Are you are a GSat user and you wanted to check when is your channel subscription going to end? Or you just want to know when is the exact date and time you registered your current subscription on GSat? Did you know that you can even see all the list of your active and already expired subscription or load on Gsat? You can even calculate all your total expenses made since you first subscribe or loaded your GSat up to the last one. Follow the steps below to know how.

How to check your GSAT subscription channel expiration

Note: You need data or internet connection to be able access the GSat page subscription checker to be able to this tutorial.

1. Go to Gsat Subscription page. In the Web loading Portal > Check GSAT Subscription, click or tap the box near the "I'am not a robot."

2. A puzzle will then appear, do not worry, this is just a challenge to prove that you are a real human. As you can see on the image below, I just need to select all the squares with traffic lights on it. When done, click/tap the Verify button.

3. You can now enter your GSat box serial number. It is a 16-digit number. You can find the number under your GSat box. When done, click/tap the Submit button.

4. A table will then appear. It shows all your active or current and expired channel GSat subscription. To know your current subscription, you just need to read and check the one which is in the top of the table. You can see there your GSat box serial number, when the subscription started, when will the subscription ends, the amount or the load that you spent, and the transaction date. You can also see there all your other subscription that already expired.

5. Done!