Here is the list of some of the most beautiful Serbian actresses. Some of them are also talented model, singer, dancer, producer, director, former beauty pageant titleholder, writer, composer, and entrepreneur. Some of these actresses are also having different blood descent like American, Australian, French, Turkish, Danish, Mexican, Macedonian, and Russian. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 70+ Most Beautiful Serbian Actresses

1. Adrienne Janic, sometimes credited simply as AJ, is an American actress and television host of Serbian and Mexican descent.
Born: 25 July 1974, Whittier, California, United States
Height: 1.73 m
Nationality: American
Spouse: Bud Brutsman (m. 1998)
Other name: AJ
Movies and TV shows: Overhaulin' (2004 – 2015), Cattle Call (2006), Choker (2005), Diary of a Sex Addict (2001)

2. Ana Alexander is an actress.
Born: 1 February 1979, Belgrade, Serbia
Nationality: Serbian
Spouse: Randal Haworth (m. 2009–2012)
Parents: Mila Stojanovic, Zoran Stojanovic
Books: Porcelain #1
Movies and TV shows: Chemistry (2011), Land Of The Lost (2009), Murder RX, Deep in the Valley (2009)

3. Ana Sakic is an actress.
Born: 25 November 1978, KruŔevac, Serbia
Height: 1.66 m
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts
TV shows: Agencija za SiS, Biser Bojane
Movies: Cat Run (2011), Take a Deep Breath (2004), The Life and Death of a Porno Gang (2009), Visage (2017)

4. Ana Sofrenović is a Serbian actress. She appeared in more than thirty films since 1994.
Born: 18 September 1972, Belgrade, Serbia
Spouse: Dragan Mićanović (m. 1998–2011)
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (1991–2008)
Children: Iva Mićanović, Lena Mićanović
Parents: Sheila Sofrenović, Dragoslav Sofrenović
Movies: Premeditated Murder (1995), Sky Hook (1999), The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street (2014), Dva (2007)

5. Angela Gregovic is an actress.
Born: 26 September 1978, Belgrade, Serbia
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
Movies: Brand - Eine Totengeschichte (2011), Glitterati (2004), Tatort: Deckname Kidon (2015), Ugly (2017)

6. Anica Dobra is a Serbian film actress.
Born: 3 June 1963, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.64 m
Spouse: Miodrag Sovtić
Children: Mina Sovtić
TV shows: Die Alpenklinik, Black & White World, Balkan ekspres 2
Movies: Love and Other Crimes (2008), Woman With a Broken Nose (2010), The Trap (2007), Tito and Me (1992)

7. Barbara Tatalovic is a model and actress.
Movie: Hotel Belgrade (2020)

8. Bojana Maljevic is an actress.
Born: 28 May 1974, Belgrade, Serbia
Spouse: Slobodan Skerlić
Parents: Bojan Maljevic
Children: Luka Skerlić, Nikola Skerlić
Siblings: Ana Maljević
Movies and TV shows: Boulevard of the Revolution (1992), Otvorena vrata (1994 – 2014), Rage (1997), The Sisters (2011)

9. Bojana Novakovic is a Serbian–Australian actress who starred in the American TV series Instinct with Alan Cumming. Novakovic is known for her roles in films such as Devil and The Little Death. 
Born: 17 November 1981, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.61 m
Siblings: Valentina Novakovic
Books: The Story of Mary Maclane by Herself, Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader
Parents: Radovan Novaković, Biljana Novakovic
Movies and TV shows: Instinct (2018 – 2019), Beyond Skyline (2017), Devil (2010), Edge of Darkness (2010)

10. Bojana Laura Ordinačev is a Serbian model and actress who made her debut in 2003 television series MeŔoviti brak. She also portrayed in Serbian telenovelas like Jelena and Ne daj se, Nina, Serbo-Croatian version of Ugly Betty. She lives and works in Belgrade.
Born: 14 August 1980, Novi Sad, Serbia
Height: 1.68 m
Education: Academy of Arts - Belgrade
Movies and TV shows: Jelena (2004 – 2005), Istine i laži (Since 2017), Vivegam (2017), Don't Give Up, Nina

11. Bojana Panić is a fashion model and an actress.
Born: 24 May 1985, Yugoslavia
Height: 1.79 m
Movies: Jacquou le Croquant (2007), Largo Winch (2008), Korkoro (2009)

