Here is the list of some of the most beautiful actresses from Morocco. Some of them are also talented model, singer, dancer, former beauty pageant titleholder, TV presenter, director, producer, writer ,and successful businesswoman. Some of these Moroccan actresses are also having different blood descent like American, French, English, Brazilian, Belgian, Emirati, Dutch, Israeli and German. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 30+ Most Beautiful Moroccan Actresses

1. Ahlam Zaimi is an actress.
Movies: Des... Espoirs (2016), Night Walk (2019) and Razzia (2017)

2. Amal Ayouch is a Moroccan actress who since the late 1990s has performed in the French language both on stage and, above all, in film. In January 2015, she was honoured with an award at the African Women's Film Festival in Brazzaville. Ayouch has played a leading role in Morocco's Fondation des arts vivants.
Born: 1966, Casablanca, Morocco
Movies: Love in the Medina (2011), Ali Zaoua (2000), Kandisha (2008), Sotto Voce (2013), Les Anges de Satan (2007)

3. Dounia Boutazout is a Moroccan actress. She has had lead roles in TV serials such as L'Couple, Nayda f’douar and F'Salon. In April 2016 she said that a woman fractured her nose after alleging that Boutazout had jumped a queue that was waiting for official documents. 
Born: 13 June 1981, Casablanca, Morocco
Spouse: Wadie Berrada (m. 2014)
Movies and TV shows: L'Couple, Sarkha Min Alam Akhar

4. Fatima Zahra Bennacer is a Moroccan actress and singer.
Born: 30 October 1981, Kenitra, Morocco
Genre: Alternative/Indie
Movies: Sweat Rain (2017), Tikitat-A-Soulima (2016), Formatage (film) (2014), Laaziza (2018), Urgent (2018)

5. Fatima Zahra Qanboua is a Moroccan actress.
Born: 2 October 1991, Rabat, Morocco
TV shows: Rdat Lwalida, Dar El Ghezlane

6. Hanane el-Fadili is a Moroccan actress and comedian. She specializes in parody, focusing on famous personalities and controversial figures. She addresses social and political issues relevant to Moroccan public opinion.
Born: 2 May 1974, Casablanca, Morocco

7. Ibtissam Tiskat is a Moroccan songwriter and actress who rose to popularity as a contestant in both the second season of Arab Idol and the tenth season of Star Academy Arab World. She made her commercial singing debut with "N'dir Mabghit" in September 2014.
Born: 3 October 1992, Fes, Morocco
Siblings: Fatima Al Zahraa Tiskat, Adel Tiskat, Faten Tiskat
Genres: Arabic pop music, Arabic music, Music of Morocco, Moroccan pop
Nominations: Shorty Award for Best Singer

8. Ihssane Atif is a Moroccan fashion model and actress.

9. Iman ElBani is a Moroccan actress and former beauty pageant titleholder.
Born: Meknes, Morocco
Spouse: Murat Yıldırım (m. 2016)
Movies and TV shows: Amaleyat Khasa

10. Jihane Kidari is an actress.
Filmography: Daba Tzian (2020), Zaher Al Batoul (2020), Salamat Abu Al Banat (2020), Masrah Al Maghrib (2020), Nhar Mabruk (2019), Ramiz Is Playing By Fire (2016).

11. Karima Adebibe is an English actress and fashion model. Adebibe is of Irish, Greek Cypriot and Moroccan origins.
Born: 14 February 1985, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, United Kingdom
Height: 1.74 m
Nationality: English
Eye colour: Green
Other name: Karima McAdams

12. Laila Rouass is a British actress. She is best known for her portrayals of Amber Gates in Footballers' Wives and Sahira Shah in Holby City. She has also starred in Primeval and Spooks and been a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, in which she finished fourth. Rouass was born in Stepney, London to a Moroccan father and an Indian mother.
Born: 22 June 1971, Stepney, London, United Kingdom
Nationality: English
Spouse: Abdeslam Rouass (m. 1990–2003)
Partner: Ronnie O'Sullivan (2012–)
Children: Inez Khan
Movies and TV shows: Footballers' Wives (2002 – 2006), Shoot on Sight (2007), Split Wide Open (1999), Conan the Barbarian (2011), Sandstorm (2000)

13. Leila Hadioui is a model and actress.
Born: 16 January 1985, Casablanca, Morocco
Movies and TV shows: The Pilgrims (2017), Sara (2013), Les Enfants Terribles de Casablanca (2010), 37 Kilometers Celsius, L'Égypte des Dieux

14. Loubna Abidar is a Moroccan actress. Abidar was born in Marrakesh.
Born: 20 September 1985, Marrakesh, Morocco
Nominations: César Award for Best Actress
Nationality: Brazilian, Moroccan
Movies: Much Loved (2015), Sextape (2018), An Easy Girl (2019), Amin (2018), The Transporters (2015)

