TM Secret Promo brings special data offers for every TM subscribers. The TM Secret Promo shows variety of offers depending on user's lifestyle, recent subscription and usage history. A subscriber may get a special data offer, additional data, or promos with longer validity at a cheaper price.

TM Secret Promo: Special Data Offers for TM

How to Register TM Secret Promo

You can register TM Secret Promo through TM USSD menu browser. To get started, just follow the instructions below:

1. Dial *143#.
2. Select SECRET.
3. Select from list of tipid hacks available.
4. Select Subscribe to register.

Wait for the SMS notification regarding successful registration from 8080 before using the promo to avoid the unwanted load charges.
Here are sample of special offers:
EasySurf70 - 1GB data, 7GB for WNP/SNS, and unli texts to all networks for 7 days, for only 70 Pesos.
MidnightSURF10 - consumable 1GB add-on to ALLIN30, EASYSURF50 and up. Valid from 12AM - 6AM, P10/day.
SecretSurf50 - 2GB data and 1GB/day for SNS/WNP for 3 days, for only 50 Pesos.
SulitSurf50 - 2GB/day freebie and 2GB/day for SNS/WNP for 3 days, for only 50 Pesos.
SecretCombo50 - 1GB data and 6GB EasyWatch and Play (YouTube, Mobile Legends and more) + unli allnet texts for 3 days, for only 50 Pesos.
7 days unli Call and Text + Facebook for 30 Pesos.
2 days unli Call and Texts + MBs for internet for 15 Pesos.
4 days unlimited call and text + internet for 25 Pesos.

Aside from special data offers, TM Secret Promo also offers 20% discounts to a certain promo, free data and Facebook access at a cheaper price. And while you're subscribed to TM Secret offer, you can also register to other TM Promos.

TM Secret Promo offerings are unique to each user, and may change weekly or monthly.

To check your remaining data, just text DATA BAL to 8080. You can also dial *143# > Account > Mobile internet usage > Check my mobile internet promo usage.

To check your load balance and to know the expiration of your promo subscriptions, just dial *143# > Account > Balance Inquiry > Check my prepaid load balance.

Know more about latest TM Promos thru TM USSD code, just dial *143# for free. And to get help on your TM Secret Promo, contact their customer service hotline by dialing 808, to get solutions on your subscription problems.

source: pinoytechsaga