Is Grammarly browser extension making a website you visit a little laggy and kind of slow to load? Why not set your Grammarly to specific websites only instead of allowing access to all the sites that you are visiting online.

Grammarly is a powerful tool that will enable you to write good English if you are not good. It automates checking the spelling of the words that you type. But suppose you are not writing or blogging. In that case, the useful extension becomes really annoying because you are allowing it to check even your grammar or spelling when you are using your Facebook, Twitter, or any websites that will allow you to type letters. It will also make your FB loading slow, and as I mentioned above, laggy.

Well, you just need to disable it on Facebook and other websites and then set it to enabled or allowed to the websites that you are using to write. See the simple steps below.

For Google Chrome users:

1. Open Chrome and type "chrome://extensions/" in the address bar, and press the ENTER key. See the image below.

2. Find your Grammarly extension and press the Details button.

3. Find Site access. From "On all sites," set it to"On specific sites."

4. In the "Add a site," type the website that you wanted Grammarly to access.

5. For this tutorial, I used Now, press the Add button.

6. Done!

As you can see, when I opened, it is automatically set to ON.

But when I open even just a New Tab, it is automatically set to OFF. Opening other websites? You do not have to worry. Try one, and it is also set to OFF.