I have played all of the three Ran Online Private Servers us seen on the title of this post and the same game play or technique can be used to be able to easily hunt Low Red Essence. Why you wanna hunt the Low Red? There are three main reasons. First, you wanna hunt and sell it to earn gold. Second, you wanna hunt Low Red to make Dark Weapon for your own character. And last, you wanna hunt because you wanted to turn Low Red into cash or real money.

Table of Contents:
☑ Requirements
☑ Hunting Sequence and Technique

How to Hunt Low Red Essence in Ophirian / Prodigal / GYX Ran

But before you start, make sure you met the following requirements to make your hunting smoothly.
👉 You have reached max level 230.

👉 You have all the skills up to 21 and 22.

👉 Taxi card (You can buy it inside the Market Cart Shop location 20/21). It is worth 1M.

👉 A vehicle to make the hunting more faster. It is also inside the Cart Shop worth 2M.

👉 Vehicle item or upgrade. For all kinds of boards, quads and wildcats, you can buy Hybrid V12 module and Berg Injector. Each worth 200K for a total of 400K.

👉 You can put the upgrade in your vehicle by pressing the letter N and placing it in their designated slots. See image below.

👉 So, you need a total of 3.4M gold to be able to hunt smoothly for Low Red Essence. Plus, at least 500M for taxi fee. I will explain it further below.

How to Hunt Low Red Essence in Sacredgate, Phoenix and Mystic Peak Holes.

👉 Assuming all the requirements above are met and ready. Watch the video below that I personally recorded and uploaded on how to hunt Low Red Essences in different Holes. The SacredGate Hole, Mystic Peak Hole and the Phoenix Hole.
List of Bosses for this Low Red Hunting are:
👉 Furious Chef (Phoenix Hole, Mystic Peak Hole)
👉 Sanitizer Master (Phoenix Hole, Mystic Peak Hole, SacredGate Hole)
👉 Obasan (Mystic Peak Hole, SacredGate Hole)
👉 Blood Robber (Phoenix Hole, Mystic Peak Hole, SacredGate Hole)
👉 Welding Master (Phoenix Hole)
👉 Jackson Leader (SacredGate Hole)
👉 Joker (SacredGate Hole)
👉 Guard Captain (SacredGate Hole)

If you are the only one hunting, you can easily hunt many Low Red Essences in a short period of time.