Here is the simple way for you to be able to register your GCash American Express Virtual Pay for free online. You can use this card to buy online goods, shop online, and other payments like buying new domain on Namecheap as well as renewing the domain that you already purchased. See the steps below to have one.

How to Register GCash AMEX Virtual Pay

1. Open your GCash app.
2. Input your MPIN.
3. When inside, tap Show More.
4. Then find and press Pay Online.
5. Now, select "Pay with American Express Virtual Pay."
6. Enter your email address.
7. Confirm by selecting "Okay."
8. You will receive an confirmation sent to your email, and you can now enjoy using your GCash American Express Virtual Pay.
9. See an example of GCash AMEX Virtual Pay card below.

Note: To be able to get your AMEX code, you just need to press the GET NEW CODE button and your registered GCash phone number will instantly receive the code.