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LIST: 64 Most Beautiful Chilean Actresses

Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Chilean actresses. Some of them are also talented singer, dancer, and model. Some are also businesswomen and former beauty queens. See the full list below in alphabetical order. This list is not a ranking, this is just a normal list.

1. Adriana Vacarezza Etcheverry is a Chilean television and theatre actress. She is the sister of the television presenter Marcela Vacarezza. Adriana studied theatre at "Escuela de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile". Debuted in the telenovela "Los Títeres" directed by Oscar Rodríguez. In 2007 joins Chilevisión.
Born: 8 October 1961, Antofagasta, Chile
Spouse: Mauricio Pesutic (m. 1994–1997)
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Siblings: Marcela Vacarezza
Movies: Los Debutantes, El Leyton, My Last Man, The Shipwrecked
Parents: Ricardo Vacarezza, María Marta Etcheverry

2. Alejandra Fosalba Henry is an actress from Chile, born in Concepción. Right after school, she discovered her calling, theater, and went to Santiago to study. She has said that her television career was started slowly.
Born: 4 July 1969, Concepción, Chile
Height: 1.72 m
Spouse: Lars Jaederlund (m. 2003)
Children: Anya Fosalba, Fiona Fosalba
Movies: Takilleitor, El Limpiapiscinas, El Babysitter, Candy or Mint, Gringuito
TV shows: El Señor de la Querencia (2008), Iorana (Since 1998), Alguien te mira (Since 2008), Conde Vrolok (2009 – 2010), Los treinta (Since 2005)

3. Alexandra Castillo is a Chilean-Canadian actress and dancer. She is sometimes credited as Alex Castillo.
Born: 14 June 1971, Santiago, Chile
Movies and TV shows: Eye of the Beast (2007), Taken in Broad Daylight (2009), Plague City: SARS in Toronto (2005), Lucky 7 (2013), Bark Ranger (2015)

4. Alicia Rodríguez is a Chilean actress. She is best known for her performance as Daniela Ramírez in Young and Wild.
Born: 21 May 1992, Providencia, Chile
Parents: Isidro Rodríguez, Juana Díaz
Uncle: Gabriel Diaz
Movies and TV shows: Young & Wild (2012), Christmas (2009), The Life of Fish (2010), Old Cats (2010), La poseída (2015)

5. Aline Adriana Küppenheim Gualtieri is a Chilean actress. She has appeared in forty films and television series since 1991.
Born: 10 August 1969, Barcelona, Spain
Spouse: Bastián Bodenhöfer (m. 2000–2006)
Children: Ian Bodenhöfer
Movies and TV shows: Destinos cruzados (Since 2004), La fiera (Since 1999), Machuca (2004), El amor está de moda (1995), The Good Life (2008)

6. Amaya Forch Barry is a Chilean actress and pop singer known for making appearances on various Chilean television programs. After playing in a number of television and theatre productions, Forch began to venture into singing. At the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, she sang alongside David Hasselhoff.
Born: 5 March 1972, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Amaro Gómez-Pablos (m. 2006)
Parents: Vivienne Barry
Children: Julieta Gómez-Pablos Forch, Alonso Gómez-Pablos Forch
Albums: La Consentida, Soy lo Prohibido, Alulú, Villancicos Alulú
Movies and TV shows: Ugly Me (2006), Separados (2012 – 2013), Wena profe (2017 – 2018), Los 80 (2008 – 2014), El hombre que imaginaba (1998)

7. María Amparo Noguera Portales, is a Chilean television, theatre and film actress. Amparo is the daughter of the actor Héctor Noguera Illanes and Isidora Portales.
Born: 6 March 1965, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.65 m
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Siblings: Emilia Noguera, Diego Noguera, Piedad Noguera, Claudia Noguera, Damián Noguera
Parents: Héctor Noguera, Isidora Portales
Movies and TV shows: Romané (Since 2000), La Jauría (Since 2020), Vuelve temprano (2014), Jailbreak Pact (2020), Pampa Ilusión (Since 2001)

