Here are some of the known actresses coming from Burkina Faso (a landlocked country in West Africa). Please be noted that this list is incomplete. You may comment below or email us via Contact page to make this list complete by sending us the actresses you know who are not listed here. Women listed below are also model, singer, and former beauty queen.

LIST: Most Beautiful Burkinabes Actresses

1. Augusta Palenfo is a Burkinabes actress. 
Born: 25 November 1981, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. 
Movies: Coup d'État de Rodrik Kaboré (2019), Le Bonnet de Modibo de Boubacar Diallo (2018), Carton rouge d'Augusta Palenfo (2016), Le Neveu de l'homme fort d'Adama Rouamba (2016), Kokoko Affairage d'Irène Tassembédo (2014).

2. Roukiata Ouedraogo is a Burkinabe actress and humorist.
Born: 1979, Burkina Faso. 
TV shows:  Le Passe-muraille (2016), Paris, etc. (2017). Movies: Samba (2014), Women, all women (2014), I'm counting on you (2015), The Castle Life (2015).

3. Nadège Ouedraogo is an actress.
Spouse: Cyril MossĂ© (m. 2013). 
Movies: The Unknown Girl (2016), Young Ahmed (2019), Nkosi Coiffure (2015), Rebellious Girl (2016).

This list is incomplete. Please contribute by commenting below or contacting us to add missing actresses on this list. Thank you.