Here is the list of some of the most beautiful actresses from Norway. Some of these Norwegian actresses are also talented model, singer, dancer, former beauty queen, successful filmmaker, businesswoman, producer, director, TV personality, writer, and more. Some of them are also having different blood descent like American, Iranian, Turkish, Swedish, Pakistani, Indian, Scottish and others. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 60+ Most Beautiful Norwegian Actresses

1. Agnes Elisabet Hilden Kittelsen is a Norwegian actress. 
Born: 20 May 1980, Vågsbygd, Kristiansand, Norway
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Lars Winnerbäck (m. 2016)
Education: Norwegian National Academy of Theatre
Children: Vetle Hellestveit
Movies and TV shows: Happy, Happy (2010), Kon-Tiki (2012), Max Manus: Man of War (2008), Journey To The Christmas Star (2012)

2. Alisha Ilhaan Bø, known professionally as Alisha Boe, is an American actress of Somali—Norwegian descent. She is known for playing Jessica Davis in the Netflix drama series 13 Reasons Why.
Born: 6 March 1997, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.63 m
Nationality: Norwegian
Parents: Vibeke Boe
Education: El Camino Real Charter High School, Hale Charter Academy
Movies and TV shows: 13 Reasons Why (2017 – 2020), 68 Kill (2017), Yes, God, Yes (2019), Poms (2019)

3. Andrea Berntzen is a Norwegian actress. As a student at her secondary school in Oslo, she participated as an actress in a school revue in 2017. She was awarded as the actress of the year in a competition between the year's school revues of Oslo.
Born: 25 February 1998
Movies: Utøya: July 22, The Affected, Wimbledon, Veggdyr
Awards: Amanda Award for Best Actress

4. Andrea Bræin Hovig is a Norwegian actress. She graduated from the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre in 1998, and has since acted both at Det Norske Teatret and at Nationaltheatret.
Born: 19 July 1973, Oslo, Norway
Spouse: Andreas Utnem
Education: Norwegian National Academy of Theatre (1995–1998), Romerike Folk High School
TV shows: Mammon
Albums: Hjertetvinner, Magiske Kroker & Hemmeligheter, Historier For Jenter
Movies: An Affair (2018), Hope (2019), I Belong (2012), I'm The One You Want (2014)

5. Anneke von der Lippe is a Norwegian actress. She made history as the first Norwegian actress – and Nordic - to win an International Emmy Award.
Born: 22 July 1964, Oslo, Norway
Spouse: Morten Cranner
Children: Elvira Cranner von der Lippe, Clara Cranner von der Lippe
Parents: Hermann von der Lippe, Anni Wetlesen
Awards: International Emmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress, Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies: The Warrior's Heart (1992), Over stork og stein (1994), Only Clouds Move the Stars (1998), Misery Harbour (1999)

6. Aylar Dianati Lie is an Iranian-Norwegian actress, model, singer and former pornographic actress. She has been in the music industry as a music video actress and singer, having featured in several of Swedish DJ Basshunter's music videos. She became famous after participating in the Norwegian Big Brother.
Born: 12 February 1984, Tehran, Iran
Height: 1.57 m
Parents: Amir Dianti
Movies and TV shows: Skal vi danse? (Since 2006), Yohan: The Child Wanderer (2010), Supergirl: Titten aus Stahl

7. Belinda Braza is a Norwegian singer, choreographer, artist, actress, and the older sister of singer Myrna Braza.
Born: 30 November 1981, Bergen, Norway
Genre: Pop
Siblings: Myrna Braza
Education: Bårdar Akademiet, Bergen Cathedral School

8. Charlotte Frogner is a Norwegian actress, best known outside of Norway for her role in the Norwegian zombie film Dead Snow. She has been employed by Oslo's Det Norske Teatret since 2004 where she has appeared in a number of productions and acted for Norwegian television.
Born: 9 April 1981, Aurskog-Høland Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.75 m
Partner: Erlend Nyhammer
Education: Academy of Theatre, Romerike Folk High School
Movies and TV shows: Hvaler (2008 – 2010), Side om side, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead (2014), Dead Snow (2009)

