Download Bookworm Adventures Astounding Planet game for your laptop or computer.

Bookworm Adventures: Astounding Planet is an adventure game with role-playing and puzzles elements where you'll get to play as Lex, the bookworm.

This new adventure begins when Lex and his friends end up on a strange planet and in order to return they will have to defeat over 50 different villains and retrieve the Codex Pen.

You must use letters to create words as you travel lots of different areas. The bigger the words, the higher the damage.

Bookworm Adventures : Astounding Planet is the third expansion to the Bookworm Adventures . It's primary focus is space and robots.

Download: Bookworm Adventures Astounding Planet PC Game

See some screenshots of the game below.

Game download info:
  • File name: Bookworm Adventures - Astounding Planet.rar
  • File type: EXE
  • Developer/creator: PopCap
  • File size: 27.69 MB
  • Download host: Mediafire
  • Download links: [ mediafire ]
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