Hunter or Watch out Behind You Hunter is a straightforward Flash game created by Jay, Phil, and Stef. The game has two language versions; English and Francaise (French).

Important Note: This game is exclusively for adults only. I tried playing the game before posting it here. I do not want to go in details, but this game is not for kids.

How to play Hunter?

  • Just kill all the naked tribe men that will appear from the bushes. And enter through the exit to go to the next level.

Game controls:

  • Use the Arrow Keys to move around.
  • Hit the Spacebar to Fire.
  • Hit Control to Reload (or Enter on Mac).

See some example screenshots below.

Download Information:

  • File Name: Hunter.rar (just extract the file using WinRar or 7Zip after downloading)
  • File size: 324 KB
  • Host:
  • Creator: Jay, Phil, and Stef
  • Download the file using the link below. Just click the Download button.