Here is the list of some of the most beautiful and hot Argentine or Argentinian models. Some of them are also talented actress, singer, dancer, successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, former beauty queen titleholder, songwriter and more. Some has different blood descent and dual citizenship like American, British, Italian and Mexican. See the list below in no particular order or ranking.

LIST: 50+ Most Beautiful & Hot Argentine Models

1. Agustina Cherri is an Argentine actress and model. She is perhaps best known for her participation as Milagros in Chiquititas, a popular children's telenovela.
Born: 15 February 1983, Vicente López, Argentina
Height: 1.5 m
Children: Muna Pauls Cherri, Nilo Pauls Cherri, Alba Vera

2. Anya Josephine Marie Taylor-Joy is an American-born Argentine-British actress. She appeared in the fantasy series Atlantis, and earned several accolades for her performance in the period horror film The Witch. At age 16, she was scouted as a model.
Born: 16 April 1996, Miami, Florida, United States
Height: 1.69 m
Citizenship: American, British, Argentine

3. Araceli Edith Gonz√°lez is an Argentine actress, fashion model and TV host.
Born: 19 June 1967, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.71 m
Spouse: Fabi√°n Mazzei (m. 2008), Adri√°n Suar (m. 1997–2004), Ruben Torrente (m. 1988–1991)
Children: Florencia Torrente, Tom√°s Kirzner

4. Mar√≠a Bel√©n Rodr√≠guez Cozzani is an Italian-Argentine showgirl and model. Known as Bel√©n Rodr√≠guez or Bel√©n, she has been based in Milan since 2004. Rodr√≠guez hosted variety shows and appeared in television commercials and films. Considered a sex symbol of the 2000s and 2010s, she posed for nude calendars. 
Born: 20 September 1984, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Stefano De Martino (m. 2013)
Children: Santiago De Martino
Parents: Veronica Cozzani de Rodríguez, Gustavo Rodríguez

5. Brenda Daniela Gandini is an Argentine actress and model. 
Born: 8 August 1984, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.7 m
Partner: Gonzalo Heredia (2010)
Parents: Daniela Cardone, Carlos Gandini
Children: Eloy Heredia, Alfonsina Heredia

6. Carla Soledad Rivero, known as Calu and Dignity, is an Argentine actress, model, designer and occasional DJ. In 2007, Rivero became the first actress from Catamarca Province to appear on national television. Because of this, she was named Illustrious Citizen of Recreo.
Born: 5 April 1987, Recreo, Argentina
Full name: Carla Soledad Rivero
Height: 1.7 m
Parents: Rita del Valle Martínez, Guillermo Rivero
Siblings: Marou Rivero

7. Cecilia Galliano is an Argentine naturalized Mexican actress, model, and TV presenter.
Born: 5 October 1981, Marcos Ju√°rez, Argentina
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Sebasti√°n Rulli (m. 2007–2011)
Children: Santiago Rulli Galliano, Valentina Fornaro Galliano
Nationality: Argentine, Mexican

8. Cecilia Inés Méndez is an Argentine fashion model who has been in advertising campaigns for Marithé et François Girbaud, Charles David, and Bottega Veneta.
Born: 21 April 1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.8 m

9. Charlotte Chantal Solange Caniggia Nannis is a model, and media personality. She is the daughter of retired professional footballer Claudio Caniggia with retired model Mariana Nannis.
Born: 15 February 1993, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Full name: Charlotte Chantal Caniggia Nannis
Siblings: Alexander Caniggia, Kevin Axel Caniggia Nannis
Parents: Claudio Caniggia, Mariana Nannis

10. Claudia Albertario is an Argentine model, vedette and actress of theatre, television and film. Her notable credits include Amigovios, Como pan caliente, Monta√Īa rusa, otra vuelta, Chiquititas, Gasoleros, and Verano del '98. She also appeared on Dancing on Ice around the world.
Born: 16 May 1977, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.66 m
Spouse: Jerónimo Valdivia (m. 2014)

