If you cannot login your SSS account, or you just wanted to reset or change your SSS password, then, the simple quick tutorial below will be your way to do so. But, to be able to do this tutorial, make sure you have the following requirements listed below.
  • Make sure, you have your SSS number
  • Make sure, your email address used to register your SSS account before is still accessible because the password reset link will be sent there by SSS.
If you met the given requirements above, then, carefully follow the tutorial below.

How to Change SSS Account Password

1. Go to the official SSS website and press Member Login. Inside Member Login page, press the Forgot User ID or Password? link.

2. Inside Forgot User ID/Password, type your 10-digit SSS number in the CRN/SS Number field. Make sure you do not type the (-), just type all the numbers. Then, type also the given code correctly, and press the Submit button.

3. A message saying: We have successfully sent to your e-mail the link to reset your password. Please check your e-mail. will be seen. Just press the OK button to proceed.

4. Open your email. If the email is already there, you will see an email with the title SSSWeb.notifications4249. - Password Reset Request from SSS. If it not yet there, try waiting for a couple of minutes. If still not there, try looking inside your Spam/Junk folder. And if still, the email is not yet there, you can try requesting again by performing the first 3 given steps above. Assuming that the email is there already, press the email to proceed.

5. Inside the Password Reset Request email, find the Click here link for the reset password process to start.

6. Inside Resetting Password, type your new preferred password and confirm it. After that, press the Submit button to proceed.

7. A message saying: This action will send the supplied information to SSS. Do you want to continue? will popup. Just press the OK button to proceed.

8. Done! You have successfully changed your SSS account password.

Important TIP
  • Make sure, you write down your new password in a piece of paper and keep it so that incase you forget it, you have a backup of it. If you are using a mobile phone, you can save it using your Contact. If you are using a pc or laptop, you can save your password as well as your SSS number, user ID using a Notepad.