8. Andrea María Velasco Alessandri is a Chilean film, theater and television actress and singer of Italian descent. She is well known for her work in romantic comedies, late night TV shows, and recently, her music career.
Born: 7 December 1981, Santiago, Chile
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Albums: Piñata, Code Name 33
Record labels: Picche Records, Avasoul Records
Movies and TV shows: Fuck My Wedding (2011), Fuck My Life (2010), Qué Pena Tu Familia (2013), Desde el principio (2017), Mis años grossos (Since 2009)

9. Angelica Castro was born in 1972 in Santiago, Chile. She is an actress and producer, known for The Scorpion King (2002), In Plain Sight (2008) and Angel (1999). She has been married to Cristián de la Fuente since January 5, 2002.
Born: 11 May 1972, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Cristián de la Fuente (m. 2002)
Children: Laura de la Fuente
Siblings: Pepe Castro
Movies and TV shows: Más música (Since 1984), Have You Seen Lupita? (2012), The Scorpion King (2002), Prófugos (2011 – 2013), Alma (2015)

10. Antonella Ríos Mascetti is a Chilean television and film actress. Her best-known roles were Mariana in the telenovela "Brujas" and Gracia in the film "Los Debutantes".
Born: 31 July 1974, Valdivia, Chile
Height: 1.6 m
Children: Bruno Galleani Ríos, Manuel Elosúa Ríos
Parents: Oscar Ríos, Loretta Mascetti
Movies and TV shows: Los Debutantes (2003), Brujas (2005), Machos (2003), Hippie (Since 2004), Cuenta conmigo (Since 2009)

11. Antonia Santa María Monckeberg is a Chilean film, television, and theater actress.
Born: 22 July 1982, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Alvaro Viguera (m. 2012)
Parents: Juan Pedro Santa María Pérez
Movies: Las niñas, Gloria, Quiero Entrar, Pérez
Siblings: Constanza Santa Maria, Rodrigo Santa María, Pedro Santa María
TV shows: Dime quién fue (Since 2017), La chúcara (2014 – 2015), El Señor de la Querencia (2008), Conde Vrolok (2009 – 2010), Su nombre es Joaquín (2011 – 2012)

12. Antonia Zegers is a Chilean actress. She has appeared in more than forty films since 1995.
Born: 29 June 1972, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Pablo Larraín (m. 2006)
Parents: Mónica Oportot Salbach, Fernando Zegers Hochschild
Nominations: Platino Award for Best Actress
Siblings: Fernando Zegers, Emilia Zegers, Gabriel Zegers
Movies and TV shows: Amar a morir (2019), The Dogs (2017), Post Mortem (2010), The Club (2015), Tony Manero (2008)

13. Bárbara Ruiz-Tagle Correa is a Chilean actress of theater and television.
Born: 30 May 1979, Chile
Height: 1.74 m
Education: Universidad Finis Terrae
Spouse: Mauricio Bustos (m. 2017), Sebastián Rodríguez-Peña (m. 2006–2010)
Movies: Calzones rotos
TV shows: Mujeres de Lujo (2010), Infiltradas (2011), El Señor de la Querencia (2008), La chúcara (2014 – 2015), ¿Dónde está Elisa? (2009)

14. Pía Belén Soto Infante, best known as Belén Soto, is a Chilean actress, Writer and model. Her role debut was in Papi Ricky.
Born: 22 January 1997, Santiago, Chile
Other name: La tierna niña de Papi Ricky
Parents: Carolina Infante, Aldo Soto
Movies and TV shows: Papi Ricky (2007), Wena profe (2017 – 2018), Prueba de actitud (2016), El camionero (2016 – 2017), Dos por uno (2013)

15. Blanca Esperanza Lewin Gajardo is a Chilean actress. She studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She is best known by her role of "Lola Padilla" in the soap opera Lola by Canal 13. She has won awards including Altazor for "Best Actress" three times and Festival de Cine Internacional de Palm Springs.
Born: 7 August 1974, Las Condes, Chile
Partner: Leo Quinteros
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Spouse: Werner Giesen (m. 2000–2002), Daniel Matamala
Children: Marina Quinteros Lewin
Movies and TV shows: In Bed (2005), La torre de Mabel, The Life of Fish (2010), Lola (Since 2007), El Reemplazante (2012 – 2014)