9. Eili Harboe is a Norwegian actress. She was born in Stavanger. She starred in Joachim Trier's 2017 film Thelma. Thelma and Harboe's performance received good reviews in the Norwegian press. On November 25th, 2017, she was awarded the Silver Astor for Best Actress at the 32nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival. 
Born: 16 August 1994, Stavanger, Norway
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Stian Kristiansen (m. 2019)
TV shows: Beforeigners
Nominations: Amanda Award for Best Actress
Movies: Thelma (2017), The Ash Lad - In Search of the Golden Castle (2019), The Ash Lad: In the Hall of the Mountain King (2017), Kiss Me, You Fucking Moron (2013)

10. Ewa Da Cruz is a Norwegian-American television, soap opera and film actress.
Born: 9 July 1976, Tromsø, Norway
Education: American Academy of Dramatic Arts
Other name: Ewa Benedicte Skulstad Da Cruz
Movies and TV shows: Excuse Me for Living (2012), Kettle of Fish (2006), As the World Turns (1956 – 2010), Bella (2006)

11. Guri Schanke is a Norwegian actress and singer. She is known in Norway for her acting career, and was part of the 2005 round of the Norwegian version of Dancing with the Stars, where she came in second.
Born: 14 December 1961, Eastern Norway, Norway
Spouse: Øivind Blunck (m. 1991–2008)
Children: Edvard Schanke Blunck, Ludvik Schanke Blunck
Parents: Liv Borg Thorsen, Hans Schanke
Movies and TV shows: Den spanske flue, Skal vi danse? (Since 2006), Århundrets stemme, Gurin with the Foxtail (1998)

12. Heidi Gjermundsen Broch is a Norwegian actress, singer and musical artist. Gjermundsen went to Paul McCartney's famous Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in 1995-1997. In Norway, she went to the Norwegian school Teaterhøgskolen in 1997-2000.
Born: 1 March 1975, Råde Municipality, Norway
Spouse: Nicolai Cleve Broch (m. 2004)
Education: Academy of Theatre (1997–2000)
Children: Jakob Broch, Jørgen Broch
Albums: Tidevann, Blåøyd Jævel

13. Helene Margrete Bøksle is a Norwegian singer and actress.
Born: 1 April 1981, Mandal Municipality, Norway
Spouse: Espen Tjersland
Parents: Ivar Bøksle

14. Hilde Lyrån is a Norwegian actress, dancer and comedian. She is best known for her roles as Trine in the Norwegian situation comedy Mot i brøstet and Karin in the comedy-drama Seks som oss. 
Born: 2 January 1963, Grorud Valley, Norway
Record label: Barneselskapet
Genre: Children's Music
Children: Andrine Moland, Halvor Moland
Albums: Hilde og Eldar: Rull'n ut!, Karsten og Petra på Skattejakt - De Aller Beste Sangene
Movies and TV shows: Casper and Emma - Best Friends (2013), Mot i brøstet (1993 – 1997), Casper and Emma's Winter Vacation (2014), Casper and Emma Go Hiking (2017)

15. Iben Akerlie is an actress.
Born: 5 March 1988, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.68 m
Education: University of Oslo (2008–2011)
TV shows: Mammon, The Little Drummer Girl (Uncut)
Books: Ларс.LOL
Movies: Victoria (2013), Lake of Death (2019), Mortal (2020), Dryads - Girls Don't Cry (2015)

