Text Twist a classic game and if you want to turn back time and re-play this game, then you can download it now for free like the old times.

Text Twist free download Windows 10

This game is also working fine with Windows 7, and Windows 8, and XP.

Object of the Game:
Form words from the letters provided. Find at least one word that uses all the letters to continue to playing. Find all of the words for bonus points.

How to Play Text Twist?
Click on the balls to form a word, then press the ENTER button. If the words is in the dictionary for the game, it will show up on the left-hand side of the game.

Use the TWIST button when you get stuck to help you see other words.

You may also use the keybaord to enter words.

SPACEBAR - twist letters
ENTER - enter the word or repeat last word
BACKSPACE - remove last letter
TAB - clear all letters

Download Text Twist game here.

File information:

Type: Zipped file (just extract the file after downloading)
Size: 767 KB
Host: Box.com
Creator: Game House