16. María Carolina Arregui Vuskovic is a Chilean television actress of Croatian and Basque descent. Although she never attended drama school, Arregui is considered to be one of Chile's most popular and gifted actresses.
Born: 26 August 1965, Chile
Height: 1.66 m
Children: Mayte Rodríguez, Óscar Rodríguez, María Jesús Sothers, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez
Spouse: Roy Sothers (m. 2005), Oscar Rodríguez (m. 1985–1993)
Parents: Guillermo Arregui, Rosa Vuskovi
TV shows: Ángel malo (Since 1986), Pobre Rico (2012 – 2013), Machos (2003), Wena profe (2017 – 2018), Amar a morir (2019)

17. Carolina Andrea de Moras Alvarado is a Chilean model, actress and television presenter of French origin.
Born: 24 February 1981, Osorno, Chile
Height: 1.78 m
Children: Mila Khamis de Moras
Movies: Fuck My Life
Parents: Patricia Alvarado, Juan Ernesto de Mora
TV shows: Talento chileno (Since 2010), 2015 Viña del Mar International Song Festival (2015), Bake off Chile (Since 2018), Salta si puedes (Since 2013), Transantiaguinos (2008)

18. Catalina Isabel Palacios Galindo, nickname Cata Palacios is a Chilean actress, singer and television presenter. She is known mostly for being in the cast of the youth program Mekano, for her role in the 2005 television series Magi-K, and for being the host of the youth program Yingo.
Born: 16 February 1980, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.64 m
TV shows: Don Diablo, Magi-K, BKN, Yingo, Amores urbanos, Vampiras
Albums: Kata, Eclipse, Déjate llevar

19. María Cecilia Amenábar Granella is a Chilean actress, model and artist. After a career in modeling, Amenábar along model Daniela Benavente, hosted Revolver, a cultural television program for TVN.
Born: 5 April 1971, Chile
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Gustavo Cerati (m. 1992–2002)
Movies: +bien
Children: Benito Cerati, Lisa Cerati
Parents: Cecilia Granella, Juan Luis Amenábar

20. Claudia Irene Celedón Ureta is a Chilean television, film, and theater actress. She is the winner of an Altazor Award for best theater actress for her role in the play Mujer gallina, and was awarded at the Cartagena International Film Festival for her role in Old Cats.
Born: 15 August 1966, Santiago, Chile
Parents: Jaime Celedón
Award: Altazor Award (2004)
Children: Andrea García-Huidobro
Movies and TV shows: Life Kills Me (2007), Old Cats (2010), The Maid (2009), Qué Pena tu Serie, Fuck My Wedding (2011)

21. Claudia Marcela Conserva Pérez is a Chilean actress, model and television of Italian origins. She studied ballet and worked in publicity and TV programs when she was a child and in 1990 she won Miss 17. She met her husband Juan Carlos Valdivia in Extra Jóvenes. They have two children.
Born: 12 January 1974, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.57 m
Children: Matilda Valdivia Conserva, Renato Valdivia Conserva
TV shows: MILF, Pollo en conserva, Extra jóvenes
Spouse: Juan Carlos Valdivia (m. 2003), Juan Carlos Valdivia (m. 1995–1999)

22. Cleopatra, Hereditary Princess of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg, known professionally as Cleo von Adelsheim, is a Swiss-born German-Chilean actress. She is known for her title role in the 2015 German television film Prinzessin Maleen.
Born: 3 October 1987, Bern, Switzerland
Spouse: Franz Albrecht, Hereditary Prince of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg (m. 2016)
House: Adelsheim (by birth); Oettingen-Spielberg (by marriage)
Father: Baron Louis von Adelsheim von Ernest
Movies: Prinzessin Maleen
Education: Hurtwood House, Schule Schloss Salem, The American University of Paris

23. Coni Piccoli is a Chilean actress, and musician.
Born: 19 November 1992, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.68 m
Parents: Enrique Piccoli, Patricia Molina
Movies and TV shows: Karkú (2007 – 2009), BKN (2004 – 2012), Prueba de actitud (2016), Mamá Mechona (2014), Karku Atrevete!

