Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Ecuadorean actresses. Some of them are having American, French, Italian, Spanish, and other descents. Some are also successful businesswoman, producer, director, writer, while others are former beauty queens, others are also models, singers, and dancers. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 38 Most Beautiful Ecuadorean Actresses

1. Adrienne Eliza Houghton is an American singer, actress, television personality, and entrepreneur. She is a former member of girl groups such as 3LW and the Cheetah Girls. Since 2013, Bailon has been a co-host of the daytime talk show The Real. Her father Freddie Bailon is Ecuadorean.
Born: 24 October 1983, Lower East Side, New York, United States
Height: 1.5 m
Nationality: American
Spouse: Israel Houghton (m. 2016)
Albums: Cheetah-licious Christmas, New Tradiciones
Movies and TV shows: The Real (Since 2013), The Cheetah Girls (2003), The Cheetah Girls: One World (2008), The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006), I'm in Love with a Church Girl (2013)

2. Ana Cristina Barrag√°n is a director and writer.
Born: 1987, Ecuador
Movies: Alba, Thirst, Violet Sunday

3. Angela Isadora Pe√Īaherrera J√°come is an Ecuadorian actress, television producer, and guitarist.
Born: 16 July 1985, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Movies: No Autumn, No Spring

4. Barbara Najas is an Ecuadorian actress.
Born: 21 August 1993, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Movies: 3 Familias (2016-2018), El final del para√≠so (2019)

5. Carolina Milena Jaume Saporiti is an Ecuadorian television actress and presenter. Wikipedia
Born: 18 October 1985, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Alma mater: Universidad Casa Grande
Spouse: Allan Zenck (m. 2015), Xavier Pimentel (m. 2007–2008)
Children: Rafaela Pimentel, Alonso de Jesus Zenck Jaume
Parents: Diana Saporiti, Rafael Jaume
TV shows: BLN la Competencia, El secreto de To√Īo Palomino (2008 – 2009), Calle amores (2019), Cuatro Cuartos (2017 – 2018), Love Kills (Since 2005)

6. Catalina "Katty" López Samán also known by her married name Catalina Focil-Saman is an Ecuadorian beauty pageant contestant and certified make-up artist who won Miss Ecuador 2006. She competed in the third season of the Univision reality series Nuestra Belleza Latina in the United States and came in third place.
Born: 27 February 1983, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Title: Miss Ecuador 2006
Other name: Katty López, Catalina Focil-Saman
Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Siblings: Luigi L√≥pez, Juanito L√≥pez, Ra√ļl L√≥pez, Mariuxi L√≥pez
Movies and TV shows: Gajes del Oficio (2013), Amar otra vez (2004), Under the Same Moon (2007)

7. Cecilia Quinan is Ecuadorian-American actress and producer.
Born: Guayaquil, Ecuador.

8. Christina María Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality. Her accolades include five Grammy Awards, one Latin Grammy Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her father was born in Ecuador.
Born: 18 December 1980, Staten Island, New York, United States
Height: 1.57 m
Spouse: Jordan Bratman (m. 2005–2011)
Albums: Burlesque, Bionic, Liberation, Back to Basics, Stripped
Songs: Lady Marmalade, Genie in a Bottle, Beautiful
Movies and TV shows: Burlesque (2010), The Voice (2011 – 2020), The Emoji Movie (2017), Nashville (2012 – 2018), MMC (1989 – 1996)

9. Cinthya Coppiano is an Ecuadorean TV presenter.
Born: 30 August 1984, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Movies and TV shows: Fama o drama, A todo dar, En corto, Combate, Foul Play

10. Claudia Campozano is an Ecuadorean actress.
Born: 31 July 1981, Guayaquil, Ecuador
TV shows: La Taxista, Así pasa, Cuatro Cuartos, Calle amores, La Pareja Feliz, Antuca me enamora

11. Cree Cicchino is an American actress. She hails from a family that possesses Ecuadorian and Italian ancestry.
Born: 9 May 2002, New York, New York, United States
Nationality: American
Siblings: Jayce Cicchino
Parents: Lori Cicchino, Chris Cicchino
Movies and TV shows: Game Shakers (2015 – 2019), Mr. Iglesias (Since 2019), Ho Ho Holiday Special (2015), Game Shakers: Extras, The After Party