16. Ida Elise Broch is a Norwegian actress. She is the half-sister of Nicolai Cleve Broch and Christian Cleve Broch. Broch played Catherine in the film The Man Who Loved Yngve and had a starring role in the film Switch.
Born: 1987, Oslo, Norway
Siblings: Nicolai Cleve Broch
Nephews: Jakob Broch, Jørgen Broch
Awards: Gullruten Award for Best Actress
Movies and TV shows: Home for Christmas (Since 2019), The Man Who Loved Yngve (2008), Dark Souls (2011), The Third Eye (2014 – 2016)

17. Iman Meskini is a Norwegian actress. She is best known for playing the role of Sana Bakkoush in the teen drama series Skam.
Born: 9 March 1997, Ski Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.66 m
Education: University of Oslo
Movies and TV shows: Skam (2015 – 2017), Gėda, Casablancas: The Man Who Loved Women (2016)

18. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal is a Norwegian actress. She started her career with the 2005 short film Limbo. Her first leading role was in the Norwegian slasher film Cold Prey, released in October 2006. She has since appeared in over fourteen films, including Chernobyl Diaries, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and Hercules.
Born: 2 March 1980, Levanger Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.74 m
Education: Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2001–2004)
Nominations: Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
Awards: Gullruten Award for Best Actor
Movies and TV shows: Cold Prey (2006), Hercules (2014), Cold Prey 2 (2008), Westworld (Since 2016)

19. Ingvild Deila is a Norwegian actress. She is known for her roles in both low-budget independent films and large-scale blockbusters. She first appeared in film through her role as Mina in FISH, this was followed by roles in 7 films all in 2014. 
Born: 18 January 1987, Norway
Movies: Hippopotamus (2017), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Baumbacher Syndrome (2019)

20. Ingvild Marie Lien is an actress.
Born: 3 February 1977 
Movies: The Animal

21. Iram Haq is a Norwegian-Pakistani actress, screenwriter and director, best known for her feature film, I Am Yours and What Will People Say.
Born: 1 January 1976, Oslo, Norway
Education: Westerdals Oslo ACT
Awards: Amanda Award for Best Director
Movies: What Will People Say (2017), I Am Yours (2013), Little Miss Eyeflap (2009), Import-Export (2005)

22. Janis Maria Wilson is a Norwegian model and actress. She is known for portraying Miss Gudbrandsdalen in the Norwegian-American TV series entitled Lilyhammer.
Born: 22 March 1985, Rome, Italy
Education: BI Norwegian Business School - Oslo campus
TV shows: Lilyhammer

23. Jannike Kruse Jåtog is a Norwegian singer, artist and actor.
Born: 16 June 1975, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: André Jåtog
Parents: Bjørn Kruse, Gro Shetelig
Siblings: Benedikte Shetelig Kruse, Anine Kruse
Movies and TV shows: A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010), Nissene på låven (2001), Århundrets stemme, Dianas bryllup (2020)

24. Jenny Ebbing Skavlan is a Norwegian model, actress, television presenter, and author. She started her career by appearing in a television commercial for Pizza Grandiosa in 2007. She has since appeared in such films as Fatso, Dead Snow, Børning, and Tomme Tønner.
Born: 3 June 1986, Norway
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Thomas Gullestad (m. 2014)
Siblings: Thea Ebbing Skavlan
Parents: Jørgen Skavlan, Janicke Ebbing
Movies: Once Upon a Time in Phuket (2011), Børning (2014), Børning 2 (2016), Dead Snow (2009)

25. Josefine Frida Pettersen is a Norwegian actress. She is best known for the role of Noora in the TV series Skam. Pettersen is from Sigdal.
Born: 18 May 1996x, Sigdal Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.7 m
Nominations: Amanda Award for Best Actress
Movies and TV shows: Skam (2015 – 2017), Disco (2019), Grounded

26. Julia Elise Schacht is a Norwegian actress, born on the island of Helgøya in the lake Mjøsa. 
Born: 13 July 1982, Helgøya, Norway
Education: Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Romerike Folk High School
Movies and TV shows: The Machinery, Maskineriet, Naboer (2005), All Must Die (2019)

