If you are used to just logging in automatically in any accounts inside your Google Chrome browser and you do not need to enter your username and password anymore because it is remembered or stored in your Chrome, then, the tendency is, you might forget it. It is like you are just logging in and logging out because the credentials are already there.

As you can see on the image below, the username and the dotted password is already there once you go to the website that requires login.

The question is, what if you really forgot your password? Is there any way to convert that dots to be able to see your real password? Good thing, the answer is YES! You can definitely see your password by converting all the dots to their designated character that they represent. See the tutorial below for the steps.

How to reveal my password behind the dots in Google Chrome as well as any other browsers?

1. First, go the website login page. Make sure that your password and username is already there or remembered by Chrome.

2. Inside the Password field, right-click on it and click INSPECT. See image below.

3. Inside the Developer Tools, the code below (if not the same, might look the same) is automatically selected. Find the type="password".

<input type="password" name="password" id="txt_Password" placeholder="Password" size="35" autocomplete="off">

4. When you find it, just double-click the word password inside the type value and replace it with text.

5. After replacing it with text, you password will automatically appear inside the password field. And you can now see it and remember it for future use. You can also copy and paste it inside a Notepad. Save that Notepad in a safe folder, so that if you forget your password again in the future, you can just open that Notepad and see your password. No hassle at all.

6. Done!

Another way to view your password that you saved inside your Chrome browser is as easy as the tutorial below.

Know forgotten password inside Google Chrome Settings - Password

1. Copy and paste the given code below in a your Google Chrome and paste ENTER.


2. Inside Settings - Password, find the search field for passwords.

3. Type the name of the website that you wanted to know your login password. And press ENTER.

4. Scroll down a bit and find the Saved Passwords section. You can easily see there the name of the website, your current username for that website, and your password which is dotted or hidden. You will also see there the open eye. See image below.
5. Now, click that eye. If you are prompted with a password, then just type the password of your laptop or PC. If you are the owner of the computer, then, you can do this tutorial, if not and you do not know the Administrator password of the PC, then, the first tutorial is your only way.

6. When done, your password for that particular website will automatically appear.
7. Done!