11. Claudia Ciardone is an Argentine model, theatre actress and vedette who started her career after being the first person to be eliminated in Big Brother season 4 in Argentina, she was married with Ricardo "El comandante" Fort. 
Born: 1980, Loma Hermosa, Argentina
Height: 1.68 m
Partner: Ricardo Fort (2010–2012)

12. Patricia Silvana Ramírez Ter Hart, best known as Coki Ramírez, is a singer, model and actress from Argentina.
Born: 11 November 1980, Córdoba, Argentina
Siblings: María Fernánda
Parents: Ana Ter Hart, Juan Ramírez

13. Daniela Urzi is an Argentinian model. She has appeared in fashion campaigns for Armani Jeans, the Giorgio Armani collection, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry, and John Richmond, and has done catalog work for Victoria's Secret. Her magazine covers include international editions of Vogue and ELLE.
Born: 28 October 1975, San Fernando, Argentina
Height: 1.77 m
Spouse: Pablo Cosentino (m. 2008)
Parents: Miguel Urzi
Children: Thiago Cosentino

14. Dorismar is an Argentine model, actress, television hostess, and singer.
Born: 14 March 1975, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.78 m
Full name: Dora Noemí Kerchen
Spouse: Alejandro Schiff
Children: Renata Schiff Kerchen

15. María Emilia Mernes Rueda, better known as Emilia Mernes, who records mononymously as Emilia, is an Argentine singer, songwriter, dancer and model signed to Sony Latin. Emilia is represented in management by the company Walter Kolm Entertainment. She began her solo career with the release of the single "Recalienta".
Born: 29 October 1996, Nogoy√°, Argentina
Height: 1.64 m

16. Eva Carolina Quattrocci, better known as Eva De Dominici, is an Argentine model and actress. 
Born: 21 April 1995, Avellaneda, Argentina
Partner: Eduardo Cruz (2018)
Parents: Fabio Quatrocchi
Children: Cairo Cruz
Siblings: María De Dominici

17. Evangelina Carrozzo is an Argentine model, beauty queen and dancer. She gained international attention for her actions during an international Presidential summit held on May 12, 2006.
Born: 19 November 1981, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.71 m

18. Flo Gennaro is an Argentine fashion model. She has modeled for Ann Demeulemeester, Chaiken, Christian Dior, Costello Tagliapietra, Doo.Ri, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Marni, and Nina Ricci and has appeared on the cover of D, Qvest, and Korean Vogue Girl. She was named one of the top 10 models of Spring 2008 by V magazine.
Born: 9 January 1991, Argentina

19. Giselle G√≥mez Rol√≥n is an Argentine model, showgirl and panelist. 
Born: 30 October 1988, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.67 m
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Brown

20. In√©s Palombo is an Argentine actress and model, the best known of portraying Sol Rivarola on the hit television series of Cris Morena, Rebelde Way. She currently portrays Lily on Atracci√≥n x4. 
Born: 15 July 1985, Rosario, Argentina

21. Mar√≠a In√©s Rivero is an Argentine model. She was discovered at 14 years old. She rose to prominence through her work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and was shown on the covers of Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Fashion, Marie Claire, and Mirabella throughout different countries.
Born: 7 June 1975, Córdoba, Argentina
Height: 1.8 m
Spouse: Jorge Mora (m. 2001–2004)

22. Jessica Wanda Judith Cirio Perutich better known as J√©sica Cirio or Jessica Cirio is an Argentine model and dancer. She has appeared on the Argentine reality show C√°mara en Mano as well as in pictorial spreads in Revista Hombre. 
Born: 18 March 1985, Lan√ļs
Height: 1.67 m
Spouse: Martín Insaurralde (m. 2014)
Children: Chloé Insaurralde
Siblings: Maximiliano Cirio, Flavio Cirio

23. Olga Karina Jelinek is an Argentine model, actress and television personality.
Born: 22 March 1981, Villa María, Argentina
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Leonardo Fari√Īa (m. 2011–2013)
Siblings: Violeta Jelinek, Adolfo Jelinek
Parents: Teófilo Jelinek, Carmen Jara