27. Kat Gellin is a Norwegian actress and filmmaker, best known for her roles in The Inbetweeners Movie, gangster comedy film Hackney's Finest, and The Thompsons.
Born: Norway
Movies: Hard Tide (2015), The Thompsons (2012), The Inbetweeners Movie (2011), Hackney's Finest (2014)

28. Kristin Frogner is a Norwegian actress, musician and sculptor. Known for her role in Hotel Cæsar, where she played the role of Charlotte Iversen/Anker-Hansen. Kristin Frogner lived for a while in Firenze, Italia where she studied at The Florence Academy of Art. 
Born: 25 February 1978, Norway
Education: Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Genre: Pop
Albums: Just Another Girl, Follow the Butterflies
TV shows: Hotel Cæsar

29. Kristina Knaben Hennestad is a film actress.
Movies: Crack, Back & Sack (2013), The Veil of Twilight (2014), Joyride (2011), Feeding Time

30. Kristine Froseth is an American and Norwegian actress and model. She is known for playing Kelly Aldrich in the Netflix series The Society, and Alaska Young in the Hulu series Looking for Alaska. 
Born: 21 September 1995, New Jersey, United States
Height: 1.71 m
Movies and TV shows: Looking for Alaska (2019), Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018), The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (2018), The Society (2019)

31. Kristanna Loken is an American actress and model. She is known for her roles in the films Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, BloodRayne and Bounty Killer and on the TV series Painkiller Jane, The L Word and Burn Notice. She is of half German and half Norwegian ancestry.
Born: 8 October 1979, Ghent, New York, United States
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Noah Danby (m. 2008–2009)
Children: 1
Siblings: Tanya Loken
Movies and TV shows: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), BloodRayne (2005), In the Name of the King (2006), Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (2004)

32. Lena Kristin Ellingsen is an actress from Saltdal, Norway. She graduated from the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre in 2004 and Bårdar Akademiet in 2001. She has worked in Riksteatret, Oslo Nye Teater, Det Norske Teatret and Teatret Vårt in Molde.
Born: 14 September 1980, Saltdal Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.67 m
Spouse: Trond Fausa Aurvåg (m. 2014)
Music group: Hekla Stålstrenga
Movies and TV shows: Himmelblå (2008 – 2010), Glassdukkene (2014), Mammon (2014 – 2016), Struggle for Life (Since 2014)

33. Lene Cecilia Sparrok is a Norwegian Southern Sámi actress. She was the main protagonist, Elle-Marja, in the Sami 2016 film Sami Blood, for which she won a Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Sporrok was born in Namsskogan, Nord-Trøndelag, and went to school in Snåsa. 
Born: 6 October 1997, Namsskogan Municipality, Norway
Education: South Sami school
Movies: Sami Blood
Awards: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role

34. Lene Elise Bergum is a Norwegian actress. Her breakthrough as an actress came with her role as "Lene" in the movie Hodet over vannet, which has later been remade as a Hollywood-movie, Head Above Water, with Cameron Diaz in the lead role.
Born: 19 November 1971, Kristiansand, Norway
Movies and TV shows: Head Above Water (1993), Hotel Cæsar (1998 – 2017), Asfaltevangeliet (2004), Tre på toppen (Since 1997)

35. Lene Grawford Nystrøm is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who is the lead vocalist of the Danish eurodance group Aqua. 
Born: 2 October 1973, Tønsberg Municipality, Norway
Spouse: Søren Rasted (m. 2001–2017)
Children: India Rasted, Billy Rasted
Music group: Aqua (Since 2007)
Movies and TV shows: Deliver Us from Evil (2009), Black Sheep (2011), Varg Veum (Since 2007), Varg Veum: The Writing on the Wall (2010)