12. Elena Gui is an Ecuadorean actress.
Born: Guayaquil, Ecuador
TV shows: Los Hijos de Don Juan, Secretarias

13. Erika Velez is an Ecuadorian actress, model and TV presenter.
Born: 3 April 1982, Manta, Ecuador
Parents: Tatiana Zambrano, Rubén Vélez
Siblings: José David Vélez
Movies and TV shows: 3 familias (Since 2017), Solteros Sin Compromiso (2001 Р2007), Retazos de Vida (2008), Sin límites (2000 Р2001), El más Querido (2016)

14. F√°tima Ptacek is an American film and television actress and model, and a human rights activist working with UN Women's #HeForShe campaign for gender equality. She is best known as the lead actor in the 2012 Academy Award winning film Curfew and its 2014 full-length feature film version Before I Disappear. Her mother is Ecuadorian.
Born: 20 August 2000, United States
Nationality: American
Awards: NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Performance by a Youth (Series, Special, Television Movie or Limited-series)
Parents: Jack Ptacek, Lucia Ptacek
Movies and TV shows: Dora the Explorer (1999 – 2019), Before I Disappear (2014), Curfew (2012), Dora and Friends: Into the City! (2014 – 2017), Tio Papi (2013)

15. Flor María Palomeque is an Ecuadorian actress, dancer, and model. She is best known for her work with David Reinoso, parodying television and media personalities and characters, most notably La Mofle, a character from La pareja feliz. She is married to actor Roberto Chávez and has three children.
Born: 6 August 1979, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Spouse: Roberto Ch√°vez (m. 2006)
Parents: Flor María Guadamud
TV shows: La Pareja Feliz (2009 – 2014), El Cholito (Since 2007), Ni En Vivo Ni En Directo (1997 – 2007), La Tremebunda Corte (2011), Love Kills (Since 2005)

16. María Gabriela Villalba Jervis is an Ecuadorian singer and actress.
Born: 20 September 1984, Quito, Ecuador
Albums: Maletas en La Puerta, Todo bien, Yesuvai Paduvom, Ennila Adisayam, Lo mejor de Kudai
Music groups: Kudai (2009 – 2009), Kiruba (Since 2003)
TV shows: Al ritmo de tu corazón
Genres: Pop music, Dance-pop, Pop rock
Songs: París, 4ta Vez, Imposible

17. Giovanna Andrade is an actress.
Born: 7 October 1985, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Movies and TV shows: Yo vendo unos ojos negros, El Cholito (Since 2007), Retazos de Vida (2008), Mostro de Amor (Since 2010), La ley del corazón (2016 Р2019)

18. Giselle Calder√≥n is an Ecuadorean actress.
Born: 9 August 1987, Quito, Ecuador
Movies and TV shows: El barco (2011 – 2013), Red Eagle

19. Ingrid Sonray is an actress.
Born: 14 September 1981, Gal√°pagos Islands, Ecuador
Movies: Night of the Templar (2012), Sugar Valentine (2004), Hellbinders (2009), Short Fuse (2005), Black Dawn (2005)

20. Joselyn Gallardo is an actress.
Born: 9 September 1991, Guayaquil, Ecuador
TV shows: Sin senos sí hay paraíso (2016 Р2018), Maleteados, Los Hijos de Don Juan (2015 Р2016), Sin senos sí hay paraíso: Extras, El final del paraíso: Extras

21. Katty García is an Ecuadorian theater and television actress, who played the role of Beverly in the telenovela 3 familias of Ecuavisa.
Born: 1 December 1988, Manta, Ecuador
TV shows: La Pareja Feliz (2009 – 2014), Calle amores (2019), Antuca me enamora

22. Leovanna Orlandini Febres-Cordero is a former Miss Ecuador contestant, international model, architect, and actress, also she is known for being León Febres-Cordero grand daughter.
Born: 27 August 1978, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Movies: The Porcelain Horse

23. María Elisa Camargo is an Ecuadorian actress. She played the character of Patricia Teheran in the Colombian telenovela "Tarde lo Conocí". She also appeared in the Bajo el Mismo Cielo. She also starred in the hit show "En Otra Piel" as a double character: Monica Serrano and Adriana Aguilar.
Born: 21 December 1985, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Height: 1.68 m
Nominations: Premio Tu Mundo for The Perfect Couple - Novela/Series
Movies: Volando bajo, Translucido
Parents: Clara Inés Ardila, Jairo Camargo
TV shows: En otra piel (2014), Bajo el mismo cielo (2015 Р2016), Tarde lo conocí (2017 Р2018), Porque el amor manda (2012 Р2013), The Mark of Desire (2007 Р2008)