24. Mariana "Lali" Espósito, who records as Lali, is an Argentine singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and model. Espósito began her career as an actress and singer in 2003 when she joined the cast of the children's telenovela Rincón de Luz, created by producer Cris Morena.
Born: 10 October 1991, Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.54 m

25. María Isabel Solari Poggio, known as Liz Solari, is an Argentine actress who began her career as a model, before becoming established in local and foreign cinema. She is a Unicef Ambassador in Argentina.
Born: 18 June 1983, Barranquilla, Colombia
Height: 1.76 m
Spouse: Walter Fara (m. 2018)
Parents: Eduardo Solari
Siblings: Santiago Solari, Esteban Solari, David Solari, Martin Solari

26. Luciana Salazar is an Argentinian model, actress, vedette, and singer.
Born: 7 November 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.62 m
Children: Matilda Salazar
Parents: Liliana Moreso, Fernando Salazar
Siblings: Camila Salazar, Maite Salazar, Marisol Salazar

27. Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre is an Argentine actress, singer and model. She was part of the pop-rock band Erreway together with Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo and Benjam√≠n Rojas. 
Born: 18 May 198, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spouse: Michael Bublé (m. 2011)
Children: Noah Bublé, Vida Amber Betty Bublé, Elias Bublé
Siblings: Darío Lopilato, Daniela Lopilato
Parents: Beatriz Lopilato, Eduardo Lopilato

28. Luj√°n Fern√°ndez She is an Angel of Victoria’s Secret. She is a top model Argentine model, perhaps best known for her three-year run in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. 
Born: 12 March 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.77 m

29. Macarena Achaga Figueroa known professionally as Macarena Achaga, is an Argentine model, actress, singer, and television hostess. In 2012, she debuted as an actress on the Mexican television series Miss XV and was a member of the Mexican-Argentine pop group, Eme 15, from 2011 to 2014. 
Born: 5 March 1992, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Height: 1.71 m
Siblings: Santiago Achaga
Parents: Soledad Figueroa, Leopoldo Achaga

30. Mar√≠a Eugenia del Cerro is an Argentine model, actress, television host and fashion designer. 
Born: 20 March 1985, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.7 m
Partner: Meme Bouquet (2010)
Other name: Mery del Cerro
Siblings: Agustín del Cerro

31. María Eugenia Suárez Riveiro better known as Eugenia Suárez or China Suárez is an Argentine actress, singer and model.
Born: 9 March 1992, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.65 m
Partner: Benjam√≠n Vicu√Īa (2016)
Children: Rufina Cabré Suárez, Magnolia Vicuna Suarez
Siblings: Agustín Suárez

32. Mar√≠a Fernanda Neil better known as Fernanda Neil is an Argentine actress, singer and model. As of 2013, she is no longer a public figure. 
Born: 19 October 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.63 m
Children: 1

33. Mariela Rosana Montero R√≠os is an Argentinian model, actress, singer and media celebrity figure. She became known for her participation in the reality show of Telefe Gran Hermano 2007 and became known too in Chile for her participation in the reality show of Televisi√≥n Nacional de Chile Pelot√≥n VIP in 2009. 
Born: 27 September 1980, Salta, Argentina

34. Martina Klein Korin is a Spanish-Argentine model, TV presenter and comedian. 
Born: 7 December 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.77 m
Spouse: Àlex Corretja (m. 2010)
Children: Pablo Klein, √Črika Corretja Klein
Parents: Jorge Klein, Adriana Korin

35. Micaela "Mica" Arga√Īaraz is an Argentine model and artist. She is best known for being a Chanel and a Versace muse, having been referred to as an it girl and "fashion force to be reckoned with". She is currently ranked as an "Industry Icon" by 
Born: 16 May 1992, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.78 m
Eye color: Brown
Agencies: VIVA Model Management, Why Not Model Management
Awards: Martín Fierro Fashion Award for Best Model

36. Naomi Preizler is an Argentine fashion model and artist, known for her "longilinear silhouette, long blonde hair and androgynous face."
Born: 12 October 1991, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.78 m
Agency: Elite Model Management