36. Line Cecilie Verndal a Norwegian actress, born in Oslo. She has worked in various Norwegian theatres and has the main role of Marit in the Norwegian drama-series Himmelblå.
Born: 23 March 1972, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.68 m
Genre: Children's Music
Albums: Askeladden
Awards: Amanda Award for Best Actress
Movies and TV shows: Himmelblå (2008 – 2010), Limbo (2010), Wolf Summer (2003), Aber Bergen (Since 2016)

37. Linn Bjørnland, is a Scottish Norwegian actress. She has appeared on HBO's True Blood, the NBC production Grimm, TNT's Leverage, CW's Hart of Dixie, Code Black and the Lifetime's TV movie Secrets in Suburbia.
Born: Scotland, United Kingdom
Spouse: Christian Wiater (m. 2017)
Movies: Secrets in Suburbia, Willie and Me (2011), Persephone (2014), Echoes (2013)

38. Lisa Loven Kongsli is a Norwegian actress. She debuted as an actress in 2008, and has since had key parts in Norwegian films. She has also had roles in films, including Fatso, Knerten, and The Orheim Company.
Born: 23 September 1979, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.77 m
TV shows: Occupied
Education: Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (2004–2007)
Nominations: Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
Movies: Force Majeure (2014), Wonder Woman (2017), Ashes in the Snow (2018), Giraffe (2019)

39. Lisa Stokke is a Norwegian singer and actress, active in Norway and Great Britain. She appeared in the original West End-staging of the musical Mamma Mia!, and later appeared in Guys and Dolls and in the UK television series Jonathan Creek.
Born: 25 March 1975, Tromsø, Norway
Spouse: Tim Jolly
Children: Jasper and Tallulah
Movies: Lange Flate Ballær 2
Albums: A Piece Of Lisa, Shrek The Musical, Fame

40. Lisa Teige is a Norwegian actress and dancer from Bergen. She played Eva in the TV series Skam. In 2018, she played Amalie in the Norwegian film Battle.
Born: 19 January 1998, Bergen, Norway
Movies and TV shows: Battle (2018), Skam (2015 – 2017), Gėda

41. Liv Lindeland is a Norwegian model, actress, and talent agent. She was chosen as Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for January 1971 and as the Playmate of the Year for 1972. Her original pictorial was photographed by Alexas Urba. Lindeland is the daughter-in-law of actress-dancer Cyd Charisse.
Born: 7 December 1945, Norway
Spouse: Tony Martin Jr. (m. 1981–2011)
Awards: Playboy Playmate of the Month, Playboy Playmate of the Year
Movies: Dirty O'Neil (1974), Save the Tiger (1973), Picasso Trigger (1988), The Photographer (1974)

42. Live Johnsrud Nelvik is a Norwegian radio and television presenter and actress. She worked as a journalist in Se og Hør and a reporter in the P4 Radio Hele Norge programme Michael direkte. Along with Kristine Riis Nelvik presented the radio show Drillpikene on NRK P3.
Born: 10 December 1982, Oslo, Norway
Spouse: Tore Sagen (m. 2011)
Children: Elsa Nelvik Sagen, Liv Nelvik Sagen
Parents: Odd Johan Nelvik, Liv Marit Johnsrud
Movies and TV shows: Dama til (Since 2011), You Said What? (2011), Kalle and the Angels (1993)

43. Mahek Chahal is a Norwegian actress and model of Indian origin who appears in Bollywood films. Chahal was a contestant on Bigg Boss.
Born: 1 February 1979, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.73 m
Partner: Ashmit Patel
Siblings: Vikramjit Chahal
TV shows: Life Mein Ek Baar, Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se
Movies: Nirdosh (2018), Nayee Padosan (2003), Wanted (2009), Karar: The Deal (2014)

44. Anna Maria Cecilia Bonnevie is a Swedish-Norwegian actress. She was born in Västerås, Sweden, but grew up in Oslo, Norway. Her parents are Norwegian actress Jannik Bonnevie and Swedish actor Per Waldvik.
Born: 26 September 1973, Västerås, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
Partner: Fredrik Skavlan (2006–)
Children: Sonja Bonnevie
Parents: Jannik Bonnevie, Per Waldvik
Movies: I Am Dina (2002), Becoming Astrid (2018), The Banishment (2007), The Shamer's Daughter (2015)