12. Bojana Stefanović is a Serbian actress. She is best known for her role as Nadja in the series Ono kao ljubav. She is married to Serbian director Istok Tornjanski with whom she has a son and a daughter. 
Born: 4 March 1980, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.76 m
Spouse: Istok Tornjanski
Children: ViŔnja Tornjanski, Matija Tornjanski
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade (2004), Faculty of Dramatic Arts (2001)
Movies and TV shows: Ono kao ljubav (Since 2009), Polozjajnik (2005), Bliznji (2008), Majstor Majnd

13. Branka Katić is a Serbian actress known for appearing in the films Black Cat, White Cat and Public Enemies, and the TV series Big Love. 
Born: 20 January 1970, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Julian Farino (m. 2000)
Children: Joe Farino, Louis Farino
Education: Academy of Arts, ADU - Academy of Dramatic Arts, Osnovna Å”kola "Vuk Karadžić"
Movies and TV shows: Black Cat, White Cat (1998), Public Enemies (2009), The Roads Not Taken (2020), Strawberries in the Supermarket (2003)

14. Branka Pujić is a Serbian actress.
Born: 6 November 1963, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.69 m
Spouse: Dragan Jovanović (m. 1992)
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (1991)
Children: Anđela Jovanović
Movies and TV shows: Dva (2007), A Holy Place (1990), Ruža vjetrova (2011 – 2013), Brod plovi za Å angaj (1991)

15. Danica Curcic is a Serbian-Danish actress.
Born: 27 August 1985, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.79 m
Siblings: Ognjen Ćurčić
Education: Saint Anne High School, Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen University
Nominations: Bodil Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Movies and TV shows: Silent Heart (2014), The Absent One (2014), Darling (2017), All Inclusive (2014)

16. Danijela Dimitrovska is a Serbian model and actress. She began her modelling career by winning the Elite Model Look competition in Serbia in 2004.
Born: 22 April 1987, Požarevac, Serbia
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Ognjen Amidžić (m. 2012)
Other name: Danijela Dimitrovska Amidžić
Agencies: IMG Models, Elite Model Management, Louisa Models
Movies: Punk's Not Dead (2011) and In the Night (2013)

17. Danina Jeftić is a Serbian actress and former handball player. She came to national media attention with 2010 film Montevideo, God Bless You! by actor and film director Dragan Bjelogrlić.
Born: 9 November 1986, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spouse: Aleksandar Kukanjac (m. 2015–2016)
Education: University of Belgrade
Siblings: Kristina Jeftić
Movies and TV shows: Montevideo, God Bless You! (2010), Pare ili život (Since 2008), Montevideo, Bog te video! (2012)

18. Danina Moguel is an actress. She is of a Mexican father and a Serbian mother.
Movies: Km 31-2, The Cry of the Stork, Is You Is, Leeches

19. Dragana Atlija is a Serbian model and actress. She was Miss Serbia 2009.
Born: 14 October 1983, Knin, Croatia
Movies: Ironclad: Battle for Blood (2014), Everly (2014), 3 Days to Kill (2014), The November Man (2014)

20. Dragana Mićalović is a Serbian actress. Born in a family in which acting remains a strong tradition, Mićalović in her early youth pursued an acting career, portraying teenager Jelena in the Serbian show Priđi bliže. 
Born: 3 March 1991, Leskovac, Serbia
Parents: Dragan Mićalović, Milica Vesković Mićalović
Siblings: Sloboda Mićalović
Education: Faculty of Culture and Media, Megatrend University (2015), Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Muzička Å kola „Stanislav Binički“
Movies and TV shows: Sinđelići, Nepobedivo srce
Nieces: Vera Ćetković, Mila Ćetković

21. Dusica Novakovic is an actress and producer.
Born: 13 July 1983, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
Education: Academy of Arts - Belgrade (2008)
Movies: You Know Him (2020), Miris kise na Balkanu (2010) and Selo gori, a baba se ceslja (2007)

22. Emina Jahović, recently also known as just Emina, is a Serbian-Turkish singer-songwriter, actress and businesswoman. Born and raised in Novi Pazar, she rose to prominence through music festivals. Jahović released her debut album in 2002, but acquired commercial success with her third record Vila in 2008.
Born: 15 January 1982, Novi Pazar, Serbia
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Mustafa Sandal (m. 2008–2018)
Children: Yaman Sandal, Yavuz Sandal
Movies and TV shows: Lale Devri, Čas tulipĆ”nÅÆ