37. Nicole Neumann is an Argentine model, businesswoman and television host. 
Born: 31 October 1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Fabi√°n Cubero (m. 2008–2018), Nacho Herrero (m. 2005–2006)
Children: Allegra Cubero, Indiana Cubero, Sienna Cubero
Parents: Bernd Unter Ruberbacher, Claudia Neumann
Siblings: Geraldine Neumann

38. Oriana Gabriela Sabatini Fulop is an Argentine model, actress and singer.
Born: 19 April 1996, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.72 m
Partners: Juli√°n Serrano (2014–2017), Paulo Dybala (2018–)
Parents: Catherine Fulop, Osvaldo Sabatini
Siblings: Tiziana Sabatini

39. Pamela Carolina David Gutiérrez is an Argentinian television personality, presenter, voice actress and model. She found fame in the reality TV show El BarTV 2. She currently works as a co-hostess on América TV's Desayuno Americano.
Born: 6 October 1978, Córdoba, Argentina
Height: 1.69 m
Spouse: Bruno L√°baque (m. 2008–2010)
Partner: Daniel Vila (2011)
Children: Felipe L√°baque, Lola Vila

40. Ana Carolina Ardohaín Dos Santos is an Argentine model, television personality, dancer, television host and actress. She is widely known by the nickname Pampita, a diminutive for La Pampa, the Argentine province where she was born.
Born: 17 January 1978, General Acha, Argentina
Height: 1.6 m
Hair color: Brown
Children: Blanca Vicu√Īa Ardohain, Bautista Vicu√Īa Ardohain, Benicio Vicu√Īa, Beltr√°n Vicu√Īa Ardohain
Spouse: Roberto Garc√≠a Morit√°n (m. 2019), Mart√≠n Barrantes (m. 2002–2008)

41. Paula Chaves Schulz is an Argentine model, actress and TV host.
Born: 6 September 1984, Lobos, Argentina
Height: 1.79 m
Eye color: Green
Spouse: Pedro Alfonso (m. 2014)
Children: Filipa Alfonso, Olivia Alfonso, Baltazar Alfonso
Siblings: Delfina Chaves, Gonzalo Chaves

42. Paulina Trotz is an Argentine biologist and model. She is the daughter of Ernesto Trotz and María Laura Fernández Roussee.
Born: 30 June 1986, Argentina

43. Roc√≠o Guirao D√≠az is an Argentine fashion model. 
Born: 27 June 1984, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.65 m
Spouse: Nicol√°s Paladini (m. 2008)
Parents: Laura Guirao
Children: Aitana Paladini, Indio Paladini

44. María Rocío Marengo is an Argentinian model, actress, vedette, comedian and dancer.
Born: 25 March 1980, Mayor Buratovich, Argentina
Height: 1.7 m
Siblings: Soledad Marengo, Juan Alejo Marengo, Alejandro Marengo
Parents: María Graciela Paganini Bayley, Alejandro Marengo

45. Romina Lanaro is an Argentine fashion model. She was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, and began to work as model at the age of 14 when she moved to Buenos Aires.
Born: 19 October 1986, Rosario, Argentina
Height: 1.82 m

46. Romina Malaspina is an Argentine model, reality star, showgirl, influencer, television host and actress.
Born: 7 July 1994, Mar del Plata, Argentina
Height: 1.72 m
Siblings: May Malaspina

47. Sabrina Paola Garciarena is an Argentine actress and model. 
Born: 19 July 1983, Ramos Mejía, Argentina
Height: 1.6 m
Partner: Germ√°n Paoloski
Children: Leon Paoloski, Mía Paoloski, Beltrán Paoloski
Siblings: Nadia Garciarena, Verónica Garciarena, Laura Garciarena, Diego Garciarena

48. Silvina Noelia Luna Stavr√≥pulos is an Argentinian model, actress and vedette c√≥mico born in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina. 
Born: 21 June 1980, Rosario, Argentina
Height: 1.6 m
Agency: Modeling agency of Ricardo Pi√Īeiro
Parents: Roxana Cheri, Sergio Omar Luna