45. Marian Saastad Ottesen is a Norwegian actress who has participated in several film, television, and theater productions. Ottesen was born in Florø and grew up in Skien, where she attended theater school. She graduated from the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre in 1999. 
Born: 24 November 1975, Florø, Norway
Height: 1.72 m
Spouse: Nils Jørgen Kaalstad
Education: Romerike Folk High School, Norwegian National Academy of Theatre
Movies and TV shows: Norsemen (2016 – 2020), Gone with the Woman (2007), Lilyhammer (2012 – 2014), The Art of Negative Thinking (2006)

46. Marit Velle Kile is a Norwegian actress appearing in film and television. Kile's most recent appearance was on the TV series Blue Murder playing the role of Marta.
Born: 13 November 1978, Ørsta Municipality, Norway
Other names: Marit V. Kile, Marit V Kile, Marit Kile
Movies and TV shows: Blade II (2002), The Girl in the Café (2005), She's Gone (2004), The Best Man (2005)

47. Mona Fastvold is a Norwegian filmmaker and actress based in Brooklyn, New York. Her feature directorial debut was The Sleepwalker at Sundance. She has directed music videos for several musicians, most notably ex-husband Sondre Lerche.
Born: 7 March 1986, Oslo, Norway
Partner: Brady Corbet (2012–)
Spouse: Sondre Lerche (m. 2005–2013)
Children: Adelaide James Fastvold Corbet
Nominations: Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature
Movies: The Sleepwalker (2014), The World to Come (2020), The Childhood of a Leader (2015), The Mustang (2019)

48. Linn Natassia Malthe is a Norwegian model and actress.
Born: 19 January 1974, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.65 m
TV shows: Knights of Bloodsteel, Dead and Deader, Fallen
Parents: Phin Malthe, Harald Malthe
Siblings: Kristin Malthe
Movies: BloodRayne: The Third Reich (2011), BloodRayne 2: Deliverance (2007), Elektra (2005), Alpha (2018)

49. Negar Khan is an Iranian-born Norwegian actress. She is best known for her Bollywood item songs and film work.
Born: 1984, Tabriz, Iran
Spouse: Sahil Khan (m. 2004–2005)
Education: Western Sydney University
Nationality: Indian, Iranian, Norwegian
Movies: Double Cross (2005), Ab... Bas! (2004), Shaadi Ka Laddoo (2004), Rudraksh (2004)

50. Nina Ellen Ødegård is a Norwegian actress. She made her stage debut at Rogaland Teater in 2002 in a play by Brian Friel. Among her films are Play from 2003 and Alt for Egil from 2004. Her role as "Josie" in O'Neill's play Måne for livets stebarn in 2005 earned her the Hedda Award for best stage performance.
Born: 2 November 1979, Stavanger, Norway
Spouse: Anders Dale
Award: Hedda Award
Movies: Alt for Egil (2004), Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers (2020), Now It's Dark, The Orheim Company (2012)

51. Paris Whitney Hilton is an American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, singer, actress, and DJ. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Hilton has Norwegian, German, Italian, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.
Born: 17 February 1981, New York, New York, United States
Height: 1.73 m
Siblings: Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Conrad Hughes Hilton, Barron Hilton II
Parents: Kathy Hilton, Richard Hilton
Education: Convent of the Sacred Heart (1998–1999)
Movies and TV shows: The Simple Life (2003 – 2007), Paris Hilton's My New BFF (2008 – 2009), This Is Paris (2020), The World According to Paris (2011)