24. María José de Pablo Fernández, known professionally as Cote de Pablo, is a Chilean-American actress and singer. Born in Santiago, Chile, at the age of ten she moved to the United States, where she studied acting.
Born: 12 November 1979, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.69 m
Nationality: American, Chilean
Education: School of Drama, New World School of the Arts, Carnegie Mellon University, Arvida Middle School
Parents: Maria Olga Fernandez, Francisco de Pablo
Movies and TV shows: NCIS (Since 2003), The Dovekeepers (2015), The 33 (2015), The Jury (2004), The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010)

25. Daniela Paz Castillo Vicuña is a Chilean female pop singer and actress born in Santiago. She debuted in 2002 as a solo artist on the Chilean TV show Rojo: Fama Contra Fama. She studied four years at the Alicia Puccio Academy where she met the casting crew for the TV show Rojo.
Born: 26 September 1984, Santiago, Chile
Movies: Rojo
Spouse: Luca Monacci (m. 2015), Matías Novoa (m. 2006–2008)
Albums: Daniela Castillo, Obsesión, Invencible - Ep, Rojo
Siblings: María Pía Castillo, Arturo Castillo
Parents: María de la Paz Vicuña, Arturo Castillo

26. Daniela Vega Hernández is a Chilean actress and mezzo-soprano singer. She is best known for her critically acclaimed performance in the Academy Award-winning film A Fantastic Woman. At the 90th Academy Awards in 2018, Vega became the first transgender person in history to be a presenter at the Academy Awards ceremony.
Born: 3 June 1989, Santiago, Chile
Full name: Daniela Vega Hernández
Genre: Pop
Awards: Platino Award for Best Actress, Fénix Film Award for Best Actress
Parents: Igor Vega, Sandra Hernández
Movies and TV shows: A Fantastic Woman (2017), La Jauría (Since 2020), The Guest (2014), Tales of the City (Since 2019)

27. Daniella Tobar is a Chilean television actress. In January 2000, she attracted media headlines in Chile and worldwide after undertaking an art project whereby she took up residence in a transparent glass house placed in the centre of Chile's capital city, Santiago.
Born: Chile
Movies: El Nominado (2003), Santiago Violenta (2014)

28. Denise Sofía Rosenthal Schalchli, known professionally as Denise Rosenthal is a Chilean actress, model, dancer and singer-songwriter.
Born: 8 November 1990, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.6 m
Parents: Christian Rosenthal, Liselotte Rosenthal
Albums: El Blog de la Feña, Cambio de Piel, Fiesta, El Blog de la Feña 2
Movies and TV shows: Amango (Since 2007), Corazón rebelde (2009), El camionero (2016 – 2017), Prueba de actitud (2016), El Limpiapiscinas (2011)

29. Elisa Zulueta is a Chilean television, theatre and film actress who studied at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Formerly, she worked for TVN where she made little works in telenovelas and series. In 2008 she gained fame with the role of Julia Amigo in the telenovela Lola of Canal 13.
Born: 14 September 1981, Santiago, Chile
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Siblings: Florencia Zulueta
Parents: Ramón Zulueta, Laura Yáñez
Movies and TV shows: Juana Brava (Since 2015), Un Diablo con Ángel (Since 2017), Dama y obrero (2012 – 2013), Swing (2018), La torre de Mabel

30. Elvira Teresa Cristi Bueno is a Chilean actress and model.
Born: 26 November 1976, Santiago, Chile
Movies: Madre
TV shows: Gemelas (Since 2019), Primera dama (2010 – 2011), Graduados, historias que no se olvidan (2013 – 2014), Esperanza (2011 – 2012), Chipe libre (2014 – 2015)

31. Fernanda Loreto Urrejola Arroyo is a Chilean television, theatre and film actress. The daughter of Francisco Urrejola and Francisca Arroyo, she has three sisters, Alejandra, Francisca and Isidora. She studied in The Kent School in Providencia, Santiago and later Escenic communication in Duoc UC.
Born: 24 September 1981, Chile
Height: 1.69 m
Nationality: Chilean
Spouse: Manfredo Guerra (m. 2001–2007)
Parents: Francisco Urrejola, Francisca Arroyo
Movies and TV shows: Mujeres de Lujo (2010), Narcos: Mexico (Since 2018), La Doña (2011 – 2012), Chipe libre (2014 – 2015), Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012)