23. Hana Selimovic is an actress.
Born: 5 February 1987, Belgrade, Serbia
Nationality: Serbian
Parents: Bojan Selimović
Awards: Sterija Award for Best Actor/Actress
Education: Alfa BK University (2009), Philological Gymnasium Belgrade
Movies: White White World (2010), The Disobedient (2014), Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown (2016), Poljupci (2004)

24. Hristina Popović is a Serbian actress. She appeared in more than thirty films since 1991.
Born: 26 March 1982, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.78 m
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
Parents: Sonja Vukićević, Branislav Popović
TV shows: Five, KomŔije, Ulica lipa, Biser Bojane, The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker
Movies: The Samurai in Autumn (2016), The Last Serb in Croatia (2019), The Parade (2011), Next to Me (2015)

25. Isidora Simijonović is a Serbian actress. Simijonović began her acting career with a lead role in the movie Klip, directed by Maja MiloÅ”, when she was 16 years old. She portrays a sullen high school student from a Belgrade suburb.
Born: 1997, Belgrade, Serbia
Awards: Dara Čalenić Foundation Award for the Best Young Actress
Education: Stanković Musical School, Alfa BK University
Movies and TV shows: Clip (2012), Where is Nadia? (2013), Atomski zdesna (2014), A Good Wife (2016)

26. Ivana Bozilovic is a Serbian-American model, actress and television personality.
Born: 28 September 1977, Belgrade, Serbia
Spouse: Andrew Firestone (m. 2008)
Movies: National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002), 100 Girls (2000), Wedding Crashers (2005), Causality

27. Ivana Korab is an actress.
Born: 12 March 1986, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.78 m
Movies: Unnatural (2015), If You Only Knew (2011), Maneater

28. Ivana Sert is a Serbian-Turkish television personality, socialite, presenter, model, fashion designer, entrepreneur, businesswoman, beauty pageant titleholder, author, and occasional actress. She is the founder of the Ivana Sert brand and was known for her role as a judge on Show TV's BugĆ¼n Ne Giysem?. 
Born: 25 October 1979, Zaječar, Serbia
Height: 1.67 m
Spouse: Yurdal Sert (m. 2004–2013)
Children: Kayon Ateş Sert
Movies: Stuck with You!, Antep Fıstığı
Nationality: Serbian, Serbo-Montenegrin, Turkish, Yugoslav

29. Jelena Gavrilović, is a Serbian actress. She started acting in theatre during primary and high school in Lazarevac, her home town. During her studies she acted in the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. 
Born: 18 January 1983, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.79 m
Education: Academy of Arts (2005)
TV shows: Istine i laži, Uprirodise, Na lepom plavom Dunavu
Movies: Human Zoo (2009), Everly (2014), Cat Run (2011), The Beautiful Blue Danube (2008)

30. Jelena Mrdja is an actress.
Born: 16 May 1981, Smederevo, Serbia
Movies: Here and There (2009), Tears for Sale (2008), Born at the Crib, Seeder

31. Jelena Stupljanin is an actress and writer.
Born: 30 June 1978, Belgrade, Serbia
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (2000)
Movies and TV shows: Lisice (Since 2002), Jelena, Katarina, Marija (2011), Cirkus Columbia (2010), Love Hunter (2013)

32. Jelisaveta OraÅ”anin is a Serbian actress known for her work on the TV series "Ubice mog oca" and "Vojna akademija", as well as the Serbian films "From Love: Pula to Je Raj" and "Panama". 
Born: 13 November 1988, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: MiloÅ” Teodosić (m. 2017)
Children: 1
Education: University of Belgrade, Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Movies and TV shows: Hotel Belgrad (2020), Ubice mog oca (Since 2016), Vojna akademija 5 (2019), Vojna akademija (Since 2012)

33. Jovana Gavrilovic is an actress.
Born: 27 October 1989, Belgrade, Serbia
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
Awards: Sterija Award for Best Actor/Actress
Movies: Requiem for Mrs. J. (2017), Horizons (2017), The Common Story (2019), The Sky Above Us (2015)