52. Pia Merete Tjelta is a Norwegian actress. Tjelta graduated from the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre in 2006, but had already appeared in many films. She made her film debut in 2001 in the film Mongoland.
Born: 12 September 1977, Stavanger, Norway
Height: 1.6 m
Partner: Oddgeir Thune (2015–)
Parents: Tone Tjelta
Children: Sofia Haugen
Movies and TV shows: Blind Spot (2018), Cold Lunch (2008), Mongoland (2001), Lykkeland (2018)

53. Piper Lisa Perabo is an American actress. She is of English, German, and Irish (father) and Norwegian (mother) descent.
Born: 31 October 1976, Dallas, Texas, United States
Height: 1.66 m
Spouse: Stephen Kay (m. 2014)
Nominations: Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress In A Television Series - Drama
Education: Ohio University (1998), Toms River High School North (1994), Honors Tutorial College
Movies and TV shows: Coyote Ugly (2000), Covert Affairs (2010 – 2014), Cheaper By the Dozen (2003), Imagine Me & You (2005)

54. Priscilla Ann Presley is an American businesswoman and actress. Married to Elvis Presley from 1967 to 1973, she served as chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises, the company that turned Elvis Presley's mansion Graceland into one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. Her maternal grandfather, Albert Henry Iversen, was born in Egersund, Norway.
Born: 24 May 1945, Brooklyn, New York, United States
Spouse: Elvis Presley (m. 1967–1973)
Children: Lisa Marie Presley, Navarone Garibaldi
Grandchildren: Benjamin Keough, Riley Keough, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood, Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood
Parents: Anna Lillian Iversen, James Wagner
Movies and TV shows: The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988), The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991), Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult (1994), Dallas (1978 – 1991)

55. Renee Olstead is an American actress and singer. Active since childhood as an actress, she is best known for her roles on the CBS sitcom Still Standing and on the drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Madison Cooperstein. In addition, she has recorded four studio albums, primarily of jazz music. Olstead is of Norwegian ancestry.
Born: 18 June 1989, Kingwood, Houston, Texas, United States
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Tommy King (m. 2014)
Albums: Skylark, Renee Olstead, By Request..., Stone Country, Skylark (Std. Version), Unleashed
Genres: Jazz, Country music
Movies and TV shows: Still Standing (2002 – 2006), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008 – 2013), Unfriended (2014), 13 Going on 30 (2004)

56. Renée Kathleen Zellweger is an American actress. She is the recipient of numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards. She was one of the world's highest-paid actresses by 2007 and was named the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year in 2009. Her mother is Norwegian of Kven and Sámi descent.
Born: 25 April 1969, Katy, Texas, United States
Spouse: Kenny Chesney (m. 2005–2005)
Partner: Doyle Bramhall II (2012–2019)
Awards: Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role
TV shows: What/If, King of the Hill, Murder in the Heartland
Movies: Judy (2019), Bridget Jones's Diary (2001), Bridget Jones's Baby (2016), Jerry Maguire (1996)

57. Sampda Sharma, better known by her stage name Samsaya, is an Indian-born Norwegian singer and actress.
Born: 3 November 1979, Hamirpur, India
Parents: Aruna Sharma
Education: Ellingsrudåsen school
Albums: Bombay Calling, Shedding Skin, III : La Sadümania
Movies: Villmark (2003), Twigson Ties The Knot (2010), Twigson In Trouble (2011), Utopia - Nobody's Perfect in Perfect Country (2002)

58. Silje Storstein is a Norwegian actress. Storstein was educated at the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre from 2005 to 2008. She has appeared in performances at Det Norske Teatret, Trøndelag Teater, and the National Theater in Oslo.
Born: 30 March 1984, Oslo, Norway
Parents: Are Storstein
Education: Norwegian National Academy of Theatre
Nominations: Amanda Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
TV shows: Unge lovende, Bloodride
Movies: Sophie's World (1999), Homesick (2015), Det som en gang var, Eple