32. María Francisca Gavilán Valladares is a Chilean film, theater, and television actress and singer.
Born: 27 June 1973, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.62 m
Spouse: Eduardo Tironi (m. 1997)
Children: Joaquín Schwartz, Simón Tironi
Parents: Rosalba Gavilán, Osvaldo Gavilán
Movies and TV shows: Violeta Went to Heaven (2011), Jailbreak Pact (2020), Verdades ocultas (Since 2017), Perdona nuestros pecados (2017 – 2018), Romané (Since 2000)

33. Francisca María Imboden Fernández, is a Chilean actress. Francisca is the daughter of Juan Carlos Imboden and María Isabel Fernández. Together with her sisters Catalina and Ignacia, she studied at College Français of Viña del Mar, an institution now known as Alliançe Française Jean D'Alambert.
Born: 31 July 1971, Viña del Mar, Chile
Spouse: Patricio Riesco (m. 2004–2010)
Children: Trinidad Garcés, Consuelo Garcés, Mariano Riesco
Parents: Juan Carlos Imboden, María Isabel Fernández
TV shows: Papá a la deriva, Conde Vrolok, Romané
Movies: Fuga (2006), Machuca (2004), Neruda (2016), El vuelo del poeta (2009)

34. María Francisca Rosa Merino Garrido, known as Pancha Merino, is a Chilean actress and television presenter. Her most prominent roles have been on Canal 13 series, including Adrenalina and Cerro Alegre.
Born: 9 May 1973, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.64 m
Spouse: Claudio Labbé (m. 2001–2016)
Children: Amanda Merino, Dominic Merino
Movies and TV shows: Adrenalina, Cerro Alegre, Playa Salvaje
Parents: Ernesto Merino Herrera, Pepina Garrido

35. María Ignacia Allamand Lyon is a Chilean film and television actress.
Born: 29 August 1981, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: Tiago Correa (m. 2010–2011)
Parents: Andrés Allamand, Bárbara Lyon
Siblings: María Olivia Allamand, Raimundo Allamand, Juán Andrés Allamand
Movies and TV shows: Knock Knock (2015), Mujeres de Lujo (2010), Do it Like an Hombre (2017), Infiltradas (2011), Fuck My Life (2010)

36. Ingrid Elena Cruz Toro is a Chilean actress.
Born: 1 July 1975, Antofagasta, Chile
Spouse: Leonardo Scheinffelt (m. 2007–2014)
TV shows: Pituca sin lucas, Pobre gallo, Juegos de poder
Parents: Sara Toro, Norman Cruz
Movies: Videoclub (2013), Prueba de actitud (2016)

37. Ingrid Isensee is a Chilean actress. She appeared in more than twenty films since 2004.
Born: 31 December 1974, Santiago, Chile
Education: Diego Portales University
Movies and TV shows: El Bosque de Karadima (2015), Baby Shower (2011), Voice Over (2014), Montecristo (Since 2006), Mi bella genio (Since 2009)

38. Javiera Contador is a Chilean actress, comedian and television hostess. She played Quena Gómez de Larraín on the television show Casado con Hijos. She studied theatre at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her first major role was in the telenovela "Loca Piel".
Born: 17 June 1974, Santiago, Chile
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Spouse: Diego Rougier (m. 2010), José Ignacio Martínez (m. 1999–2001)
Children: Mila Rougier, Theo Rougier
Movies: Alma, Se Busca Novio... Para Mi Mujer, Salt, Chile puede, El Babysitter, Lina From Lima, El Ciudadano Kramer
TV shows: Casado con hijos (2006 – 2008), Buenos Días a Todos (1992 – 2016), La reina de Franklin (2018 – 2019), Loca piel (1996), Fuera de control (Since 1999)

