Here is a very simple way to withdraw your Google Adsense earnings from Western Union to your GCash account. You do not need to go to a Western Union branch anymore to wait in line or whatsoever. See the steps below.

Withdraw Google Adsense Earnings from Western Union to GCash

1. Open your GCash app and input your MPIN.

2. Inside your GCash, tap Cash In.

3. Go to the bottom of the Cash In page find and tap the Western Union (WU) logo which is under Remittance.

4. Wait for a few second for the Processing...

5. For the php field, type the expected amount that you are going to withdraw. For example, if you total earnings inside your Google Adsense account is $500 then multiply it by 50, the estimated amount in Philippine peso is P25,000. Now, type that amount in the "php" field.

6. Next, again, inside your Google Adsense account Payment page, get the MTCN (10-digit number) that Adsense issued to you and type it inside the "MTCN" field in your GCash app.

7. For the Country of Birth, just leave it.

8. Press NEXT button.

9. After pressing the next button, if all is right, GCash will then show you all the information that you input as well the as the exact amount that you will get. You will also see there the Sender of the money that you are going to receive which is Google Asia (something like that).

10. Now, press the CONFIRM button.

11. If the cashing in is successful, a message saying that you have successfully cashed in money inside your GCash account will appear. You will also receive a text message from Gcash regaring the amount of money that you received. And you will also see inside your GCash account the money is instantly there already.

12. DONE!