24. Maria Fernanda Rios is an Ecuadorean actress.
Born: 20 February 1982, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Height: 1.63 m
TV shows: Sharon la Hechicera, Ecuador's Got Talent

25. Maria Teresa Guerrero is an actress.
Born: 9 February 1978, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Spouse: Jeff Karram (m. 2005–2010)
Movies and TV shows: Retazos de Vida, Sin límites

26. Marisol Romero is an actress.
Movies and TV shows: Amas de casa desesperadas (2007 – 2011), Mar√≠a Soledad (Since 1995), Todo sobre Camila (2002 – 2003), Casi √Āngeles (2007 – 2010), Banished Behind Bars (1995)

27. Mayra Jaime is an actress.
Born: 22 November 1991, Guayaquil, Ecuador
TV shows: Los Hijos de Don Juan, Amo de casa

28. Monserrath Astudillo is an Ecuadorean actress.
Born: 1975, Cuenca, Ecuador
Education: Universidad del Azuay
TV shows: Las Zuquillo, El exitoso Lcdo. Cardoso

29. Nadia Grace Eicher Mejia is an American-Ecuadorian model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss California USA 2016 and placed in the Top 5 at Miss USA 2016.
Born: 22 November 1995, Diamond Bar, California, United States
Height: 1.78 m
Education: Diamond Bar High School
TV shows: Suave Says
Parents: Gerardo, Kathy Eicher
Siblings: Bianca Mejía, Jaden Mejía

30. Nataly Valencia is an actress.
Born: 23 December 1986, Quito, Ecuador
Movies and TV shows: Dedicada a Mi Ex (Subtitulada) (2019), (Since 2011), An Intimate Distance: The Law Of The Swindler (2013), Riff Raff (2009)

31. Pamela Cortes is an Ecuadorian singer, actress and dancer, who has won several awards for her performances.
Born: 9 January 1981, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Genre: Pop
Record label: Pamela Cortés Producciones
Albums: Mu√Īequita
TV shows: Bésame tonto, El show de Xuxa
Songs: Dicen, Cristales Rotos, Olvídate de Mí

32. Paola Anabella Farías Alvarez, nicknamed La Cocotera, is an Ecuadorian model, actress, and singer.
Born: 25 June 1974, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Spouse: Xavier Moncayo (m. 2008–2012)
TV shows: Ecuador's Got Talent, Condominio
Children: Ana Victoria Navarro
Albums: Porque Ahora/Aunque
Parents: Col√≥n Eloy Far√≠as Acevedo, Gladys √Ālvarez de Far√≠as

33. Samantha Boscarino is an American actress and singer from Ventura County, California. She is known for the film The Clique, for her role as Molly Garfunkel on the Nickelodeon series How to Rock, and for her lead role as Ellie Davis in the 2016 television film The Cheerleader Murders.
Born: 26 December 1994, Ventura County, California, United States
Height: 1.65 m
Nationality: American
Genre: Pop
Siblings: Lea Boscarino
Movies and TV shows: The Clique (2008), How to Rock (2012), The Cheerleader Murders, God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (2018), Zoe Gone (2014)

34. Samantha Grey is an Ecuadorean actress.
Born: 7 March 1995, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Movies and TV shows: Sharon la Hechicera, Night of the Zombies

35. Shany Nadan is an actress.
Born: 22 August 1991, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Height: 1.71 m
Movies and TV shows: Bolívar (2019), Tormenta de amor (Since 2019), Operación pacífico (Since 2020), Afuera del tiempo (2019), Final Minute (2018)

36. Silvana Marjorie Ibarra Castillo is an Ecuadorian singer, actress, and politician.
Born: 1959, Milagro, Ecuador
TV shows: Una mujer

37. Sofia Caiche is an actress.
Born: 27 December 1980, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Height: 1.64 m
Children: Piero Perasso
Parents: Grace Romero, Genaro Caiche
TV shows: Mi recinto (2001 – 2014), Calle amores (2019), Los Hijos de Don Juan (2015 – 2016), Granados en pijamas (Since 2011), Ni En Vivo Ni En Directo (1997 – 2007)

38. Toty Rodríguez is an Ecuadorian singer, theater and film actress in Ecuador and France, television presenter, and former Miss Ecuador.
Born: 7 November 1942, Quito, Ecuador
Movies: The Big Restaurant (1966), The Looters (1967), The Exterminators (1965), Un Titan En El Ring (2002), A Taste for Women (1964)