Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Cambodian actress តារាសម្តែង. Some of these actresses only have Cambodian descent and most are pure Khmer. Some of them are also talented singer, dancer, model, former beauty queen, and businesswomen. See the list below in alphabetical order. Note: This is just a list and not a ranking.

LIST: 20 Most Beautiful Cambodian (Khmer  ខ្មែរ) Actresses

1. Ampor Tevi is a Cambodian actress active in 1990s. Within the span of her career she has starred in numerous films, from movies to musical skits. Her career started in 1988 with her paired actor Sam Vityea. 
Born: 17 July 1970, Cambodia. 
Spouse: Pich Pirun (m. 1992). 
Other name: Ampor Tevy, Ampor Devi, Ompor Tevy, Ompor Thevy,. 
Movies: The Snake King's Child, Preah Vesandor, Pov Malis Lea, Chnam Oun 16, Sman Ta Kron, Pich Min Tonn Chnai.

2. Bérénice Lim Marlohe is a French actress. Her father, a doctor who moved from Cambodia to France, is of Chinese descent. She played anti-heroine Bond girl Sévérine in the twenty-third James Bond film Skyfall. Her television credits include Père et Maire, Femmes de loi, and Equipe médicale d’urgence. She had an uncredited role in the French comedy Happiness Never Comes Alone with Sophie Marceau. 
Born: 19 May 1979, Paris, France. 
Height: 1.75 m.
Nationality: French. 
Education: Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. 
TV shows: The Spoils Before Dying, Skyfall: Extras. 
Movies: Skyfall (2012), 5 to 7 (2014), Revolt (2017), Kill Switch (2017), Song to Song (2017).

3. Danh Monica is a Cambodian actress of the 2000s along with Keo Pich Pisey, Veth Rattana, Suos Sotheara, Chan Leakenna, Keo Nisa, Duch Sophea, and Sarai Sakana. She is the only Cambodian actress today who started acting as a child actor and who is skilled in classical Cambodian ballet. 
Born: 4 November 1986, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Parents: Men Chan Nary, Danh Vansa. 
Movies: The Snake King's Child (2001), Moranak Meada (2004), Tum Teav (2003), The Weird Villa (2004), Ah Lev (2003).

4. Denny Kwan is a Cambodian movie actress. known for getting banned from any appearance in any movie for a year because the country's minister of arts and culture sees her as being "too sexy." 
Movies: Big Trouble in Little China (1986), Nice Dreams (1981).

5. Sophea Duch is a popular Karaoke song artist. She was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is currently very popular among the younger generation in Phnom Penh, the rest of Cambodia and in other South Eastern Asian countries. 
Born: 1986, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Genre: Pop. 
Movies: Staying Single When, Jao Sok Jao Sanh. 
Siblings: Somphors Duch.

6. Ek Socheata also Sasa is a Cambodian actress. 
Born: 1987. 
Parents: Uth Thy.

7. Élodie Yung is a French actress. Her father is Cambodian. She is best known for her role as Elektra Natchios in the second season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix series Daredevil and the Netflix miniseries The Defenders. 
Born: 22 February 1981, Paris, France. 
Nationality: French. 
Children: Minavann Yung Howard. 
Education: LAMDA, University of Paris. 
Movies and TV shows: Gods of Egypt (2016), The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017), District 13: Ultimatum (2009), G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013), Daredevil (2015 – 2018).

8. Hin Channiroth is a Cambodian MC and actress. She is a MC at Bayon TV for a program called Cha Cha Cha. In addition, Channiroth is also a model for some magazines. Channiroth began her entertainment career when she was only seventeen. 
Born: 15 April 1990, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Movies: The Witch.

9. Keo Pich Pisey is a Cambodian actress, model, and former dancer. She is best known for her portrayal of San Chhay in the F4 Cambodian film series. She has also appeared in karaoke DVDs and TV commercials since 2003 and she is considered one of the top Cambodian movie stars. 
Born: 17 May 1982, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Height: 5'4". 
Movies: Pdei La'o, La'eng Kum Prolung.

10. Lida Duch is a Cambodian actress. 
Born: 23 February 1991, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Movies: The Forest Whispers, Dream Land, Love 2 The Power Of 4.

11. Ly Chan Siha is a Cambodian actress. She starred in the movies Gratefulness and Moronak Meada. She won the award for Best Actress for playing the title role in Moronak Meada. 
Movies: Moranak Meada, Gratefulness.

12. Mak Sensonita (ម៉ាក សែនសូនីតា) is a Cambodian actress. Sensonita is also a model for some magazines. She began her entertainment career since 2010. 
Born: 16 March 1994, Kandal Province, Cambodia. 
Other name: តូតា (Tota). 
Movies: នាយខ្វាក់នាយខ្វិនឆ្លងភព (2016), Chantrei (2016), កូនពស់កេងកង (2017), ព្រាយកន្ទោងខៀវ (2017).

13. Mean Sonyta (មាន សូនីតា) is a Cambodian actress and fashion model. Sonyta joined a local beauty contest Freshie Girls & Boys 2009. 
Born: 10 February 1990, Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia. 
Height: 1.65 m. 
Education: Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia - Tuol Kork Campus. 
Movies: Love 2 The Power Of 4.

14. Prim Lyza (ព្រីម លីហ្សា) is a Singapore born Cambodian Actress and Model Fashion Performer. 
Born: 25 December 1993, Singapore. 
Education: Cambodian Mekong University (CMU). 
Awards: Best Supporting Actress; 2013. 
Movies: Trong Meas Baksey Sneh (2008), Tream Chet Samrab Chhu (2009), Chanh Chet Tbet Sra Lanh (2010).

15. Sarita Reth is a Cambodian television and film actress, model and presenter. She is known for her role as Marima from “Love9” a TV program that tackles sexual and reproductive health. 
Born: Cambodia. 
Alma maters: Vanda Institute, RULE. 
Movies: The Spell (2019), Hex (2018), Mind Cage (2016), California Dreaming (2019).

16. Sok Sreymom (សុខ ស្រីមុំ) is a Cambodian film star with roles in over 100 films and videos. She now lives in California as an accomplished singer traveling around the US appearing with Khmer bands for the last ten years and is releasing her first American music video. 
Born: 1973, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Movies: Pov Malis Lea, Bopha Puos Vaek.

17. Sokun Nisa (សុគន្ធ និសា) is a popular singer in Cambodia. In 2003, she started her career as a singer with Rasmey Steung Sangke Production. Currently she is a singer under Rasmey Hang Meas Production. In 2017, she made her acting debut on television in a remake of Korean drama Autumn in My Heart as Lead Actress of the series. 
Born: 1 May 1983, Kratié Province, Cambodia. 
Full name: Pon Sokunthea. 
Record label: Town Production. 
Parents: Boo Sopharath, Chin Kimlin. 
Movies: Autumn in My Heart (2017), Queen of the Mansion (2019).

18. Sveng Socheata is a Khmer actress. 
Movies: Hex (2018), Mind Cage (2016), First They Killed My Father (2017), The Spell (2019).

19. Tharoth Sam is a Cambodian actress and assistant director
Movies: Jailbreak (2017), First They Killed My Father (2017) and The Prey (2018). 
Born: 11 August 1990, Cambodia.

20. Veth Rathana was a Cambodian actress whose popularity rose in the mid-2000s from 2003 to 2007. She was among the most successful Cambodian actresses of the 2000s alongside Danh Monika, Keo Pich Pisey, Sim Solika, and Suos Sotheara. 
Born: 1986, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Spouse: Tuk Vandy (m. 2006). 
Movies: Tep Songva, Prasna Reatrey.