34. Jovana Stojiljković is a Serbian stage and film actress. She is best known for her performance as Sofija in the TV series South Wind.
Born: 19 March 1992, Belgrade, Serbia
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
Movies and TV shows: Panama (2015), South Wind (2018), Stitches (2019), Morning Changes Everything (Since 2018)

35. Katarina Radivojević is a Serbian actress. She is known for her roles in films such as Zona Zamfirova and Charleston & Vendetta.
Born: 29 March 1979, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.75 m
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (2016), The 12th Belgrade Grammar School, Fifth Belgrade Gymnasium
Movies and TV shows: Tears for Sale (2008), Zona Zamfirova (2002), Najbolje godine (2009 – 2011), Labyrinth (2002)

36. Katarina Žutić is a Serbian actress.
Born: 24 October 1972, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.65 m
Spouse: Aleksandar Lazarević (m. 2006–2010)
Parents: Svetlana Bojković, MiloÅ” Žutić
Grandparents: Vera Bojković, Cvetko Bojković
Movies: Sky Hook (1999), Pljačka Trećeg rajha (2004), Byzantine Blue (1993), The Samurai in Autumn (2016)

37. Laura Ilene Benanti is an American actress and singer. Over the course of her Broadway career, she has received five Tony Award nominations. She played Louise in the 2008 Broadway revival of Gypsy, winning the 2008 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. She is of Serbian, German, and Irish heritage.
Born: 15 July 1979, New York, New York, United States
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: Patrick Brown (m. 2015), Steven Pasquale (m. 2007–2013), Chris Barron (m. 2005–2006)
Children: Ella Rose Benanti-Brown
Albums: In Constant Search of the Right Kind of Attention: Live at 54 Below
Movies and TV shows: The Playboy Club (2011), The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (Since 2015), The Sound of Music Live! (2013), The Detour (2016 – 2019)

38. Lena Bogdanović is a Serbian actress. She is the daughter of journalist DuÅ”ko Bogdanović. Bogdanović graduated from Karlovci Gymnasium and graduated in Acting from the Academy of Arts on Novi Sad in 1997 in the class of Professor Branko PleÅ”a.
Born: 29 December 1974, Novi Sad, Serbia
Height: 1.73 m
Parents: Bogdanović, Duško
Education: Karlovačka gimnazija
Movies: Blue Train (2010), Agi i Ema (2007), Doctor Ray and the Devils (2012), Milos Brankovic (2008)

39. Lidija Vukićević is a Serbian film and TV actress and politician. From 2004 until 2012, she was also politically involved with the Serbian Radical Party, serving as their MP in the Serbian parliament from 2007 until 2012.
Born: 20 July 1962, Kraljevo, Serbia
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Mitar Mrkela (m. 1991–2000)
Parents: Vlastimir Vukićević
Children: Andrej Mrkela, David Mrkela
Movies and TV shows: Bolji život (1987 – 1991), Lutalica (1987), Zikina dinastija (1985), Bolji zivot (1989)

40. Ljuma Vasić is a Serbian film and stage actress.
Born: 22 March 1980, Belgrade, Serbia
Movies: Loveless Zoritsa (2012), The Loop (2014), Zlatna levica, priča o Radivoju Koraću (2011), Honeymoons (2009)

41. Maja Mandzuka is a popular Serbian movie actress. She is best known for her roles as Kata in the Serbian hit movie "Munje!", and Senka in Virtualna Stvarnost. 
Born: 27 February 1982, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.77 m
Education: The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute
Parents: Danka Muzdeka Mandzuka, Zlatko Mandzuka
Movies: Munje! (2001), Virtual Reality (2001), Zvezde ljubavi (2005), 2:22 (2008)

42. Marija Karan is a Serbian actress. She had her film debut in Kad porastem biću Kengur and appeared after this in Jesen stiže, dunjo moja. She was born in Belgrade.
Born: 29 April 1982, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.81 m
Spouse: Joel Lubin (m. 2014)
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Parents: Stevo Karan, Dobrila Karan
Movies and TV shows: Assassination Games (2011), The 4th Man (2007), When I Grow Up, I'll Be a Kangaroo (2004), Ljubav, navika, panika (2005 – 2007)

