For this post, we are going to disable our TECNO Spark 6 Air phone's some Messages features. These are the Auto-correction, Spelling Checker, and the Suggestion strip.

Table of Contents:
👉 Changing input method from Kika Keyboard to GBoard
👉 Accessing the Settings of GBoard
👉 Disabling text auto-correction, spell check and suggestion

TECNO Spark 6 Air: How to disable text auto-correction, spell check, suggestion

👉 To do this, press the Message icon on your TECNO phone.

👉 Make a test message or press Start Chat. Press the input text field to bring up your virtual QWERTY keypad. And below it (right-side), press the Input Method selector icon.

👉 From Kika Keyboard, change it to Gboard.

👉 Now, long press the (comma) , or @ symbol.

👉 This will bring up the Settings page for your GBoard. Inside Settings, find and select Text correction.

👉 In the Text correction, disable the following Suggestions, Corrections and Spelling:
Show suggestion strip
Block offensive words
Suggest Contacts
Spell check

👉 When done, just press the Back icon multiple times and start typing again. You will notice now, that the suggestion, auto-correction and other annoying things while you are typing a message or MMS is now gone.

👉 What is Show suggestion strip? A: It displays suggestion strip while you are typing a text.

👉 What is Auto-correction? A: It corrects words while you are typing. This is a disadvantage if your language is not English. So better disable it permanently.

👉 What is Spell Check? A: It marks misspelled words with red underlines while typing. This is also a disadvantage when your language is not English because it will definitely mark all of your non-English words with red which is irritating to see.