49. Sof√≠a Lisa Z√°molo is an Argentine model, actress and television presenter. 
Born: 21 March 1983, San Isidro, Argentina
Height: 1.73 m
Spouse: José Félix Uriburu (m. 2016)
Siblings: Andrea Zamolo, Diego Zamolo
Parents: Cristina Guerrero, Diether Z√°molo

50. Solange Gomez Abraham is an Argentine actress and model who rose to fame in late 2011 after participating in the reality show Gran Hermano, Argentina's version of Big Brother. 
Born: 30 December 1988, Argentina

51. Soledad Solaro Maxwell is an Argentine model and television personality. 
Born: 24 October 1978, Realicó, Argentina
Height: 1.76 m
Spouse: Leonardo Squarzon (m. 2013–2016)

52. Tatiana "Tati" Cotliar is an Argentine fashion model and stylist. She has been the face of Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Versace, Proenza Schouler, Prada, Lanvin for H&M, Mulberry, Paul Smith, Marc Jacobs, and Nina Ricci.
Born: 31 October 1988, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.78 m
Agency: Next Management
Education: Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires

53. Valentina Ferrer is an Argentinian model, actress, TV host and beauty pageant title holder who was crowned Miss Argentina 2014 and represented her country at the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. 
Born: 19 September 1993, Córdoba, Argentina
Height: 1.74 m
Title: Miss Argentina

54. Valentina Zenere is an Argentinian actress, modelo and singer, known for her portrayal of √Āmbar Smith in the Disney Channel original series Soy Luna and Juacas, as well as for her portrayal of Alai Inchausti in the Argentine telenovela Casi √Āngeles. 
Born: 15 January 1997, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.64 m
Education: New York Film Academy | Los Angeles | Screen Acting Building (2012)
Awards: Kids' Choice Award Colombia for Favorite Villain, Kids' Choice Award Colombia for Most Trendy Girl

55. Valeria Raquel Mazza is an Argentine supermodel and businesswoman. Mazza rose to prominence in the 1990s and became a household name after appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of 1996 alongside Tyra Banks. Mazza worked for fashion designers such as Gianni Versace and Roberto Cavalli. 
Born: 17 February 1972, Rosario, Argentina
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Alejandro Gravier (m. 1998)
Children: Tiziano Gravier, Taína Gravier, Balthazar Gravier, Benicio Gravier
Siblings: Carolina Mazza
Parents: Ra√ļl Mariano Mazza Ceriani, Monica Ferreira

56. Wanda Nara is an Argentine media personality, football agent, showgirl, television presenter and model. She married Mauro Icardi, her client and a professional footballer, in 2014.
Born: 10 December 1986, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.68 m
Children: Francesca Icardi Nara, Valentino López, Isabella Icardi, Constantino López, Benedicto López
Spouse: Mauro Icardi (m. 2014), Maxi L√≥pez (m. 2008–2013)
Siblings: Zaira Nara
Parents: Andrés Nara, Nora Colosimo

57. Yamila D√≠az-Rahi, also Yamila Diaz, is an Argentine model. She has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a total of 11 times, and made the cover of the magazine first in 2002 and again in 2006. She also featured in the 50th anniversary SI edition in 2014 titled "The Legends". 
Born: 9 March 1976, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Height: 1.73 m

58. Yésica Toscanini is a professional Argentine fashion model. She appeared in the 2006 and 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. She was photographed for the cover of the Argentine edition of Cosmopolitan and twice for Para Ti magazine. She also appeared in the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog of 2006.
Born: 26 March 1986, Junín, Argentina
Height: 1.75 m
Spouse: Fabricio Launes (m. 2015)

59. Zaira Tatiana Nara is an Argentine TV host and model. 
Born: 15 August 1988, Boulogne, Argentina
Height: 1.72 m
Full name: Zaira Tatiana Nara
Partner: Jakob von Plessen (2015)
Children: Malaika Von Plessen, Viggo Silvestre Barón Von Plessen
Parents: Andrés Nara, Nora Colosimo