If you are a PLDT, Smart, or Globe internet user and you cannot access some sites in the Philippines, then, these giant telcos blocked that site and YOU will not be able to access it unless you do a bypass. Some of the messages that will prove that the website you are accessing is blocked are the following:

1. This site can’t be reached. Check if there is a typo in www.websitedomain.com. If spelling is correct, try running Windows Network Diagnostics. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

2. Blocked! This site is blocked because it contains materials punishable under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines (RA 8293), Anti-Child Pornography Act of the Philippines (RA 9775), Cybercrime Prevention Act of the Philippines (RA 10175), and/or other relevant laws.

The main reasons these two messages will only appear is that you've access a porn site. That's it. There are other reasons why you cannot access that particular site, but you can still try the tips below.

BYPASS 1: How to access blocked websites in the Philippines - Changing DNS Server Address.

1. In your system tray (near your clock/time), right-click the computer/network icon.

2. Then, click the Open Network and Sharing Center.

3. In the View your basic network information and set up connections, click Ethernet or the link for the Connections.

4. In the Ethernet status, click Properties.

5. Inside Properties, in the "This connection uses the following items:" find and double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/PV4).

6. Now, in the Obtain DNS server address automatically change it to Use the following DNS server addresses. In the Preferred DNS server: type 1 1 1 1. In the Alternate DNS server type: 9 9 9 9. Click OK button.

7. Now, click OK again.
8. Click Close.
9. Done!

BYPASS 2: How to access blocked websites in the Philippines - Using Ultrasurf.

1. Download the latest version of Ultrasurf here.
2. After downloading, extract the RAR file. The password is listph.com.
3. After extracting open the u1902.exe. The Ultrasurf dashboard will appear. Click Option.

4. Inside Options, click Proxy Settings.

5. Inside the Proxy Setting, find the Proxy Options. There are 3 options there: Auto-detect, manual and directly use Ultrasurf.

6. From Directly use Ultrasurf, change it to Auto-Detect Proxy. Then press OK.

7. Press OK again, and then wait for the dashboard to automatically connect.

8. When it is connected, the official Ultrasurf website will open and you can also see inside the Ultrasurf dashboard the Status saying: Successfully connected to the server!
9. Done!

BYPASS 3: How to access blocked websites in the Philippines - Using Urban Free VPN proxy Unblocker (Chrome Extension)

1. Download the Urban VPN here.
2. Click the Add to Chrome button.
3. Chrome will then ask you if you want to add the Urban Free VPN. Just click the Add extension button.

4. Wait for the download to finish. After downloading, Chrome will also automatically install your Urban VPN.

5. When done, it will say that your extension has been added to Chrome.

6. Now, click the extension icon.

7. Then, click the Urban Free VPN proxy.

8. Wait for the extension to load a bit.

9. Just click the OK, thanks button.

10. Click Agree.

11. Now, inside your Urban VPN, click the Auto Server and dropdown menu containing the list of all available servers will appear. Select any server you like and it will automatically connect.
12. When connected, you will see the Uptime is already running.
13. Done!

Note: This tutorial is absolutely and mainly for education purposes only. Use it at own your risk.