39. Javiera Diaz de Valdés Alemparte, is a Chilean television actress best known for her role in the telenovela "Gatas y Tuercas". Javiera is a descendant of Javiera Carrera, a Chilean patriot of Basque descent, married to Spanish Pedro Díaz de Valdés. She was a model for the Elite modeling agency.
Born: 30 June 1981, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Pablo Mackenna (m. 2006–2012)
Movies and TV shows: Verdades ocultas (Since 2017), Mujeres de Lujo (2010), Primera dama (2010 – 2011), Fragments of Lucía (2016), Scrambled Beer (2007)

40. Jocelyn Osorio Alvarez is a Chilean Actress and model. She grew up in her natal city Iquique, after winning several local beauty competitions, she decided to move to the capital Santiago, to pursue Acting. In 2001 she was offered to participate in the Miss Chile pageant.
Born: 27 January 1983, Iquique, Chile
Education: Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Ltd
Movies and TV shows: SAF3 (2013 – 2014), Larceny (2017), StagKnight (2007), Mister Eleven (2009), The Story of F*** (2010)

41. Josefina Montané was born on April 16, 1988 in Las Condes, Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile as Josefina Montané Anwandter. She is an actress, known for Soltera Otra Vez (2012), Valió la Pena (2014) and Las Vega's (2013). She has been married to Darko Alexandar since March 14, 2015. They have one child.
Born: 16 April 1988, Santiago, Chile
Parents: Pablo Montané Alliende
Children: Colomba Sivori
Siblings: Andrea Montané, Trinidad Montané, Valentina Montané, Ignacia Montané
Education: Diego Portales University, Universidad del Desarrollo
TV shows: Soltera otra vez (2012 – 2018), Las Vega's (2013), Pacto de sangre (2018 – 2019), Amor a la Catalán (2019 – 2020), Valió la pena (2014 – 2015)

42. Juanita Ringeling is a Chilean actress.
Born: 15 May 1986, Santiago, Chile
Partner: Matías Assler (2019–)
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Parents: Federico Ringeling, María Isabel Vicuña
Movies and TV shows: Bim bam bum (Since 2013), Chipe libre (2014 – 2015), Shortwave (2016), 40 y Tantos (2010 – 2011), Soltera otra vez (2012 – 2018)

43. Katherine Estrella Salosny Reyes is a Chilean actress and television presenter. Wikipedia
Born: 8 April 1964, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.57 m
Movies: Invierno
Siblings: Edith Salosny
Parents: Simon Salosny Hubner, Carmen Reyes
TV shows: No culpes a la noche (Since 2018), Extra jóvenes (Since 1986), Pelotón (2007 – 2010), Aquelarre (1999), Fruto prohibido (Since 2011)

44. Katarzyna Helena Kowałeczko Henríquez, better known as Katty Kowaleczko or Katty Ko, is a Chilean actress of Polish ancestry.
Born: 2 October 1964, Santiago, Chile
Children: Micaela Kowaleczko Pérez
Movies and TV shows: Infiltradas (2011), Latin Lover: Mom I'm a Big Boy Now (2014), Papi Ricky (2007), Las Vega's (2013), Fuera de control (Since 1999)

45. Leonor Varela Palma is a Chilean actress and model. She played the title role in the 1999 television film Cleopatra, and vampire princess Nyssa Damaskinos in the 2002 film Blade II.
Born: 29 December 1972, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.69 m
Nationality: Chilean
Spouse: Lucas Akoskin (m. 2013)
Children: Matteo V. Akoskin, Luna Mae Akoskin
Movies and TV shows: Cleopatra (Since 1999), Blade II (2002), Innocent Voices (2004), Alpha (2018), Arrested Development (Since 2003)

46. Lorenza Francesca Izzo Parsons is a Chilean actress and model. She has appeared in films, including Aftershock, The Green Inferno, Knock, Knock, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
Born: 19 September 1989, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.73 m
Nationality: Chilean
Spouse: Eli Roth (m. 2014–2018)
TV shows: Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, Feed the Beast, Dimension 404, Feed the Beast: Extras
Movies: Knock Knock (2015), The Green Inferno (2013), Aftershock (2012), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), The House with a Clock in Its Walls (2018)

