If you have requested to monetize your website with the help of a smart widget, then, MGID Support will ask you to email them your daily page views or impressions.

Do not be confused, and don't look anywhere else to find your Daily Impressions. You can simply see these stats inside your MGID Publisher dashboard. And by the way, when it comes to MGID these two terms (Impressions and Page views) are just the same. But when it comes to Google Analytics, these two are definitely two different terms. In MGID, you can define both terms as simply as "ad impressions" or it is the total number of loaded pages that contained at least one MGID widget. 

In Google Analytics, Page views is your total website views for a single day. It is the total count of visits your website readers or visitors made, and it is not about ads, it is all about your individual website pages being seen or viewed by a certain web surfer that happened to reached your website via search engine, social media, etc. Impressions is just the same as MGID's definition. When we talk about impressions, it is all about ads, how many times an ad is successfully loaded or seen inside your website of a visitor that visited your site.

Now, to see your daily ad impressions or page views inside your MGID dashboard, follow the simple steps below.

Table of Contents:
☑ Opening MGID account
☑ Accessing Statistics
☑ Finding daily page views

How to see daily impressions/page views in MGID dashboard

👉 Open your MGID publisher dashboard. In your active website, go to Actions column and click Statistics (it is the zigzag arrow icon).

👉 Inside your Site Statistics, you will see there a table with columns having date, page views, etc. Look for the Page views. You will see inside the column your daily page views or impressions. As for Listph.com, its page views is only averaging 4,779 daily page views. And this is not enough to be approved and be able to use MGID Smart Widget. This solution is available for the content websites with 10,000 impressions daily.
👉 Done!