15. Lubna Azabal is a Belgian actress. Her father is Moroccan.
Born: 15 August 1973, Brussels, Belgium
TV shows: The Honourable Woman, The Frozen Dead, El colapso
Notable works and roles: Paradise Now, Incendies, The Honourable Woman
Awards: Genie Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Nationality: Belgian, Moroccan
Movies: Adam (2019), Incendies (2010), Tel Aviv on Fire (2018), Above the Law (2017), Paradise Now (2005)

16. Majdouline Idrissi is a Moroccan actress and comedian.
Born: 10 March 1977, Rabat, Morocco
Movies: Pegasus (2010), It Snows In Marrakech (2006)

17. Maryam Hassouni is a Dutch television and film actress. In 2006 she won an International Emmy Award for her role in Offers. Her parents Alia and Abdelbaki Hassouni are Moroccan.
Born: 21 September 1985, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Education: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Parents: Abdelbaki Hassouni, Alia Hassouni
Siblings: Zakariya Hassouni, Sarra Hassouni
Awards: International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress
Movies and TV shows: Dunya en Desie (2002 – 2004), Dunya and Desi (2008), The Host (2020), Offers (2005), Manslaughter (2012)

18. Maryam Touzani is a film actress.
Born: 1980, Tangier, Morocco
Spouse: Nabil Ayouch
Nominations: Prize of Un Certain Regard
Movies: Adam (2019), Razzia (2017), When They Slept (2012), Aya Wal Bahir (2015), Baskın

19. Mayssa Maghrebi is an Emirati-Moroccan actress. She started working in 2000. She acted in several Egyptian, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari and Emirati television series.
Born: 19 August 1978, Meknes, Morocco
Spouse: Ahmed Bady (m. ?–2010)
Siblings: Nina Moroccan
Nationality: Emirati, French, Moroccan

20. Mimi Ferrer is a Morrocan actress.
Born: 30 November 1975, Melilla, Spain
Movies and TV shows: Five Fingers (2006), 31 North 62 East (2009), Force (2014 – 2020), The Fifth Estate (2013), Mannenharten (2013)

21. Moran Atias is an Israeli actress and model. She gained fame in the Italian films Gas, Oggi sposi, and Mother of Tears. She is best known for her work with Paul Haggis in the 2008 TV series Crash and the 2013 film Third Person. She also starred on the FX television series Tyrant. Atias was born in the city of Haifa, Israel, to Israeli-born parents of Moroccan-Jewish descent.
Born: 9 April 1981, Haifa, Israel
Height: 1.75 m
Agency: Anonymous Content
Parents: Yael Atias, Mordechai Atias
Siblings: Shani Atias
Movies and TV shows: Third Person (2013), The Next Three Days (2010), Mother of Tears (2007), Tyrant (2014 – 2016), Just Married (2009)

22. Morjana Alaoui is a Moroccan-French actress. She starred in Marock, Pascal Laugier's horror film Martyrs, and Rock the Casbah. 
Born: 30 November 1982 (age 37 years), Casablanca, Morocco
Education: Casablanca American School, Cours Florent, The American University of Paris
Movies: Martyrs (2008), Marock (2005), Rock the Casbah (2013), The Hybrid (2014), The Flowers of Kirkuk (2010)

23. Myriem Roussel is a French actress.
Born: 26 December 1961, Rabat, Morocco
Siblings: Anne Roussel
Movies: Hail Mary (1985), First Name: Carmen (1983), Passion (1982), Sadness and Beauty (1985), Bleu Comme L'enfer (1986)

24. Nadia Farès is a French actress. She made her film debut in 1992, with My Wife's Girlfriends. She rose to fame with the police thriller Les Rivières pourpres. She appeared as Jade Agent Kinler in the 2007 action/thriller War, and as Pia in the 2007 horror film Storm Warning.
Born: 20 December 1968, Marrakesh, Morocco
Spouse: Steve Chasman (m. 2002)
Children: Shanna Leelee Chasman, Cécilia Marti Chasman
Movies and TV shows: The Crimson Rivers (2000), Marseille (2016 – 2018), The Nest (2002), Everyone's Life (2017), Storm Warning (2007)

25. Nadia Kounda is a Moroccan film actress.
Born: 24 October 1989, Casablanca, Morocco
Height: 1.58 m
Education: University of Montreal
Movies: Volubilis (2017), The Rif Lover (2011), Certified Halal (2014), Raltat (2013), Paris Or Perish (2013)

26. Nadja Benaissa is a German recording artist, television personality, and occasional actress. She rose to fame in late 2000 when she auditioned for the reality television show Popstars on RTL II. The programme announced that Benaissa had won a place as a member of the all-female pop band No Angels. Benaissa is the second child born to a Moroccan father, Muhamed Benaissa.
Born: 26 April 1982, Frankfurt, Germany
Nationality: German
Children: Leila Jamila Benaissa
Parents: Muhamed Benaissa, Sabina Benaissa
Music groups: No Angels, No Angels (2007 – 2010)

