If you are, all of a sudden cannot access your ADMINPLDT account anymore, then, the answer is PLDT has disabled access to it. You just need a little trick to be able to enable or turn it on again. See the tutorial below.

1. Go to (Note: Your GUI Login page should have Administrator).
2. Login as: f9!6b1e1rhO3es~u!p@e#r$a%d^m*i(n
3. Password is: s)f_U+h|g{u@5h2o1q0b1l
4. Click debug switch.
5. Enable web admin switch.
6. Logout.
7. Done!

Just login in again using:
Then use: adminpldt and 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2x as the password.

Other ADMINPLDT account default passwords:

Username: adminpldt
Possible passwords:
  • z6dUABtl270qRxt7a2uGTiw
  • 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2
  • 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEuSHA
  • 1234567890
  • pldt1234

IF you already changed your Adminpldt Password before, just use the same password.

Now, you will need to disable PLDT Remote Control to the Router, so that PLDT will not be able to lock it again. Note: You can only do the steps below, if you successfully done the process above. Saying so,

1. Go to Network > Remote management>ACS Server
2. Click Disable for WAN ACL Enable as well as Secure IP address set it to Disable also. See image below.
3. Then press Apply.
4. Done!

Benefits of having access to your ADMINPLDT.

1. You can port forward apps or games that you want to share on the internet. Example, you can host your own Ran Online Private server using this.
2. You can block and unblock websites, MACs, etc.
3. You can also monitor the number of users currently connected to your modem (router).
4. And you do not need to call PLDT costumer service anymore, if you want to change or fogotten your ADMINPLDT password.