Here is the list of vegetables that you can find in the Philippines. We also included the vegetables English names as well as their other local names. We all knew that vegetables are very good in our body compared to meat. It has so many vitamins fibers, and nutrients that our body needed.

LIST: 50+ Vegetables in the Philippines

During this coronavirus pandemic eating vegetables is really a must. Combining it with fruits will really make your body strong, enhance your immune system and make your body really healthy. Now, see the list of Philippine vegetables below in no particular order or ranking.

Alugbati (English: Malabar Spinach)
Ampalaya (English: Bitter melon)
Baguio spinach
Balatong (English: soy bean)
Bataw (English: Hyacinth bean)
Bitsuelas (English: Abitsuwelas, Baguio bean, green bean, snap bean, string bean)
Brokoli (English: broccoli)
Bulaklak ng Saging (English: Banana Blossom)
Dahon ng Kamoteng kahoy  (English: Cassava leaves)
Endiba (English: Endive)
Espinaka (English: Spinach)
Gabi (English: Taro)
Garbansos (English: chickpea, garbanzo bean)
Kailan (English: Chinese broccoli, Chinese kale)
Kalabasa (English: Squash)
Kalunay (English: Red Spinach)
Kangkong (English: Water Spinach)
Karot (English: Carrot)
Kasubha (English: dried safflower flower, hong hua)
Katuray (English: agati flower, corkwood tree flower)
Kinchay/Kintsay (English: Chinese celery, cutting celery, leaf celery)
Kuchay/Kutsay (English: Garlic chive)
Kuliplor (English: cauliflower)
Labanos (English: radish, daikon)
Labong (English: bamboo shoot)
Letsugas/Litsugas (English: Lettuce)
Malunggay (English: Moringa)
Munggo (English: Mung beans)
Mustasa (English: Mustard)
Pako (English: Fern)
Patani (English: Lima Beans)
Patatas (English: Potato)
Patola (English: Sponge gourd)
Pechay (English: Chinese cabbage)
Perehil (English: Parsley)
Puso ng saging (English: banana heart)
Repolyo (English: cabbage)
Saluyot (English: Jute Mallow)
Sayote (English: Chayote)
Sigarilyas (English: Winged Bean)
Sitaw (English: Long beans, String beans)
Talbos ng Kamote
Talbos ng Kamoteng Kahoy
Talong (English: Eggplant)
Ubod (English: coconut palm heart, coconut pith)
Upo (English: Bottle gourd)
Uray (English: amaranth, pigweed)
Wansoy (English: cilantro, coriander leaf, Chinese parsley)