For this post I will going to teach you how to;
  • Solve Corby 2 infinite restart problem and
  • Solve Corby 2 hang problem
To do this you will the following application first;
You will also need;
  • a computer or laptop to plug your Corby 2 phone and
  • a USB cable connector
Now here are the simple steps,

1. After you have downloaded the 2 applications above, extract them both.
2. After extracting, setup your Corby 2 phone first. Remove the memory card if there is. If there is sim card then just let it there.
3. Now connect the USB cable connector to your Corby 2 phone and the other end to your computer or laptop.
4. After connecting make sure your Corby 2 phone is ON. Just wait until your computer or laptop install your Corby 2 phone driver to the designated port.
5. After that open the MultiLoader v5.65 and do the following.

Select BRCM2133
Check Full Download
Click Port Search

For the browse file see the image below:

6. Note that you will find and browse the files above in the folder of GTS3850 Flash File. After that click the DOWNLOAD button on your MultiLoader v5.65.
7. After pressing the download button, the MultiLoader v5.65 will now perform the process of downloading the needed files to repair and flash your Corby 2 phone. This process will display the message below.

Download Start Ch[3]
Bcmboot 123.8KB OK[0.3s]
Boot2 580.4KB OK[1.2s]
Patch_dsp 49.4KB OK[0.2s]
Sysparm_dep 6.2KB OK [0.2s]
Sysparm_ind 80.7KB OK [0.3s]
Wait Reset!!

8. After that you will notice that your Corby 2 phone will restart and it will have a full black screen with a DOWNLOAD message.
9. Don't do anything because the download it not yet finish. Under the Wait Reset!! the following process will follow.

All files complete [398.0s]

10. Now when finished do not do anything let your Corby 2 phone restart once again. After restarting, a Welcome message will be seen, next to that is a message to wait for about 30 seconds. After that your phone now is REPAIRED!

  • If there is a serial port error check your ports, usb connector and port driver if properly installed.
  • You may need to restart your laptop or computer after installing the port driver for your Corby 2 if there is a port error while downloading the files in the MultiLoader v5.65.
  • If there is still a port error try your other computer or laptop ports.
  • This troubleshooting is 100% proven and working, because my phone was repaired using this steps. Even though this is a repost, I reposted this troubleshooting for you my fellow Corby 2 users and I hope this one will also help your repair your Corby 2 phone. God bless pals!