47. Luz María Valdivieso Ovalle is a Chilean actress.
Born: 1 July 1977, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.55 m
Spouse: Marcial Tagle (m. 2005)
Children: Lucía Tagle, María Tagle
Movies: Casa de Remolienda, Caleuche, el llamado del mar, Life Kills Me, El Derechazo, On The Table
TV shows: Conde Vrolok (2009 – 2010), Casa de Muñecos (2018 – 2019), 100 días para enamorarse (Since 2019), Separados (2012 – 2013), Alguien te mira (Since 2008)

48. Maite Orsini Pascal is a Chilean lawyer and politician, and former actress and model.
Born: 23 February 1988, Chile
Height: 1.61 m
Party: Democratic Revolution
Parents: Ricardo Orsini, Maité Pascal
Albums: Calle 7
Siblings: Emilia Burr

49. Manuela Abril Martelli Salamovich is a Chilean film and television actress best known for her roles in the films B-Happy and Machuca. She starred with the famous dutch actor Rutger Hauer in the chilean-italian films Il Futuro, based on Roberto Bolaño's novel A Little Lumpen Novelita.
Born: 16 April 1983, Santiago, Chile
Education: Saint George’s College, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Parents: Nicolás Martelli, Marian Salamovich
TV shows: Feroz
Movies: The Future (2013), Machuca (2004), B-Happy (2003), The Good Life (2008), The Magnetic Tree (2013)

50. María Elena Swett Urquieta is a Chilean actress. She was born in Santiago on April 11, 1979. Formerly married to the Chilean actor Felipe Braun. She is also known as "Mane" by friends and family. She studied at Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar and later at the Academia de Humanidades de Recoleta.
Born: 11 April 1979, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Felipe Braun (m. 2006–2010)
Movies: Psycho Game, Mirageman, El Nominado, XS, la peor talla
Children: Santiago Bowe Swett
TV shows: 100 días para enamorarse (Since 2019), Papi Ricky (2007), Machos (2003), Aquí mando yo (2011 – 2012), El camionero (2016 – 2017)

51. María José Urzúa O'Ryan is a Chilean actress. She is the only daughter of the actress Sandra O'Ryan. She studied Theatre at Universidad del Desarrollo following her mother's steps. In 2005 joined TVN making a role in the telenovela Versus with Francisco Melo and Cristián Arriagada.
Born: 1983, Chile
Parents: Sandra O'Ryan
Education: Universidad del Desarrollo
TV shows: Versus, Otra vez papá

52. Miranda Bodenhöfer is a Chilean ballet dancer and actress, known for her role in the Spanish film The Dancer and the Thief.
Born: 17 May 1990, Santiago, Chile
Movies: The Dancer and the Thief
Parents: Andreas Bodenhöfer, Verónica González

53. Mónica Alejandra Godoy Cabezas is a Chilean actress. She was born in Santiago, and began her career at the Chilean channel Televisión Nacional de Chile. The actress was notably successful for her role of Scarlette in the telenovela Aquelarre.
Born: 9 May 1976, Santiago, Chile
Height: 1.66 m
Spouse: Nicolas Saavedra (m. 2012)
Education: University of Arts, Sciences and Communications UNIACC
Parents: Washington Godoy, Magaly Cabezas
Movies and TV shows: Hijos del Monte (2008 – 2009), Aquelarre (1999), Destinos cruzados (Since 2004), Tic Tac (Since 1997), XXL (2004)

54. Nathalia Aragonese Molina is a Chilean television, film, and theater actress and theater director. She is known for her roles in Volver a Amar, La Doña and Esa No Soy Yo.
Born: 9 September 1981, Santiago, Chile
Movies and TV shows: The Young Shepherd (2017), La ofis (Since 2008), Esa no soy yo (2015 – 2016), Manuel Rodríguez (2010), Volver a amar (2014)

55. Paulina Gálvez is a Chilean-Spanish actress. She was born in Santiago to a Chilean mother and a Spanish father, both economists. She was raised in Madrid from the age of eight.
Born: 14 September 1965, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Alexis Valdés (m. 2007–2009)
Children: America Valdés, Leonardo Valdés
Nominations: Goya Award for Best New Actress
Movies and TV shows: Rottweiler (2004), Tuve un Sueño Contigo, Queen Of Swords (2000 – 2001), Retrato de mujer con hombre al fondo (1997), Adios Carmen (2013)

