Here is the list of the RUSI Motorcycles branches/outlet found in Bulacan. RUSI or Ramas-Uypitching Sons, Inc. vision to be a dynamic investment and finance service group realizing opportunities for business and economic development while adapting to the needs and preferences of the ever-changing world. Established in 1954 as a hardware and automotive store in downtown Dumaguete, RUSI had its humble beginnings as a shoe repair and junk shop that collected scrap metals and abandoned vehicles after World War II. This entrepreneurial spirit — a legacy bequeathed by the company’s patriarch and founder Nicanor Ramas – Uypitching — also serves as the family’s testament to how they overcame those early years of poverty and extreme hardship through sheer hard work, perseverance and strong determination.

See the list below in no particular order. Information contains branch address, telephone and mobile phone numbers.

List of RUSI Motorcycles Branches found in Bulacan

Baliuag Branch
📌Address: DRT Highway Brgy. Pinagbarilan Baliuag Bulacan
☎ Tel: (044) 761-1448 (PLDT) / (044) 816-6448
📱 Mobile: Globe: 0917-855-2029 ; 0917-707-3190 / Sun: 0922-889-4270 ; 0925-852-6593 / Smart: 0947-996-1603

San Miguel Outlet
📌Address: #200 San Vicente San Miguel Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Smart: 0998-974-1276

Plaridel Outlet
📌Address: 3860 Highway Tabang Plaridel, Bulacan
📇 Fax: (044) 325-0836 (Globe)
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-891-8605 / Smart: 0998-964-6023

San Ildefonso Outlet
📌Address: Cagayan Valley Road Brgy. SapangPutol San Ildefonso, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-894-3297 / Globe: 0917-869-3254

Sta. Rita Outlet
📌Address: Cagayan Valley Road Sta. Rita Guiguinto, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0932-873-5042

San Rafael Outlet
📌Address: Maginao San Rafael Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-817-2493

Bustos Outlet
📌Address: 0050 14 BMA Ave. Brgy. Poblacion Bustos, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-817-2492

Pulilan Outlet
📌Address: National Road Paltao Pulilan, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0932-873-1094

Malolos Outlet
📌Address: Mc Arthur Highway Brgy. Bulihan Malolos, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-889-5576

Calumpit Outlet
📌Address: 9016 Mc Arthur Highway Brgy. Caniyogan Calumpit, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0932-873-4550

Caingin Outlet
📌Address: Caingin San Rafael Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Smart: 0920-974-8613

Meycauayan Branch
📌Address: Rosas Centro McArthur Hi-way Saluysoy Meycauayan, Bulacan
☎ Tel: (044) 840-4536 (Digitel) / (044) 228-5659
📱 Mobile: Globe: 0917-304-5941 ; 0917-314-2962 / Smart: 0999-885-3384 / Sun: 0922-833-2902 ; 0922-889-4521 ; 0922-833-2902 ; 0922-888-5109 ; 0922-889-4521

Balagtas Outlet
📌Address: 9997 Mc Arthur Hi-Way Brgy. San Juan Balagtas, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-891-3942 / Globe: 0917-638-1351

Guiguinto Outlet
📌Address: McArthur Highway Brgy. Tuktukan Guiguinto Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Globe: 0917-304-3894 / Sun: 0922-891-8621

Bocaue Outlet
📌Address: 281 Mc Arthur Hi-way Binang 1ST Bocaue, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-894-5314

Bulacan Outlet
📌Address: 228 Molina St. Brgy. San Jose, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0932-873-3319

Iba Outlet
📌Address: Sitio Mani Iba Road Meycauayan City Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Globe: 0917-707-3750

Marilao Outlet
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0932-873-5197

Gen. T De Leon Outlet
📌Address: 6006 Gen T. De Leon Rd., Brgy. Gen T. De Leon, Valenzuela City
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-894-3306

San Jose Del Monte Branch
📌Address: #30 Quirino Hi-way Tungkongn Mangga, San Jose del Monte Bulacan
☎ Tel: (044) 307-0116 (Globelines)
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-889-4042 / Smart: 0999-884-8268 / Globe: 0917-314-3371

Norzagaray Outlet
📌Address: #30 Crossing Partida Norzagaray Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-891-8639

Muzon Outlet
📌Address: Carriedo Street Muzon San Jose del Monte Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-891-8579 / Smart: 0908-887-1739

Bigte Outlet
📌Address: Near Bigte Health Center Brgy. Bigte Norzagaray Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-827-5698

Pandi Outlet
📌Address: Bunsuran 1st Pandi Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Globe: 0917-314-9591

Sta. Maria Outlet
📌Address: F Halili Ave. Brgy. Bagbaguin Sta. Maria Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-889-4429

Camarin Outlet
📌Address: 583 – b Susano Road Brgy. 175 Zone 15 Camarin Caloocan City
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-833-2842

Pulong Buhangin Outlet
📌Address: Km 38 Pulong Buhangin Sta. Maria, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-894-5385

Sapang Palay Outlet
📌Address: Block 57 Lot 11 Purok 1 Brgy. Bagong Buhay 2 San Jose del Monte, Bulacan
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0922-889-8805

Angat Outlet
📱 Mobile: Sun: 0925-858-3064

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