, or you can also transfer regular load from any Smart and TNT number using the format PASALOAD<space>PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi number<space>Amount and then send to 808, you can find your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi number at the back of your modem. After reloading, open your browser and go to (Link can be accessed only when you're logged on to your Home WiFi network) or download myPLDT Smart app (on Google Play or Apple App Store) and enroll your prepaid wifi number.

FamLoad 15
Load amount: 15 Pesos
Validity: 1 day
Promo details: 1GB data addon (must be registered first to higher FamLoad variant)

FamLoad 50
Load amount: 50 Pesos
Validity: 3 days
Promo details: 3GB data

FamLoad 199
Load amount: 199 Pesos
Validity: 7 days or 1 week
Promo details: 12GB x 2 = 24GB data

FamLoad 599
Load amount: 599 Pesos
Validity: 15 days
Promo details: 40GB x 2 = 80GB data

FamLoad 999
Load amount: 999 Pesos
Validity: 30 days or 1 month
Promo details: 65GB x 2 = 130GB data

FamLoad 1499
Load amount: 1499 Pesos
Validity: 30 days or 1 month
Promo details: 100GB x 2 = 200GB data

* PLDT Famload's double the data promo runs until April 30, 2020, subject to extension.

How To Check if your area is covered by Smart LTE Network

The PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is powered Smart's LTE network, the Philippines's fastest mobile Internet, according to the latest Speedtest report of Ookla, the global leader in Internet testing and analysis. High-speed Smart LTE now covers major urban areas including Metro Manila, Rizal, Cebu, and Davao, and top sites in Bacolod, Baguio, Baler, Batanes, Bohol, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Laguna, Leyte, Palawan, Sagada, Sarangani, and Zamboanga, among others.

To check if your area is covered by Smart LTE Network, just go to and enter your city or municipality, and it will show 4 Signal Types including 2G, 3G, 4G and 4.5G. The shaded circle/s are the available networks in your area.

If Smart has weak signal reception in your area and Globe has better network coverage, you may try Globe Prepaid WiFi, which is the counterpart of PLDT Home WiFi.

With PLDT's pinakasulit Home Internet, enjoy a reliable prepaid internet connection at an affordable price. Surf, watch, listen, and play at home to your heart's content!

To get help on your PLDT Home WiFi device or promo, you can call PLDT customer service hotline by dialing 171 using your Smart/TNT phone. You can also message their social media accounts, Facebook ( and Twitter (@PLDTHome or @PLDT_Cares).

source: pinoytechsaga