43. Marija Petronijevic is an actress.
Born: 23 February 1987, Požega, Serbia
Education: Megatrend Univerzitet
Movies and TV shows: Promise Me This (2007), Beli andjeo, Nova godina u Petlovcu (2011), Double Trouble (2016)

44. Marijana Mićić is a Serbian TV host, and occasional actress, best known as the host of Veliki Brat, the Serbian version of Big Brother. She has hosted a number of shows, most of them for the Serbian production company Emotion. She also took part in the Serbian remake of The Simple Life, alongside Ana Mihajlovski.
Born: 20 March 1983, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.67 m
Parents: NebojÅ”a Mićić
Siblings: Milan Mićić
Education: Fakultet savremenih umetnosti, King Petar I Elementary School, Eleventh Belgrade Gymnasium
Movies and TV shows: Pinkove zvezdice (Since 2014), Veliki brat (Since 2006), Ljubav i mržnja (Since 2007), Te quiero, Radisa (2004)

45. Marina Lazarević is a Serbian theater, film, and television actress. Lazarević graduated from Belgrade's Faculty of Drama Arts in 2003, and during her career played many roles in theater. She works now in "Zoran Radmilović" theater in Zaječar.
Born: 3 January 1980, Belgrade, Serbia

46. Milena Govich is an American actress, director, singer, dancer, and musician, best known for portraying NYPD Detective Nina Cassady on the television series Law & Order. Her father was Serbian and her mother is of Scottish and English ancestry.
Born: 29 October 1976, Norman, Oklahoma, United States
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: David Cornue (m. 2003)
Parents: Marilyn Green Govich, Bruce Michael Govich
Movies and TV shows: Law & Order (1990 – 2010), Conviction (2006), Finding Carter (2014 – 2015), K-Ville (2007)

47. Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich is an American actress, model, and musician. Her starring roles in numerous science fiction and action films led the music channel VH1 to deem her the "reigning queen of kick-butt" in 2006. In 2004, Forbes determined that she was the highest-paid model in the world. Her mother is Russian, and his father is Serbian.
Born: 17 December 1975, Kyiv, Ukraine
Height: 1.74 m
Spouse: Paul W. S. Anderson (m. 2009), Luc Besson (m. 1997–1999), Shawn Andrews (m. 1992–1992)
Children: Ever Gabo Anderson, Dashiel Edan Anderson, Osian Lark Elliot Jovovich-Anderson
TV shows: Married... with Children, HypaSpace
Movies: Resident Evil (2002), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016), The Fifth Element (1997), Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

48. Mirjana Joković is a Serbian film and stage actress, best known for her role as Natalija Zovkov in Emir Kusturica's Underground. She currently is Director of Performance for Acting and an acting teacher in the Theater Faculty of the California Institute of the Arts near Los Angeles.
Born: 24 November 1967, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.76 m
Spouse: Srdjan Milenkovic
TV shows: Sivi dom, Bila jednom jedna zemlja, Vratiće se rode, Zaboravljeni
Awards: Golden Arena for Best Actress
Movies: Underground (1995), Vukovar poste restante (1994), The Hornet (1998), Cabaret Balkan (1998)

49. Milena Radulović is an actress.
Born: 29 January 1995, Belgrade, Serbia
Nationality: Serbian
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
TV shows: Five, Svemirska princeza, Drzavni sluzbenik
Movies: The Balkan Line (2019), Front Page Midgets (2018), Kola Superdeep (2020), An Ordinary Man (2017)

50. Natasa Markovic is an actress.
Born: 21 January 1976, KruŔevac, Serbia
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
Movies and TV shows: Ono kao ljubav (Since 2009), Lisice (Since 2002), Falsifier (2013), Seven and a Half (2006)

51. NataÅ”a Ninković is a Serbian actress, best known for her roles in the films Savior, War Live, The Professional and The Trap.
Born: 22 July 1972, Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Spouse: Nenad Sarenac
Children: Matija Sarenac, Luka Sarenac
TV shows: Nepobedivo srce, Ranjeni orao, Cvat lipe na Balkanu, MORE
Parents: Milena Ninković, Branko Ninković
Movies: Ajvar (2019), The Trap (2007), Savior (1998), The Professional (2003)

