Have you ever wondered, after successfully installing your Windows 10, then all of a sudden you go to the Start Menu and tried unpinning or pinning some of your most used or favorite apps but to no avail? The most irritating part here is that the default apps that you want to remove or unpin won't disappear. They just stay there forever.

I tried what other blogs said, like editing some registry values related to the issue, restarting my explorer.exe found in the Task Manager, and lots of more but they don't seem to work at all. Finally, I tried what we have here on this post and gladly it worked for my Windows 10 PC.

Table of Contents:
👉 Accessing Windows 10 Settings
👉 Accessing Startup settings
👉 Booting into Safe Mode
👉 Unpinning default Windows 10 apps in Safe Mode
👉 Restarting Windows
👉 Pinning apps that you like in the Start Menu

Simple FIX: Can't PIN or Unpin Start Menu Apps Windows 10

1. Click the Notification icon found in the lower right corner of your computer.

2. In the menu that will appear, click All settings.

3. Inside Windows Settings, click Update & security.

4. In the menu at the left side, find and click Recovery.

5. Under Recovery, in the Advanced startup, click the Restart now button.

6. Under Choose an option, click on Troubleshoot.

7. Under Troubleshoot, click on Advanced options.

8. In the Advanced options, find and click on Startup Settings.

9. In the Startup Settings, click the Restart button.

10. When the loading is done, Startup Settings will appear, press the number 4 on your keyboard to enable Safe Mode.

11. Now, inside Safe Mode. Try unpinning all the default apps in the Start Menu.
12. When done, restart your computer.
13. Try pinning new apps or the apps that you want to see in your Start Menu and it will be pinned now.
14. Done!