59. Silje Torp is a Norwegian actress, author, and trainer.
Born: 19 October 1974, Oslo, Norway
Height: 1.78 m
Education: Oslo National Academy of the Arts (1997–2000)
Movies and TV shows: Norsemen (2016 – 2020), Lilyhammer (2012 – 2014), Underholdningsavdelingen (Since 2013), Hawaii, Oslo (2004)

60. Solveig Kloppen is a Norwegian journalist, actress and TV hostess. She is best known as hostess for "Idol", the Norwegian version of Pop Idol. She grew up in Vik in Sogn and at Jessheim.
Born: 10 June 1971, Trondheim, Norway
Height: 1.6 m
Spouse: Kjartan Brügger Bjånesøy (m. 2005)
Children: Klara Kloppen-Bjånesøy, Albert Kloppen-Bjånesøy
Movies: Kvinnen i mitt liv, Cattle Hill, Dragevokteren, Que Será, Será
TV shows: En kveld hos Kloppen (Since 2015), Det jeg ikke fikk sagt (Since 2019), Idol (Since 2003), Norske Talenter (Since 2008)

61. Synnøve Macody Lund is a Norwegian journalist, film critic, model, and actress. She is currently appearing in the 2020 Netflix series Ragnarok and the 2020 Sky TV series Riviera.
Born: 1976, Stord Municipality, Norway
Height: 1.83 m
Children: Isak Macody Falck, Iben Macody Falck
Movies and TV shows: Headhunters (2011), Haunted (2017), The Girl In The Spider's Web (2018), Ragnarok (Since 2020)

62. Thea Sofie Loch Næss is a Norwegian actress. She started acting at the age of eight. She played a leading role in Eirik Svensson’s coming-of-age film 'One Night in Oslo.' In 2013 which premiered in April 2014. In 2014 Næss was studying drama at the Hartvig Nissens school in Oslo.
Born: 26 November 1996, Kristiansand, Norway
Height: 1.69 m
Education: Hartvig Nissens School
Movies and TV shows: One Night in Oslo (2014), The Last King (2016), Polaroid (2015), Dryads - Girls Don't Cry (2015)

63. Tora Karen Elisabeth Augestad is a Norwegian musician, musical conductor and actress, and the daughter of Program 81/82 vocalist Kate Augestad. She focuses on jazz, musical theater, contemporary music, and cabaret.
Born: 10 December 1979, Bergen, Norway
Parents: Kate Augestad
Albums: Portraying Passion, Dialogues
Music groups: Music for a While, Pitsj (2007)
Awards: Spellemann Award for Classical Music
Education: Royal College of Music, Norwegian Academy of Music

64. Vanessa Borgli is a Norwegian actress, known primarily for her role as "Sue-Astrid Wallace" in the soap opera Hotel Cæsar. Borgli grew up in Oslo; her father is a movie producer and her aunt is the actress Pia Borgli. She studied theater in London, and debuted on Norwegian television in the TV series Offshore in 1996. 
Born: 4 October 1972, Oslo, Norway
Spouse: Ketil Skorstad (m. 2004)
Siblings: Philip J. Borgli
Movies: Thelma (2017), Sophie's World (1999), 5 Lies (2007), Dragevokteren

65. Vendela Maria Kirsebom is a Norwegian-Swedish -Turkish model and actress living in Oslo, Norway.
Born: 12 January 1967, Stockholm, Sweden
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: Olaf Thommessen (m. 1996–2007)
Children: Julia Thommessen, Hannah Thommessen
Parents: Ahmet Özkal, Ingi Kirsebom
Movies and TV shows: Batman & Robin (1997), The Parent Trap (1998), Norway's Next Top Model (2006 – 2013), Romy and Michele: In the Beginning (2005)

66. Vilde Marie Zeiner is a Norwegian actress.
Born: 7 July 1999, Asker Municipality, Norway
Movies: Journey To The Christmas Star (2012), Dryads - Girls Don't Cry (2015)