56. María Paz Bascuñán Aylwin, commonly known as Paz Bascuñán, is a Chilean theatre, film and television actress. Daughter of politician Mariana Aylwin and granddaughter of Chile's former president Patricio Aylwin, and has more than two descents, being recognized in 2002 his Basque descent.
Born: 2 June 1975, Santiago, Chile
Spouse: Miguel Asensio (m. 2008)
Education: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Grandparent: Patricio Aylwin
Parents: Mariana Aylwin, Carlos Bascuñán Edwards
Movies and TV shows: Soltera otra vez (2012 – 2018), No estoy loca (2018), No Filter (2016), Dulce familia (2019), Fuck My Life (2010)

57. Sigrid Alegría Conrads is a Chilean television actress. Alegría began her acting debut in the TVN soap opera Borrón y cuenta nueva in 1998, playing the role of "Doris Morán", a religious nun who was rethinking her life after she found a new lover.
Born: 18 June 1974, Rostock, Germany
Height: 1.63 m
Spouse: Juan Andrés Ossandón (m. 2010–2013)
Children: Alonso Velasco, Luciano Ossandón, Baltazar Ossandón
Movies: Unfaithful Women, Rara, Time Off
TV shows: Casa de Muñecos (2018 – 2019), ¿Dónde está Elisa? (2009), Mamá Mechona (2014), El Señor de la Querencia (2008), Aquelarre (1999)

58. Tamara Olga Acosta Zambra is a prominent Chilean actress.
Born: 5 February 1972, San Bernardo, Chile
Height: 1.56 m
Partner: Sebastián Araya (2002–)
TV shows: Amor a la Catalán, Papi Ricky, Veinteañero a los 40
Siblings: Maximiliano Acosta, Andrei Acosta
Movies: Blue and White (2004), The Sentimental Teaser (1999), Casa de Remolienda (2007), Revenge (1999), Te Amo (Made in Chile) (2001)

59. Tanza Varela is a Chilean actress and model who became known for her role on the telenovela Corazón Rebelde on Chile's Canal 13.
Born: 15 April 1991, Chile
Parents: Aaron Semple, María Josefina

60. Valentina Vargas is a Chilean-born actress, and singer. She developed most of her career in France, where she was raised.
Born: 31 December 1964, Santiago, Chile
Genre: Pop
Albums: Bit of Sun
TV shows: Fête de famille, Dangerous Liaisons
Parents: Kira Lifscchits Martínez, Sergio Vargas Jara
Movies: The Name of the Rose (1986), Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996), Street of No Return (1989), The Tigress (1992), Chili con carne (1999)

61. Vanessa Ceruti Vásquez is a Chilean model, actress and Miss Universe Chile 2011. Also she was the winner of the contest Elite Model Look Chile 2004. In July 13, 2011 she won the Miss Chile Pageant for Miss Universe; she represented her country in Miss Universe 2011, in São Paulo, Brazil.
Born: 11 May 1986, Chile

62. Ximena Abarca is a Chilean pop singer and actress. She debuted in 2003 as a solo artist at the Chilean TV show Protagonistas de la Musica. She won the first place in the TV show. She released her first studio album in 2003 entitled "Punto de Partida" under the Warner label. Wikipedia
Born: 24 September 1981, Santiago, Chile
Genre: Pop music
Record label: Warner Music Group
Albums: Punto de partida
TV shows: EsCool

63. Ximena Huilipán Muñoz is a Chilean model and actress of Mapuche descent.
Born: 19 September 1986, Chile
Movies: Eternal Blood

64. Yamna Carolina Lobos Astorga is a popular Chilean dancer, television host, and actress.
Born: 26 February 1983, Providencia, Chile
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Cristián Arriagada (2006–2011)
Movies and TV shows: Rojo (2006), Don Diablo (2010), Soundtrax (Since 2010), Bang! Todo suena (Since 2007), Danz (Since 2010)

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