52. NataÅ”a Stanković is a Serbian dancer, model and actress based in Mumbai, India. She made her debut in Bollywood with the political drama Satyagraha directed by Prakash Jha. She gained popularity when she appeared in Bigg Boss where she was in the house for a month. 
Born: 4 March 1992, Požarevac, Serbia
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Hardik Pandya (2020)
Children: 1
Movies and TV shows: Satyagraha (2013), Fukrey Returns (2017), 7 Hours to Go (2016), Nach Baliye (Since 2005)

53. NataÅ”a TapuÅ”ković is a Serbian actress. She is famous for her role as Danica Janković in Barking at the Stars and for her role as Bosnian hostage Sabaha in Emir Kusturica's Life Is a Miracle.
Born: 27 August 1975, KruŔevac, Serbia
Height: 1.67 m
Spouse: Vuk TapuÅ”ković
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (1998)
Children: Đurđa TapuÅ”ković, Dana TapuÅ”ković
Movies and TV shows: Barking at the Stars (1998), Life Is a Miracle (2004), Skinning (2010), Monument to Michael Jackson (2014)

54. Natasha Kojic recording artist, composer and singer.
Born: 20 July 1984, Loznica, Serbia
Parents: Dragan Kojić Keba
Siblings: Igor Kojić
Movies: Bad Hair, Coven, Sydney
Albums: Coven (Motion Picture Soundtrack by Natasha Kojic), Natasa Kojic Tasa, Electro Streams
Grandparent: Dobrija Kojić

55. NataÅ”a Petrović, also known as Natasha Petrovic, is a Macedonian actress of Serbian descent. She made her on–screen debut in 2007 Macedonian film Shadows by Milčo Mančevski.
Born: 31 August 1988, Shtip, North Macedonia
Education: Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
TV shows: Pagan Peak
Movies: As If I Am Not There (2010), The Piano Room (2013), I Witness (2018), Lazar (2015)

56. Nevena Vukes is a Serbian actress.
Born: 2 June 1990, Kragujevac, Serbia
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts (2014)
Movies and TV shows: Cvat lipe na Balkanu, The Piano Room (2013), Vatre ivanjske (2014 – 2015), The Sky Above Us (2015)

57. Nina Jankovic is a Serbian actress.
Born: 20 April 1988 (age 32 years), Å abac, Serbia
Height: 1.78 m
Spouse: Mateja Dičić (m. 2014)
Parents: Radusko Jankovic, Slavica Jankovic
Siblings: Filip Jankovic
Movies and TV shows: Montevideo, God Bless You! (2010), Vojna akademija 5 (2019), The Common Story (2019), Ubice mog oca (Since 2016)

58. Nina Seničar is a Serbian actress and model now living in Los Angeles. She has acted in several Hollywood movies, such as Papillon and Mayhem, as well as appearing in Italian film and television productions.
Born: 11 November 1985, Novi Sad, Serbia
Height: 1.76 m
Partner: Jay Ellis (2015–2020)
Children: Nora Grace Ellis
Parents: Slavica Seničar, Goran Seničar
Movies: Napoletans (2011), Papillon (2017), Tutto molto bello (2014), Arctic Dogs (2019)

59. Paulina Manov is a Serbian actress. She appeared in more than fifteen films since 1998.
Born: 20 June 1975, Belgrade, Serbia
Education: University of Arts in Belgrade
Movies and TV shows: Absolute 100 (2001), Ajvar (2019), Boomerang (2001), Cvat lipe na Balkanu

60. Sara Brajovic is a French pianist, model, style blogger and actress of Serbian origin. She is known for being a fashion trendsetter in Europe and is currently living in London.
Born: 1985, Paris, France
Education: King's College London, Ɖcole Normale de Musique de Paris

61. Sarah Sokolovic is an American film, television, and theatre actress, who starred in Homeland as Laura Sutton and has a recurring role on Big Little Lies. She has performed in several plays including The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World, Detroit, and A Streetcar Named Desire. Her father is Dimso "Dan" Sokolovic, of Serbian descent who immigrated to the United States from Germany, and her mother is Donna Stowell, an American of German and English descent.
Born: 1980, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Nominations: Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series
Movies: Cold Comes the Night, The Unexpected Life
Parents: Dimso Sokolovic, Donna Stowell
TV shows: Homeland (2011 – 2020), Big Little Lies (2017 – 2019)

