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LIST: Samsung Phones Philippines Price

Samsung smartphones are one of the most used and most popular brand of phones here in the Philippines. Compared to China-made phones, phones created by Samsung are expected to last longer. Display sizes range from 2.9 to 6.9 inches with the display tehnology of TFT, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Dual Edge SUper AMOLED, and more. Memory capacity ranges from minimum of 4GB up to 64GB. Camera's megapixels are from 4.9MP to 18.9MP. Other features includes HD display, edge display, HD video recording, wireless charging, and fingerprint scanner. Samsung phones are good for streaming videos, capturing the moments, gaming, and more.

Now see the Samsung smartphones price list here in the Philippines below.

Prices from the official Samsung website.

Galaxy A01 - ₱5,490.00
Galaxy A10S - ₱6,990.00
Galaxy A20S - ₱9,990.00
Galaxy A30S - ₱11,990.00
Galaxy A30 - ₱11,990.00
Galaxy A50S - ₱16,990.00
Galaxy A70 - ₱20,990.00
Galaxy A71 - ₱22,990.00
Galaxy Note10 Lite - ₱29,990.00
Galaxy A80 - ₱29,990.00
Galaxy S10e - ₱34,990.00
Galaxy S10 - ₱41,990.00
Galaxy S10+ - ₱47,990.00
Galaxy S20 - ₱49,990.00
Galaxy Note10 - ₱53,990.00
Galaxy S20+ - ₱55,990.00
Galaxy Note10+ - ₱60,990.00
Galaxy S20 Ultra - ₱69,990.00
Galaxy Z Flip - ₱79,990.00
Galaxy Fold - ₱109,990.00
Galaxy A51 - ₱14,701.11

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