27. Nawal Bengholam is a Moroccan actress.
Born: Casablanca, Morocco
Movies: Suburban Swingers Club, Camp X-Ray (2014), Işın Kampı, The Fox Den

28. Ouidad Elma is a French-Moroccan actress. She was born in Rif Mountains, Morocco. She grew up in Paris in the neighborhood of Menilmontant. 
Born: Rif Mountains
TV shows: The Last Post
Movies: Tazzeka (2018), Love in the Medina (2011), The Rif Lover (2011), Enchantées (2018), The Edge (2015)

29. Ruby Porat Shoval is an actress.
Born: 1957, Marrakesh, Morocco
Movies: Turn Left at the End of the World (2004), Single Plus (2012), King of Beggars (2007), One of Us (1989), 7 Days (2008)

30. Safae Hbirkou is a Moroccan actress.
Born: 1990, Kenitra, Morocco
Movies: Waadi (2015), Khamsa (2014) and Bled Skyzo (2013)

31. Sanâa Alaoui, also known as Sanaa Alaoui, is a French-Moroccan actress; born 29 April 1987 in Casablanca. 
Born: 29 April 1987, Casablanca, Morocco
Education: Lycée Lyautey
Movies: La Sirène marocaine, Forbidden Flights, Face à face

32. Shiri Freda Appleby is an American actress. She is best known for her leading roles as Liz Parker in the WB/UPN science fiction drama series Roswell and Rachel Goldberg in the Lifetime/Hulu drama series Unreal. Her mother Israeli-born is of Sephardic Jewish (Moroccan-Jewish) descent.
Born: 7 December 1978, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.59 m
Spouse: Jon Shook (m. 2013)
Children: Natalie Bouader Shook, Owen Lee Shook
Movies and TV shows: Roswell (1999 – 2002), Unreal (2015 – 2018), Life Unexpected (2010 – 2011), Swimfan (2002), The Devil's Candy (2015)

33. Sofia Essaïdi is a French-Moroccan singer and actress. She was born in Casablanca, to a Moroccan father and a French mother.
Born: 6 August 1984, Casablanca, Morocco
Height: 1.65 m
Parents: Martine Essaïdi, Lahbib Essaïdi
Albums: Cléopâtre La Dernière Reine D'Egypte (Le Nouveau Spectacle Musical De Kamel Ouali)
Movies and TV shows: Aïcha (Since 2009), Aïcha, job à tout prix (2011), Keplers (Since 2019), Meurtres En Auvergne (2017), Iznogoud (2005)

34. Sofia Pernas is a Moroccan-American actress who currently resides in Los Angeles. She starred in the NBC series The Brave, and currently stars in the CBS series Blood & Treasure.
Born: 31 July 1989, Fes, Morocco
Height: 1.68 m
Movies and TV shows: Blood & Treasure (Since 2019), The Brave (2017 – 2018), Age of the Dragons (2011), Roger Corman's Operation Rogue (2014), Indigenous (2014)

35. Yasmine Lafitte is a French former pornographic actress who performed under the mononym Yasmine. 
Born: 1 October 1973, Morocco
Full name: Hafida El Khabchi
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Olivier Lafitte
Other name: Hafida Lafitte, Yasmine, Yasmyne
Movies: A Lost Man, Mafia Girl, Dorcel Airlines: First Class

36. Zineb Ennajem is a Moroccan actress.
Movies: Defining Love: A Failed Attempt (2012), The Source (2011), Marry Me, Dude (2017), Death for Sale (2011), Le scénario

37. Zineb Obeid is an actress.
Born: 1 August 1985, Casablanca, Morocco
Nominations: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Movies: Behind Closed Doors (2013), Homeland (2013), Toile d'Araignée

38. Zineb Oukach is a Moroccan film actress and model, known to worldwide audiences for playing the role of Fatima in the 2007 Gavin Hood film Rendition.
Born: 1991, Casablanca, Morocco
Education: Cours Florent
Movies and TV shows: Rendition (2007), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Alien Dawn (2013 – 2014), La Grande villa, Parfum de mer

39. Zineb Triki is a French actress of Moroccan descent, known for her role as Nadia El Mansour in the French television series The Bureau. Zineb Triki was born in 1980 in Morocco. She attended a French school, where she took up theatre and classical dance. She moved to Paris at the age of 15 to attend high school.
Born: 1980, Morocco
Height: 1.78 m
Education: McGill University, Sorbonne Université
Movies and TV shows: The Bureau (Since 2015), The Best is Yet to Come (2019), The Teacher (2017), Battle of the Classes (2019), Do It Right (2017)