62. Suzana Drobnjaković, known by her stage name Sasha Alexander, is an American actress. She played Gretchen Witter on Dawson's Creek and has acted in films including Yes Man and He's Just Not That Into You. Alexander played Caitlin Todd for the first two seasons of NCIS. She is of Serbian descent.
Born: 17 May 1973, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Edoardo Ponti (m. 2007)
Children: Lucia Sofia Ponti, Leonardo Fortunato Ponti
Movies and TV shows: Rizzoli & Isles (2010 – 2016), NCIS (Since 2003), Shameless (Since 2011), Yes Man (2008)

63. Sloboda Mićalović Ćetković, better known as Sloboda Mićalović, is a Serbian actress. She is best known for her roles in film Zona Zamfirova and television series MeÅ”oviti brak and Ranjeni orao. 
Born: 21 August 1981, Leskovac, Serbia
Spouse: Vojin Ćetković (m. 2008)
Children: Vera Ćetković, Mila Ćetković
Parents: Dragan Mićalović, Milica Mićalović
Siblings: Dragana Mićalović, Mirjana Micalovic
Movies and TV shows: Ranjeni orao (2008 – 2009), Nepobedivo srce (Since 2011), On the Milky Road (2016), Zona Zamfirova (2002)

64. Snežana Bogdanović is a Serbian film and television actress.
Born: 5 November 1960, Zemun, Serbia
Spouse: Uliks Fehmiu
Children: Nika Fehmiu
Nominations: European Film Award for Best Actress
TV shows: Sinđelići, Aleksa Santic, Roman o Londonu
Movies: Stitches (2019), Kuduz (1989), The Son (2019), Moj brat Aleksa (1991)

65. Sonja Kolačarić is a Serbian actress. She is known for her roles in films such as Nebeska udica and Tears for Sale.
Born: 4 May 1980, Lazarevac, Serbia
Height: 1.68 m
Spouse: Andrej Ivančević
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Movies and TV shows: Tears for Sale (2008), Frozen Stiff (2002), Ono kao ljubav (Since 2009), The Ambulance (2009)

66. Tamara Dragičević is a Serbian actress and model. She is the best known for her performances in the film Montevideo, God Bless You! by Dragan Bjelogrlić and the RTS series The Scent of Rain in the Balkans by LjubiÅ”a Samardžić.
Born: 30 March 1989, Belgrade, Serbia
Height: 1.7 m
Education: University of Belgrade
Siblings: Miodrag Dragičević
Movies and TV shows: Vojna akademija 2 (2013), Vojna akademija (Since 2012), Panama (2015), Vojna akademija 3

67. Tamara Krcunovic is an actress.
Born: 7 June 1978, Belgrade, Serbia
Education: National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts
Movies and TV shows: Humidity (2016), The Load (2018), Urgentni Centar (Since 2014), Fluffy (2016)

68. Troian Avery Bellisario is an American actress. She is best known for starring as Spencer Hastings in the television series Pretty Little Liars. Her father is of Italian and Serbian descent.
Born: 28 October 1985, Los Angeles, California, United States
Spouse: Patrick J. Adams (m. 2016)
Siblings: Sean Murray, Chad W. Murray, Julie B. Watson
Children: Aurora Adams
Parents: Donald P. Bellisario, Deborah Pratt
Movies and TV shows: Pretty Little Liars (2010 – 2017), Feed (2017), Clara (2018), Where'd You Go, Bernadette (2019)

69. Vjera Mujović is a Serbian actress. She is from the Vasojevici clan, and is well known as an actress in theatre, but also in series and as a writer of books.
Born: 8 April 1972, Podgorica, Montenegro
Spouse: Stefan Preis (m. 2015)
TV shows: Kolibas
Education: Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade
Movies: Rodjen kao ratnik (1994), Two hours of quality TV programming (1994), Potera za Srec(k)om (2005), Savrsena zena

70. Milica Zelda Tinska is a Serbian actress who lives and works in London, UK. She has appeared in various TV series and films alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Madden, Paterson Joseph, Daniel Craig and many other renowned actors.
Born: 21 February 1975, Belgrade, Serbia
Siblings: Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Parents: Jelena Tinska, Dragoslav Lutovac
Grandparent: Aleksandar Petrović
TV shows: Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
Movies: The Beach (2000), The Mother (2003), Beneath the Skin (2005), Midnight Feast